Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Decluttering Adventure...

June 20, 2011
It feels like a miracle occurred today. Sundays and Mondays are Miles' days off work. On Sundays we worship and go to church. We rest from labor, too. So, for the past few years, Miles and I have been establishing Monday as the day we get some extra work done as a family before playing together.

For a long time it seemed we made no progress at all. Gradually, the practice of working then playing together has become increasingly more consistent. But progress is sometimes still lacking in the way of beginning early and getting as much done as I think we are capable of getting done, or balancing work and play; sometimes we don't play long enough. Other times, my expectations are surpassed with flying colors; I am so happy that the latter is the case progressively more often as times goes on.

I know that Miles works really hard for our family all week, and depends upon me to make our home as clean and orderly as I can without him. Both of our tasks (homemaking and earning a living) are big; so we both appreciate each other doing the best that we can to the best of our ability. I try to maintain the house work as much as possible with the kids. But there are some tasks and projects that are so big, I just really sometimes feel the need to have my husband there helping me. So it really means a lot to me that he sets aside a few hours each week to help me with the really tough stuff. I appreciate him for doing this so much. Incidentally, I have found that He appreciates that it causes me to go goo goo over him when he does it ~ which causes him to want to help me more! :D Both of us are MUCH happier, and we love each SO MUCH MORE as a result of it. :D (Can you tell I have fallen in love with my husband all over again? I've done it a million times already, and know it will never end... sigh. :)

So, how did today go? Answer... Today felt like a miracle. :D We had WAY MORE WORK TO DO THAN USUAL! Time for Spring Cleaning had come (esp with me being out of town for three weeks and Miles having a heavy work load while I was away)! We started by about 9:30 AM, and we got A LOT DONE! And I do mean A LOT.

It was so neat to witness such drastic changes. You see, we didn't just clean; we de-cluttered! :D And now I am super excited to clean some more! :D (Though we are not yet finished... the progress is exciting!)

*By the way, Miles discovered a mice problem outside in the shed. The mice were lured in by the feed we bought to feed the injured animals our sons are so adamant about rescuing on a regular basis... (like the bird they just cared for until healed, then set free last week).

The boys caught 5 mice from the shed and put them in an aquarium. I figured they probably did it just for the day, after all none of them were hurt or needed rescuing (which is usually the reason they take in wild animals). :o So you can imagine my surprise when, towards the end of the day, I walked into the play room (where my sons were camped out watching Sponge Bob Square Pants) and witnessed the scampering of a tiny dark object, moving along our furnishings! Just below the little critter I saw the aquarium, with 4 other little mice just waiting to figure out how to get out and join him!

Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. The mouse ran out of site, and I immediately insisted the aquarium be taken outside. Devry moaned about it, "but mom... " yada yada! Too tired to try to remember it all. I just thought it was funny that my sons make a habit of rescuing animals, and I... well, I kill them. :o

That's right... The first thing I did when I realized there was a mouse in my house, was go straight to the mouse traps and get them set to catch the little critter! I love that my kids love animals; I love them, too! But in my house, I can not tolerate wild rodents eating our food and destroying our clothes etc! The workload of cleaning out the shed was multiplied ten fold, and I didn't need that in my house too (not to mention the germs)! I secretly pray that the little mouse takes the bait and dies tonight...

Oh, my poor boys. I hope they aren't traumatized by it all. :o

PS You know you have done something a million times over when it happens twice in the same week, and you realize you didn't even take photos! Can you believe we have no bird or mouse photos from my kids latest adventures? I'm going to have to work on that. ;) Maybe this will do... I think this must be how my darling sons view them. ;D

Corine :D

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Media - Moments that Matter Most...

Good morning! :D I am so excited to share this media with you today, for this is what life is all about. This is what the contents of my blog are morphing into... noticing and appreciating the tiny little everyday moments that matter so much, and make up our lives. :) I believe that our lives are the sum total of tiny tiny every-day experiences, and our appreciation for life is dependant on how we view these moments, and respond to them.

I just want to take a moment to let you know that I found this video on a blog that I went to for the very first time... Be a Little Better. I am so happy to have found it! :D I really want to encourage you all to go check out this blog. Who knows, maybe there will be something of significance there waiting for you as well. ;)

But first, I hope you enjoy watching this video, and that it inspires you to look for and recognize the tiny moments in your life - which really do matter most, and which make happiness possible!

Corine :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Greatest Gift...

April 9, 2011

~  Part of the purpose of baptism is often forgotten; and that part is TO RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST. 

I found a fabulous talk given by President Boyd K. Packer titled, The Gift of the Holy Ghost: What Every Member Should Know. I would like to quote a small part of it here:
When Paul went to Ephesus he found 12 men who had been baptized, but they had not yet received the Holy Ghost. They said to Paul, “We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost” (Acts 19:2).
What happened next is significant. Paul had them baptized again. Then he conferred upon them, by the laying on of hands, the gift of the Holy Ghost (see Acts 19:2–7).

I consider the gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion to be my greatest source of strength, motivation, comfort and peace. I rely upon it daily. It is the source of my comfort, positive changes, growth, inspiration... It is not merely the desire to follow Jesus Christ which makes my life good as is evidenced by my decision to be baptized those many years ago. It is the following of Christ which changes my life, constantly making it better than good. And the Holy Ghost is the angel on my shoulder who inspires and prompts these changes... It is the Holy Ghost who helps me to let go of despair, and grab hold of faith - faith that I can change, improve, grow, do the right thing even when it is difficult, and resolve to make positive changes of any kind... even changes as simple as exercising regularly.

