Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Miracle Cure for Chasing Away the Winter Blues! ;)

Hi. :) An interesting thing has been happening to me lately.

I have been feeling... I'm not sure how to describe this feeling – it isn't REALLY depression. There are no negative thoughts or list of things that I'm sad or discouraged about, but it's kind of LIKE depression – with a total lack of any apparent reason for feeling so. (It can be so frustrating!)

Anyhow, I sat at the kitchen table this evening with my meal planning stuff strewn all over the place (recipe books, pages of old menus etc.). I was absolutely fine. Then THAT AWFULF FEELING hit me again. I immediately looked up and noticed that I couldn't see outside the front window. It was dark. And I realized THAT is WHEN it always happens.

VERDICT: Depression (or something I don't like) comes on me when it is DARK!

So I sat pondering this phenomenon, and I remembered something. It was whispered in my mind,

“Darkness is merely the absence of light.”

And then I thought to myself,

“And sorrow, or emptiness, is the lack of happiness, or something beautiful and good...”

I looked around at my home...


*silent (empty of joyful for productive activity)

*dirty (not terrible, but floors not vacuumed)

There was seriously NOTHING light and beautiful going on to rejoice about! :o

So I figured that maybe to get rid of this feeling of sad nothingness, I just needed to surround myself with something good and happy. Maybe some lights and happy music. And take care of myself...

Sounds simple enough, (you know the motto! “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Alma 37:6)

So that's what I did. :)

Me - Chasing away the winter blues! ;)

I ran around the block (feeling I didn't have TIME for a long workout, but knowing I needed to do SOMETHING, no matter how small); then I went to my bedroom, (away from the big window of darkness with no curtain to shut it out); turned on some beautiful, classical, instrumental music; and went to work cleaning my bedroom.

The feeling of sad emptiness LEFT. And instead I felt ABSOLUTELY HAPPY AND WONDERFUL! It was amazing! :D (By the way, while I cleaned my room, my twins came out of their room to do their chores and vacuumed; After the house was clean I felt triple happy! ;D)

I hope this works EVERY TIME! Hehe! :D I may have just found a miracle cure to the winter blues! :D

PS. I think little children are a cure for the winter blues, too (maybe - ?). In any case, having them in a home is a blessing. That way there is ALWAYS something WONDERFUL going on! Even if they are sick or tired or cranky... THEY ARE something wonderful! I have no little more little ones. Sigh. Mine are all big and grown and you never know when they will be here or gone. (They are truly awesome though! :D)

PPS. Since I can't "make" (he he) more children (at my age it's just not the right solution)... I think I'll make some curtains this weekend. ;)

Wishing you happiness...
Corine :D

Monday, January 25, 2016

Little is Big :)

Hi. :) Today was my day off work. I had a million things I wanted to do... and did NOT get very far on that list. However... I did do a few things, which I consider SO IMPORTANT, that I consider the day a great success! :D

I read Levi's two newest chapters in the book he is writing with him and helped him edit them for grammatical errors. (He is awesome, by the way... Oh and so is his book! I really am proud of that kid!)

I went for a run. (Yeah! :D)

I read letters from my daughter and wrote a letter to my daughter on her mission! :D (I love you, Mindy!!!!)

I made a very delicious chicken noodle soup for the family, along with s'mores cupcakes for a FHE treat. (I LOVE my homemade scratch soups! :D This one I did a little differently. I used rosemary, thyme, oregano, a little dill, a dash of cayenne pepper, LOTS of green chilies, a little Thrive peas... other than that everything I did was the same as usual. But MAN was it GOOD!)

I prepared a FHE lesson on living the gospel of Jesus Christ more fully in our lives – by improving our thoughts each day to FOCUS and THINK more about our Savior's gospel, and about people and how much they matter. It really made me think about the importance of PONDERING the gospel principles throughout each day and inspired ME. :) I hope it inspired my kids, too. :)

We had a really fun GAME NIGHT competition as a family after the lesson! Miles picked up some mini games and three bottles of strawberry milk for participating boys, and one large bottle of strawberry milk for the first place winner. There was A LOT of fun and laughter going on in the house tonight! :D Oh how I LOVE those sounds!!!

