Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here We Go Again!

I know it's been a long time since I have taken time to write on my blog; I was under the illusion that I was "overworked and underpaid" and just needed a breather! ;o But in all this work, I’m learning about the dividends that are quietly woven into our lives as a result of work and challenges… I’m learning about thoughts, about hiking, about gardening, about running, about enduring...I would like to take a moment to share something I wrote a few days ago (before transplanting any of my plants into the garden beds):

May 21, 2012 Monday - Life Reflection

It is spring.

I look out over my garden bed where once there were a multitude of vegetables growing and flowers in full bloom and remember how it used to look...

It is a new year, a new season of gardening. I am late. I look out over my garden beds again, and
in moments of exhaustion, I see only bare dirt and weeds...

(I began transplanting just after writing this; so there are a few plants showing here.)
So much work has gone into these garden beds in years past! … And yet they sit there now so barren and lifeless – needing to again be plowed, seeded, and cultivated. It is hard work – getting the ground ready. But it must be done. If the soil were void of nutrients the garden would fail to thrive.

I breathe deeply as I think of starting over…

And then I sigh…

Something inside of me wonders if it is too late to start again; is it even worth the effort?

A battle goes on between discouragement and hope...

In moments of hope and strength, I look again for reason to "keep on 'keeping on.'"

When I look for it, my vision changes and I begin to see more; I see evidence of growth and progress. I am NOT starting over! Rather than seeing how much soil has been depleted and how much nutrients will have to be added - I see the foundation which has been laid, and will never have to be laid again; I see that I have - not two garden beds - but three.- I also see wild Mullen, and a variety of perennial plants springing up from last year - potatoes, squash, rhubarb, Swiss chard...

And so again, with hope and strength, faith and commitment - 

I breathe deeply as I think of starting over…

And then I sigh…

“Here we go again!”

Much of life is like this. We get bogged down with clutter of the mind and clutter in our house, work, and lives. We work hard to get the clutter – the weeds – the trash – the liesOUT of the garden beds of our lives and minds. As we work to improve one area of life and home we may begin to feel greatly accomplished and look forward to a much deserved break, only to have it followed by the realization of another area to work on or another unexpected challenge. And aside from short rest periods - the work and challenges - never end! It's OK though... as long as we once again choose to toss out more trash and cultivate new growth. :)

I have come to realize that despite the moments of overwhelming exhaustion, 
I keep growing and moving forward -
And you know what? feels great! :D

Why the seemingly never ending roller coaster of challenges? I do not know. But it is life. And I know I must keep working, keep living, keep moving forward, and keep enduring to the end. Perhaps this is how it is for everyone, in his or her own way.

Seasons provide rest and relief – and a renewed energy to start again accompanies each new season. Each season I do things a little different than the time before. Life is an adventure. What will I learn this time around? What will my garden of life look like? What will I create?

I have noticed something about myself. When I am moving forward - no matter how challenging - I feel accomplished and happy. But when I plateau and stop moving forward - I feel empty, depressed, and sad. Because of this I am more careful now about the choices I make. When I come to a fork in the road and have to make a choice, I do not choose easy paths:

  • I choose challenging trails less traveled.
  • I choose trails that lead to victory and growth.
  • I choose to endure the challenges of life and to endure them cheerfully and WELL. :D

I could easily give up and abandon steep terrain for flat grounds. But what would be the point? To not endureto be content to grovel where I stand and not continue moving forward is to give up enjoying the sweetness of victory!

Therefore, as I look at the challenges ahead of me - I do not pout or abandon ship!
Instead I enthusiastically declare...

Oh, and let's not forget the last declaration...
"Here we go again! :D"

PS. I say here "we" go again because I know I do not travel these roads alone. I have my Father in Heaven to help me... And as long as He is on my side - I can not fail! :) As long as I am obeying His counsel I know the roads I travel will be worth the effort and that He will travel with me. I know this is true about each and every person in the world. He loves us and wants what is best for us. His counsel is not always easy; but it is always worth it! :)

Have an awesome day! :D 

Corine :D