Friday, May 30, 2014

Events of the Day and Diagnosis

Hi all! :D The past few days have been SO BUSY! (I know, that happens a lot around here! ;) But... I have been able to start catching up on some work at home, and actually STARTED my garden! It is late, very late. All I actually did so far was till part of the ground (with some help from Damien) and do some transplanting. I will go camping with the family today, and come Monday I will till some more ground and plant some seeds.

As for now, I'm posting another old journal entry here (below this note), and perhaps scheduling to post others so I can catch you up on my perspective and thoughts about what Miles' has recently gone through.

As for how Miles is doing now, the suicidal struggle has passed and he is doing much better (you'll have to keep reading the old journal entries if you want the rest of the story). 

Miles has OK'd this project, (writing about it here) and I think it is important because going through depression or any type of emotional or mental disorders is sometimes treated like a taboo that is shameful to admit or talk about etc. I totally disagree!

I want my husband, and all others with similar challenges to know that Miles and I are not embarrassed or ashamed, and neither should they be!

Having mental or emotional struggles is no different than experiencing a disorder or disease of any other part of the body, and should be treated as such! It does not define who a person is or lower their value in any degree. Nor is it a sentence to an unfulfilling life!

With that, I will leave you with the next journal entry in line and go continue packing for a camping trip! :) Cheers!

Corine... :D

PS. Here are a couple before and after photos of garden work just finished...

The garden just after I started working yesterday...

The garden this morning... (Making progress! :)

“May 13, 2014            Tuesday night                              

Hi. I worked at the shop all day today. Debbi Bingham came to visit me while I was there. I’m so thankful for her friendship! J I’m thankful that I

… falling asleep! :o”

(I forced myself to stay awake and get the main points of the day written down)

“Brother Wilson took me to the hospital to see Miles.

Miles saw Doctors today… He said they took a lot of blood.

He was diagnosed Bipolar.

They put him on medication – EXPENSIVE!

The bishop is paying for the first month supply…

I am happy Miles is being helped – but concerned. I pray Miles does not get addicted or that it becomes a financial hardship.

PS. Debbie was worried about me and . ..

…falling asleep again;

Good night.

Corine J

Notes: As you can see, I was too tired to get detailed. when I wrote this. 

I will add now that when I was at the hospital with mom, she asked me if I ever thought Miles might be bipolar. I told her the thought had crossed my mind. So hear it diagnosed a few days later was not a surprise. I can’t believe I never gave it more thought than in quick passing!

I will also add that having Debbie come to me and ask if she could just drop by and visit with me WAS SUCH A BLESING! I didn’t even know I needed to talk. But I did. And thanks to her, I got to… Having someone to talk to about what was going on – going through my thoughts OUT LOUD really helped me to sort through them and solidify the things that I was learning through all of this (perhaps I will share that later). I know Debbie is called as a compassionate service leader in our church, but when she came by it didn’t feel like it was a duty; she was so sincere I forgot she even had the calling. I truly felt that she was there as a friend, and truly does care about me and desire to be there for me (and still feel that way). Miles and I have been truly blessed with friends reaching out in small and simple ways; we are truly blessed! J




  1. So so so glad that he is doing better Corine. And you are so right in saying that these things do NOT define a person. At all.


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