My only regret is that I did NOT run and grab the camera!!! :( I thought about it, several times. But I couldn't get away from the fun to go get it. :( *sniffle *sniffle Oh well. I'm getting used to this failure of mine. :( At least we learned and had fun!!! :D

LOL - Wow! Not taking photos is my ONLY regret from today! I didn't clean my bedroom (though I thought I must). I didn't fold the clean towels. I didn't finish that project that has been strewn all over the kitchen table off and on for the past couple weeks (which I keep having to move for mealtimes). I didn't get the Christmas decorations put away! LOL I didn't do several other things which I determined MUST be done today, either. And yet, as I reflected over the day, my only "regret" was not taking photos of the fun we had!

As I contemplate this day, this realization, AND MY LIFE... it becomes clear to me that among all the chaos and business of life and among all the things that DON'T get done... all that matters is that the few TRULY important things DO get done! THESE are the things that make a day feel productive and meaningful!

SUCCESS in the little things - 


Yesterday, I decided to go over my "daily schedule" again, and just recommit to doing the little tiny things that are so important. I did this, because I have been too busy, and too stressed, and feeling unaccomplished. And I KNEW that if I just did what truly mattered, that I would relax more and find more meaning and purpose in my life again. And I did. :) Today was as deficient as every other day I have had lately, where the list of "to do's" far our weighed the list of things checked off the list. But today I feel fulfilled.

Today, in doing the little things (and not trying to do everything!), I finally, in just one day, found a way to relax and find success in life again. Today, by doing just a few small things, I lived a very BIG day, indeed...  :) And so did my husband Miles. ;) Together, we did what truly mattered. :)

I hope you, too, have many truly successful days!
Corine :)

"By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass." Alma 37:6

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What Comes of my Very Important Calling ;)

I have a very important calling at church each Sunday. When the other adults are teaching the children, youth, other adults, or just filling their own cups as they sit and enjoy learning from others... I get to watch, teach, and play with the toddlers (from 18 months through their third birthday); I get to help lay down a spiritual foundation of faith in Jesus Christ that will hopefully last these little ones for a lifetime!  :D That's right, I'm your local Nursery Leader. ;)

Today after church, after all but one child was picked up from family members... I played with the last child. We held hands and sang and danced to "Ring around the Rosie" ..."falling down" OVER AND OVER AGAIN! :O Each time we fell down we would both laugh together. Then this darling little girl would say to me "again!" and we would do it again. :) When I finally decided it was too much for my older body to continue I decided to carry the little one on an adventure to find her mother.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to find that she didn't want to go to mom. She wanted to stay with "yours truly." :D I know it's silly, but it just really makes me happy when these little ones come to love me like that! :D This was truly a tiny moment of wonder... :)

PS. One mother spent time with us today. She was worried about her twin boys not being still enough during lessons. I told her that was NOT my concern. Though I do strive to teach them to learn to sit quietly, my FIRST priority is to help them to have a GOOD experience at church as they learn about Christ's love for them. And they will ONLY feel reverence for Christ in their hearts and experience the feelings of the Holy Spirit if they feel Christ's love for them; which is much easier to feel while feeling their leaders' love for them. Leaders and parents must be patient and kind for them to feel this.

Besides, the one who has the most to learn right now to help them with these goals IS NOT THEM, BUT ME. I'm new in the nursery, again. lol My children are young adults now, and it has been a long time since I was a nursery leader. I have only been in this calling for a very few weeks now, and I KNOW that as I learn to make more interesting lesson activities and lead activities that encourage reverence, they WILL be more captivated by the lessons and I will have their undivided quiet attention. Until then, mom and I really can't blame them for wiggling and squirming a little more than usual! ;)

Hugs to these little ones from heaven!
A happy Nursery Leader :D

Joy Producing CREATIVITY! :D

Hi family! :D

I saw something on FB recently that just tickled me pink inside and I thought you might enjoy seeing it, too!

...Projects which would most certainly bring joy to both the giver and the receiver! ;)

Here is an example of what one person did...

This photo came from the FB page "Humans of New York," with the following script...

“I’ve always liked to do nice things for strangers. I worked in the mail room at my college dorm, and whenever I emailed a package notification, I’d always add a little something extra. Like an awesome shark pic. Or a link to Japanese jazz. Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I buy really weird antique post cards, write poems on them, and mail them to random people I find in the white pages. The first time I sent one, I added a full-page disclaimer because I was worried some old person would think it was from ISIS and call the cops. I basically wrote: ‘Don’t worry. It’s art. Everything’s cool. You won’t be hearing from me again.’”

