Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm Alive! :D Surviving Appendicitis...

Hi. :) This is a journal entry I made in my personal journal a few days ago. I am NOT recommending that anyone NOT go to a Dr. if they suspect Appendicitis, just telling of my own experience with it at home a few days ago... PS. Today is the following Tuesday morning, and I'm doing great! :D

May 28, 2016  Saturday morning

 Hi. J I am alive, and not needing to go to the Dr. or emergency room… I’m really thankful for that! :D

Last night I got sick. I didn’t feel well. Around 5:00 PM I used the bathroom and realized that I was REALLY constipated (not normal for me, up until after my mom died. I have suffered from constipation, among other health issues since mom died. Don’t know what’s up with that).

I knew I was getting sick. I was bloated and had intestinal pain. I felt like I had gas that would not pass. I also had NO APPLES! :o (something I seem to need to eat regularly, to stay regular) … so I decided to go shopping before my body got sicker and I couldn’t. (I also started taking magnesium in small doses every few hours - Peter Gillman's Natural Calm - to hydrate my colon).

Quick detour here – because it’s cool… J I called Miles and asked him if he wanted to go to Winco (a grocery store) with me. He enthusiastically said yes and that he was just about done working! :D As I drove over to get him, I giggled with delight over the thought that we ENJOY being together, enough for me to want to invite him and wait for him when in a hurry; and enough for him to get excited to go grocery shopping! LOL (He really can’t stand shopping!) We are just so happy that our relationship with each other is SO GOOD. Things have improved SO DRASTICALLY. We are SO BLESSED. J

OK – back to the sickness story…

Miles and I went shopping… all the while my abdomen grew increasingly more bloated and the pain increased. By the end of putting groceries away, the pain increased, and I began to desire to curl into a ball; it felt better in that position.

Then I got a fever. I was urinating CONSTANTLY while shopping and at home and the urine was hot; thus, I KNEW I had an infection. I wondered if it was my bladder, intestines, or the appendix. I had a feeling it was a bacterial infection but wasn’t sure where. I SHOULD HAVE taken garlic IMMEDIATELY, but I didn’t. I did, however, find the slippery elm and take that, just in case it was my appendix (again, garlic was also needed to stop the infection! I have no idea why I didn’t think of it, other than the fact that my brain was simply NOT functioning! It was as if my blood sugar was low. I should have checked it. :o). I tried to watch a movie with Miles, left that and decided to sleep, but soon felt so awful that I asked Miles for a Priesthood Blessing.

Miles gave me a blessing. It was good. J 

I went to sleep while Miles watched a movie. Soon, the pain was startling. It reminded me of my son, Dausen when his appendix ruptured; this was how I learned to recognize apendicitis. :0

I really feared it might be my appendix, and didn’t want my appendix to rupture, or even to have to go to the Dr. So I got out of bed and started peeling garlic for a natural antibiotic to get rid of the infection. (Honestly, a Dr. would simply put me on antibiotics at this point, anyhow… so I am doing what they would do only using something that kills bad bacteria without killing the good ones and weakening the immune system). I also took more slippery elm and magnesium to help with relaxing and with hydrating the colon to help with the constipation (which, Dausen’s Dr. and surgeon, both believed, caused Dausen’s appendix to get inflamed and rupture; and perhaps it inflamed my own as well… I also knew I would be purchasing probiotics ASAP to restore the friendly flora and help with constipation and immune function.

In the past, I learned that if I had a REALLY BAD infection, I could get rid of it quickly if I would take an entire bulb of garlic all at once. This usually happened just before sleeping, and I would wake to the infection under control… very minimal, in fact.

So I determined to do that again to (possibly) save my  appendix from rupturing from inflammation caused by an infection (probably from feces being hardened on the appendix from severe constipation – at least, that is what the surgeon that removed Dausen’s appendix believed in his case; and the Dr. thought that theory was nonsense until he saw feces stuck to Dausen’s appendix so firmly that he could not remove it with a tool; only then did he believe that constipation can be the cause of an appendix rupturing.)

Anyhow, moving around and being out of my curled up position was just too much. I got nauseous and concerned that I needed to be in bed. Miles fell asleep watching his movie, so I woke him, calling for him to help me. He took over the garlic peeling and pressing and sautéing, and I threw up then went back to bed. Miles also brought me more slippery elm and magnesium and the entire bulb of garlic. I ate part of a banana with the garlic so my stomach would not burn (having the garlic sautéed also prevented this). It was around 12:30 when I finished my garlic and supplements and went back to sleep all curled up in a ball with my heating pad over my bloated belly.

About two hours later, I woke. And I wasn’t in a ball! :D And the pain was gone! I knew that my body was still fighting the infection and that I still needed to rest and keep taking magnesium and slippery elm and more garlic in the morning and for the next few days (just as you do with antibiotics, to be certain to take it long enough to kill the entire infection so it doesn’t build back up); but I was on my way to recovery! :D

I’m so happy! I feel so blessed to have knowledge and the Holy Spirit to help me to know what to do to be as self-reliant as possible, in every way, including with my health!

I am so thankful for Dr.’s and hospitals when we need them. I did not realize what was happening when Dausen’s appendix was inflamed, so I did not give him garlic or anything. I just thought he had the flu, as I did not know the signs of appendix inflammation at that time. Because of this, his appendix ruptured, and a surgeon was needed to remove the appendix and save his life. I’m so thankful for that!

But I feel even MORE blessed, when I know what to do to PREVENT such emergencies. I am SO THANKFUL to the Lord for teaching me and giving me confidence and courage to take care of myself and my family when I can! J

FYI. I have a terrible headache this morning, but the abdominal bloating is minimal and the pain is now only felt if I press on my guts. I am sipping water with slippery elm and magnesium, and will soon have an apple and then more garlic and perhaps an organic banana (I usually eat organic bananas because I was told the inorganic bananas can cause constipation).

Also… I have been working WAY TOO HARD lately, and not had time to shop OR SLEEP or take care of myself with proper nutrition and exercise. I think there may be another reason, and don’t know what it is (maybe a blockage of some kind - honestly, my version of not taking care of myself is better than the average person while taking care of him/herself), but perhaps it is due to simply not drinking enough water as well as not eating lots of fruits and veggies like I used to. Well, I have them now! J Happy healing to me! :D

Corine :D

NOTE: I kept taking garlic, and all that other good stuff mentioned. Still not 100% recovered. But, I'm ready to go to work today! :D

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