Friday, November 19, 2010

Emergence - Circle Journal Pages

Those of you who read my last blog know that friends came to visit my family on the first of the month. They were to stay for 5-7 days, but their suburban broke down, so their return home was delayed... by a lot! (16 days). By the way... ~ though the visit was longer than any of us would have asked for - It Was Awesome having them!!! This family is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Our family love them all so much and we enjoyed having them here SO MUCH! I hope to find time to write about our visit soon... or at least share some photos. Minus the stress of the truck and Rob needing to get back to work, it was a great vacation! :D I'm glad it was our house they were stranded at instead of someone else's!

Meanwhile, I had a circle journal to finish and mail out, but while company was here my brain just would not cooperate (maybe 10 kids and their wonderful high pitched squeals had something to do with it; I just don't know!) and it seemed impossible to finish. My dear friends left yesterday, and then I spent the rest of the day at the Family History Center. So, today, I finally finished the circle journal which was due to be shipped on the first of this month. I am totally mortified about this delay! I would have shipped it earlier in the month, but needed to add photos of myself to the journal... (a request made by the creator of this particular journal); so today as I was bundled up in two coats and a hat to leave the house... I headed right back in and told my husband I needed photos so I could get the journal out today/NOW!

My hair was simply pulled back (and falling out) to go rollerblading in the snow, and with two coats I felt like a moose... but oddly, we took the photos in 5 minutes flat, (after which I spent a couple hours cropping and making collages) and I think they actually turned out great! :D

So, Tina will be happy to know that I finally finished the journal and will ship it 3 days on the next day the PO is open (along with a promise that the rest of the journals will be VERY EARLY. :).

And you can all now have something new to look at on my blog... my journal pages for a journal with the theme of EMERGENCE (since I haven't had a minute to write or do anything else to post here!!!).

I hope you Enjoy!
Corine :D
This first page (paint colors and name)
shows part of the second page behind it...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily

Wow... 15 days of no blogging for me (I miss my blogging friends...)! Still no time to read or write in the blogging world (company from out of town for about two weeks now - their car broke down! ha ha! ...sorry friends :O), but I found a video I must share. Enjoy! :D

PS Imagine if you will... 13-14 people in a 1200 square foot house - WITH ONE BATHROOM! Did I mention that all except for one of their kids are GIRLS? :O Ha ha! What an adventure!!! :D So many wonderful moments to cherish and enjoy. :) I love my friends. :D


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rollerblading photo... ;)

Me and a friend... In case you wondered, I'm the shrimp in the purple t-shirt and jeans. :)