I LOVE MAIL!!! :) So you probably already know, I LOVE this idea! :D I would be one happy recipient if one of these came to my mail box! ;) Thus, I'm assuming I would find joy in sending one out as well. I think I'll do that for some stranger some time this week. :)

Another idea I'm fond of came from a friend of mine. Each time she and her family travel, they make post cards with some cool drawing or design or word art on the front of it, addressed to their own address, with a message reading, "Lost mail. Please help me find my way back home!" LOL


Then they go to a public library and hide their post cards in books for people to find, write in, and send back to them! :) They have been doing it for a about ten years now, and get about half of them back.

Doesn't that sound like fun? :D This friend of mine is QUITE creative. I'd really like to "inherit" some of those jeans. I suppose I may have to settle for copying others' creativity until I develop some of my own! ;) I'll leave a link to my dear friend's blog. You should check it out! It looks as though they are beginning to feature the return postcards more regularly!

I suggest you start here...

As my daughter would say, "any-who,"  ...I LOVE THIS IDEA, TOO! :)

Again, I suppose it is because I love mail. But in this age of emailing, my letter writing has greatly diminished. I don't like it. So I'm going to do this sometime this coming week, as well. :) Not from out of town, just from my own library, just for the fun of "experiencing" this, even if for a brief moment! :)

I'm ALSO going to take part in writing a "traveling letter!" Yeah! I'm so excited! :D (Can you tell I need a break from the mundane?) ;) I really DON'T have all the time in the world! This swap is through a site I just stumbled upon a day or so ago called Swap-bot ( There are a ton of swap activities to choose from there, if you are interested. Or you can simply make up your own! :)

OK... Enough telling you about what others do or of what I plan to do. Here is one more idea, which I actually DID. It was truly one of the most fun creative activities which I have had the pleasure of participating in. It was a Circle Journal. And IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

I'm pretty sure the title is self explanatory, but for those of you who might not know what it is... Each participant creates a journal out of whatever they want, with whatever theme they desire. All are coordinated into a circle, so everyone sends their journal to the next person on their list, who then gets to "add to" the journal, writing about the chosen theme for that journal; until the journal has traveled through the circle and been added to by each, and then lands back in the hands of the creator of the journal.

I made several pages for each journal I added to. Here are just a couple pictures of pages I made for other people's journals...

Theme: My life is Art

Theme: Emergence
I chose the theme Faith in Every Footstep for the journal I sent out.

I blogged the pages I made, so you are welcome to check them out if you desire. Just search "circle journal" on my blog to see them if you are interested...

Anyhow, seeing these postcards renewed my desire to want to be more creative. It seems I have been too busy for too long with necessities of life, and not made enough time to get creative or write letters to friends (As my daughter would say... "gasp! :o" LOL). Besides, I have been kind of blue lately. And maybe it's because I have been too busy, and haven't been reaching out and doing nice things for others! I don't know about you, but when ever I try to bring a smile to another person, I always end up finding a bigger smile on my own; it always seems to happen that way! :) I suppose it can work both ways... Don't make others smile and you lose your own! :o Yikes!

No more mundane for me! ...I'm going to light this world on fire with Joy Producing Creativity! ;D  ...Or at least, find some balance in my life between work and a little creative play! ;) And it's going to START with making an actual, physical, card, and MAILING it to my daughter... rather than just sending emails all the time.  :)

If any of you would like to bring a smile to a missionary serving in Japan, you can send her one, too! :D

Sister Mindy Moore
Chiba-ken, Kisarazu-shi 
Yamato 2-8-1. ZC:292-0064 

Happy Joy Producing Creativity to you all!

Corine :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finding Comfort

Hi. Today was a REALLY hard day for me, emotionally.

I started out emotional. I am not certain why. Nothing horrible happened. I had normal concerns. I was overwhelmed. Maybe my hormones were out of balance (that was probably most of it).

Anyhow, I went through the day praying and struggling and actually had a sweet experience as a result of it... (More than one, actually)...

As I worked, a song came to my mind; I think it is called "A Child's Prayer."

Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer ev’ry child’s prayer?
Some say that heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
“Suffer the children to come to me.”
Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.

I could hear the song being sung in my mind... And I could FEEL that it was being sung to me...

Pray, he is there;
Speak, he is list’ning.
You are his child;
His love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer;

I KNEW that the Holy Spirit had put that song into my heart and mind, and that He was telling me that Heavenly Father LOVES ME, and that He was listening to my prayers. :) And He wanted me to KEEP TALKING TO HIM. So I continued to pray. It was nice, to know He was listening. :)

And as I heard the rest of the verse, I knew... No matter how old I get, I will always remain, His child... :)

He loves the children.
Of such is the kingdom,
The kingdom of heav’n.
Children’s Songbook.

I continued to feel emotional off and on, but I DID find comfort through the Holy Ghost, knowing that my FATHER in heaven LOVES ME; I am HIS child; and He was listening to me, and always will... :)

I know you are HIS child, too. I used to seek comfort from those who I could physically SEE. I thought I needed that. I was wrong.

If you ever need comfort, pray to Him. He CAN comfort you, too, better than anyone else ever could! :)

Hugs to any who are seeking comfort. You ARE loved! :)

PS. I also had an angel friend who, by virtue of her awesome compassion and kindness, comforted me better than most people are capable of (Traci). She is one of the SWEETEST, most KIND people I know! I am SO THANKFUL for such angelic friends!!! :D

After my cup was filled, I was able to be of comfort to my husband with something he was struggling with. I ended the day snuggled up with Miles, a big bowl of popcorn and one of my FAVORITE movies: Enchanted! :D That movie always makes me smile! :) Happy day!

Corine :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Peace with Teens... Peace in Mentoring... Peace in RESOLUTIONS...

HI friends! :D

New Years thoughts on APPROPRIATE Goal Setting...

Yesterday, I went through some frustrating moments with a teen who my husband and I have adopted as our own (not legally, but he has lived with us off and on as needed). We did NOT communicate very well with each other and were both frustrated.

I wrote this on FB as a result of it...

"Am I the only woman in my 40's who is STILL wondering when I'm going to finally reach emotional maturity and stop FREAKING OUT when teenagers drive me crazy? :o  Please, tell me I'm not alone ladies!"

Afterwards, I found myself disappointed WITH MYSELF. I cried, because I was so frustrated, no longer with him, but with myself, for being frustrated with him and for not accepting his response to my counsel. There was a part of me that just wanted him to do X when I said Y and when it didn't happen it frustrated me! And I wasn't very nice.

I prayed hard for help to overcome my own weaknesses and for the Lord to help me to see what I was doing and how to change (I'm sure I'll keep praying for this until I'm proficient!).

After a few tears of my own and a few prayers off and on through the night and early morning I realized that I SET MYSELF UP FOR FRUSTRATION, NOT JOY. And some basic principles came back to mind that I realized have to do with GOAL SETTING, and INTENTIONS...

These are basic principles, but I need to make a conscious effort to apply them to my life, goals, and expectations for myself and for others...

Principle: Since I can't change others, only myself, ALL GOALS need to be directed at what I want MYSELF to accomplish, not what I want the outcomes for others to be.

If I set a goal to help someone else to do something, I'm setting myself up for frustration and failure, because I'm not the one who can make them do it. They are.

I know this is obvious, but somehow, I think I have subconscious motives (goals that I don't realize I have) to accomplish things that only others can accomplish... and I need to train myself to recognize when I am thinking this way so I can change that mindset and set myself up for the peace and success the Savior desires for me to have. He wants me to be a mentor and example, but that is all. The outcome is out of my control...

I realized (again) that I need to NOT make it my goal to help THEM change/improve; I need TO make it my goal to give them rules (where appropriate), examples, opportunities, and guidance... which, if they choose to follow it, will help them improve...

And it can't be my goal for them to follow it, because it is NOT my choice to make that happen; it's theirs. Furthermore, for ME to be happy, I need to ACCEPT this lack of control and ACCEPT the possibility of choices I disagree with being made, remembering that our Savior's plan of happiness is for ALL people. And they CAN learn and grow if THEY will CHOOSE to, whether by their successes and good choices, or by their failures and mistakes...

With that in mind, when it comes to focusing on improvement and CHANGE, my energy and focus need to be SOLELY on changing and improving ME. AND ONLY ME. :) 

If my goal is to provide my children (or others whom I seek to mentor - of any age) with opportunities for growth, and I provide these opportunities, then I can find joy in that. :) I don't have to hold back on being happy or think that happiness can only come if they take those opportunities and run with them! And this can only happen if I keep this perspective and have patience, knowing that the ones I love will continue to be given opportunities to learn from.

If my goal is to improve the world, I need to improve ME. :) And I can find joy and happiness in overcoming my own demons.

Another thing to keep in mind when setting goals is that the New Year is a time to reflect on the GOOD, and on what we have to be thankful for. It isn't a time to beat ourselves up. We all make mistakes, and we can find plenty of those in reflecting - but we shouldn't seek them out. Instead, we should BE THANKFUL for what we LEARN from our mistakes. Thus, even our past mistakes can be a source of joy with the proper perspective. And we can look forward to the future, knowing we have gained wisdom and that, as President Hinckley so rightfully stated, "our future is as bright as our faith!"  :)

Here is a WONDERFUL video about New Years Resolutions/Goals...

Wishing you all happy goal setting and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May we all set goals that are in OUR reach! And may we still aim high! ;)

Corine :D

Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in Review... :)

(To those of you who have read this blog, please forgive the redundancy! It won't be happening in 2016! :D)

Hi dear friends and family! :D Can you believe, another year has come and gone already??? In the beginning of a new year I always find myself reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to discovering what the coming new year has in store for our family. This is a time of serious reflection to count our many blessings! :D

Here goes!... :)

Spontaneous photo - taken while out hiking in the summertime before Mindy left for Japan :)
2015 - Year in Review...

This past year started out CRAZY BUSY!

(What am I saying? It was crazy busy the whole year! Why does this seem to be a theme with me?!? :o).

I was working, what felt like, all the time!  (LOL - I'm still working on this! :))

Then one of the people I work for suggested that I bring my husband to work with me. I approached him, and to my delight he said he thought about offering to work with me, repeatedly, but wasn't sure if people would want him to. That excited me, let me assure you! So Miles joined me at that job! :D It went well, and the owner told my other employers about it. Anyhow, soon, Miles was working with me most of the time. This cut my work load WAY DOWN, and let me tell you, it was nice! :)

But it turns out, God had another reason for having Miles work with me, other than just so I could work less... ;)

My WONDERFUL, AMAZING mother had struggled with health problems for many years. I would go to her home a couple times a year (usually 2 weeks at a time, once longer) to help her recover and make freezer meals for her and stuff like that. I tried to get her to move in with me FOR YEARS but she was stubbornly independent and wouldn't budge!

Anyhow, winter of 2014 came, and with no one living near her, mom fell and shattered an arm. From the hospital she was sent to a nursing home - not allowed to return home. None of us kids were in a position to spontaneously go get her, nor did we realize how badly mom would need that.

As time went on, mom quickly lost complete use of her legs and Dementia settled in. She also became SEVERELY DEPRESSED. My siblings and I were all discussing what to do. Should we move her to a nursing home near by, or try to move her in with one of us? We were all ready and willing for years, but now that her needs were so severe we all worried that we might not be able to do it. So we thought and prayed. Repeatedly, facilities denied her admittance due to the amount of care she needed; and perhaps because God had something better for her. :) Four months went by with her in nursing homes far from family...

It was then that one of the kids asked mom, "Mom, where do YOU want to go? We are all willing to take you and applying for homes near us as well, but we want to know what YOU want." So mom prayed. And she fasted. And then she called me...

"Corine, I have been fasting and praying ALL DAY, and the Lord has told me very clearly that I am supposed to live with you."

I was suddenly terrified. Visions of amputations flashed through my mind... from her lifeless, stiff, Diabetic, fibromyalgia suffered, kidney failure-blistered legs and feet... I knew her kidneys were functioning at only 8%, and she was dying. Could I do it? Would I feel like I had failed her, or worse, like I killed her when the time came for her to go?

My heart pounded, and I honestly told mom of my fears. What if I couldn't do it?

Usually when we tried to talk to mom on the phone she was groggy, weak, quiet, and it was hard to understand her. She was SO DRUGGED. But this time, her voice was strong and clear and loud. 

She assured me that everything would work out, that God would help us with whatever we needed. We would have the equipment she needed. I would know what to do. We would get help. Everything would work out.

She had a strength about her that told me God was with her and she WAS being guided by him. So I told her I would talk to Miles and pray about it. I did.

Miles prayed. And the next morning a brother called and told of his visit with her in the nursing home and of the neglect she was suffering. And Miles knew. At that very moment, the Holy Spirit was there, testifying to us both that she DID NEED US, and that He would help us to do what we needed to do to take care of her. We were both now fully in.

The Lord had things in place... There was only one job that I could not work with Miles, so I quit that job. Another I would soon loose for the same reason (she needed help longer than I could be away ). It was a leap of faith, but I knew it was the Lord's will with everything in me, so I went with it.

Then two angels came to our door for a spontaneous visit. Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... (Thanks Elders Keppner and Saunders! We love you! :D). We told them of our situation, and decision to get a room ready in only a week. They asked if they could help! :) I think this was the first time in my life that I EAGERLY said yes to someone asking if they could help me. I ran to get supplies, and these fine Elders spent the next week helping us to prepare a room for her (and sometimes it was just our sons and these Elders who worked on the house, while my husband and I worked outside the home). These boys ripped out carpet, filled in holes in the walls, painted, and cut and glued down new carpet. We realized that the room next to hers would need the same treatment, as she had autoimmune diseases and kittens were born in the room next door. So the job was done twice... in one week. :) These guys became family to us, and getting to know and love them has been another highlight of this fabulous year! :)

Mom came to live with us the end of February. She started out drugged, depressed, confused, unable to read, unable to feed herself very well, and in a lot of pain. Thanks to a loving Father in Heaven, she was blessed to go from this...

First couple taken the last couple days of February; she wasn't alert enough to put her head up for pictures...
(Devry was in southern Id. at this time so wasn't in these first photos)

I am so proud of these kids for developing such talents of nurturing service & compassion! :D

Taken some time in March, I think (getting a little better every month!)
to this...

Her hand writing went from completely illegible to legible, and reading ability from non existent to able! I was so happy when I walked into the room to see this that I had to take a photo of it! :)

(For more photos of what she looked like between these months, (in addition to photos of Mindy and Levi in their costumes for convention), see my April post...

One morning mom announced that we just HAD to get family photos - TODAY. So I helped mom get ready. She wore a wig because her hair was so thin and she didn't think it looked like here without a full head of hair. She was beautiful! :D

Photos taken about 6 weeks before Mindy left on her mission and about 4 weeks before mom passed away...
We were SO blessed to have my angel mother with us! :) Having her live with us was one of the biggest and best things we ever did! :D

On July 14th, mama passed on. We spent the next couple weeks mourning and planning a funeral. On August 1st we celebrated her life with family and friends. It was a BEAUTIFUL funeral and memorial!

THAT has been, (regardless of the fact that it took just under half of the year) - the bulk of this year.

Other stuff...

Devry moved back in with us this year! :D

Mindy left us to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - in the Tokyo Japan Mission, on July first! She spent the first three months at the MTC in Provo. She has had many wonderful experiences and made many wonderful friends, both in Provo, and in Japan. We are so happy for her! :D

The remainder of the year has been spent getting back into the groove after mom's passing, and getting our home back in order. Like I said, the garage is still in need of help. :o We will get to it as soon as it warms up out there. :)

This year, our family has been GREATLY BLESED. The Lord has provided for our needs in a beautiful way. Despite the low income, we have continued to be self reliant. This is very important to us. And we have been blessed by the generosity of others more than we have ever experienced in our entire lives! We are incredibly thankful for this, as well!

In addition, we are making progress in so many ways. And we are blessed to do a little service for others here and there as well. :) (It never seems like enough, but we do what we can.)

In December Damien moved back in with us as well. He has had a very rough road. We are blessed to give him shelter and a family to love him as well. :)

And Miles is no longer depressed! He is balanced! :D Miles and I think Miles licked the demon that held him down! He is a new person. We are all, so blessed! :D I think his business will flourish now as a result of it! :D

***I know that our Father in Heaven loves us all, very much! He is always there for us. Our blessings are many, and they are big and small - and even the small ones are big. ;)

This includes you. I know the Lord loves you, and pray that in your darkest hours you can listen to the sweet spirit, who can testify to you the marvelous blessings and tender mercies in your lives! :)

I MISS AND LOVE YOU ALL, SO MUCH!!! I'm praying that this year my family and I will have more time to visit with family and friends, and to reconnect and bond again. Please forgive us for not keeping in touch better. And Please write or call or whatever you feel so inclined to do; we'd love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!
Love you all!

Corine :D