It is no wonder then, why baptism is not complete without afterwards receiving the Holy Ghost? - We need the Holy Ghost. Baptism is our way of showing the Lord and others that we are committed to following the commandments and counsels of Jesus Christ. But without the Holy Ghost, it would probably be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to have the strength to actually follow through and OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS.

It is the Holy Ghost who sits on our shoulder... strengthening and encouraging us to follow through and keep our promises to follow Christ. The gift of receiving the Holy Ghost as a constant companion, is the Lords way of blessing us for the decision to follow Him; and it is His way of sending us comfort in times of need; as well as strength and guidance to help us keep our promise to follow Christ. He helps us to succeed.

We all have the light of Christ, even before baptism and confirmation of the Holy Ghost. But to have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion is a gift that I can not imagine living without. This gift is the reason my life is good. I rely upon the lord constantly. The Holy Ghost is my constant guide and inspiration. He is the source of comfort and peace when times are hard. He is the reason I have hope, and am happy. :D

Here is a link to a great talk titled Gifts of the Spirit for Hard Times By Elder Henry B. Eyring (and here is a link to a free mp3 player download). It is about what to do so you can have the Holy Ghost to be with you... to answer your prayers and help you during hard times.

IF YOU WANT TO HEAR AND FEEL THE HOLY GHOST MORE IN YOUR LIFE you might want to read the articles mentioned above (one link is at the beginning of this post). I am also considering writing a follow up post  consisting of a few thing I have found which help me to hear the Holy Ghost, though I think these talks really do say much...

I know that I am not a preacher, and I don't mean to sound preachy; but the Holy Ghost is my greatest gift. I would be selfish and unfulfilled not to share it.

Wishing you a happy day!
Corine  :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Memories - Seconds?

I realize this isn't the accurate "round" container spoke of...
But you have to admit, it is much prettier. :)
Right there on the counter lay a BIG, round, gallon of Neapolitan Ice cream. :)

The boys all gathered round the ice cream with haste, earnestly digging in with their spoons... scooping up ice cream into their bowls and trying to do it all at once, elbow to elbow.

Smiles on their faces. :)
Tongues licking the drops from the last little taste.
They were in heaven! :D

I bought the ice cream (I Know... shocking! Right? Not really. :D) However, it was dad who Dausen directed a question towards (which, by the way, is completely besides the point ;)...
"Dad, do we get seconds tonight?"
Dad didn't hear the question. But Devry did!
"Don't worry Dausen."
Devry gave a reassuring smile...
"We'll just over do it on firsts." :D
How is it that a boy can be SO CUTE, while being so naughty? ;o Would you believe Devry conned me into going to pick it up at quarter to ten last night? Is it fair to say he has me wrapped around his cute little fingers? :o LOL I think I'm hopelessly partial! :D I LOVE my kids!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I just read a gratitude post which a friend of mine wrote. It had me grinning from ear to ear! :D So much, that I suddenly felt compelled to write my own gratitude post; so here I am! :) :D

I am eternally thankful for my family. I am thankful that when I came into the house after not being here for three weeks... that I didn't explode or get angry when I noticed that a tornado must have hit home. :o I am also thankful that the last time I was out of town for a couple of weeks... the house was very clean when I came home (as clean as can possibly be expected - and then some!); thus I can conclude that there must have been a very good reason for the said tornado. :o

I am thankful for my daughter, Mindy... working with Miles in the family business while I was away, in addition to helping her brothers cook, and doing a million other little things that a mom usually does for her family; I'm so glad she was there for all the boys!

I am thankful that the kids and I have all been pulling together to get this place back in order!!! I'm thankful that the lawn is mowed, and the garden is finally almost entirely finished being planted!!!! (Today was a very productive day! :D)

I am thankful that when I woke up at 1:30 AM this morning... to use the bathroom (sorry about the specifics :o)... and heard all three of my teen age sons up laughing and playing - doing what we like to call "male bonding" on their game station (or whatever it is called) - I once again kept my cool (Yes, I am patting myself on the back again! ~ I am getting really good at "staying calm, and carrying on!" :D). And once again IT WAS ACTUALLY EASY. :D (trying not to hyperventilate over here from shock and delight! :D)

I am SO thankful that even though I find myself in interesting situations like the one just mentioned - in which my youth have simply gone over the line... somehow, I am still breathing! :D Somehow, I know that despite the teen years, they will one day grow into adult men who will have better judgment than they now possess. :) (I am simply giddy with delight over this! The foolishness of their youth will NOT ruin them!) 

I 'm also extremely thankful that when I woke up last night, my sons were so bubbly, and I was so tired... that we all commenced to have quite the party; I was so silly from tiredness that I sort of resembled my childhood self when overdosed on sugar... seemingly drunk - though I have never had a sip of alcohol, so can only guess that I resemble drunk while on a sugar high). Dausen confirmed my assumption of my own state of being, by telling me he believed I must have been "drunk on lack of sleep..." LOL And I'm extremely thankful that we all had such fun that I'm actually thankful for for it all! :o

I am thankful for motherhood.

I am thankful for my husband.

I am thankful that mom is doing better and that I got to go see her and help her get well! :D

I am thankful that in this complex world that we live in... there are still simple answers to big problems, and an abundance of hope, light and truth. I AM THANKFUL FOR THE SIMPLE ANSWERS which are found through THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST which guides and lights my life! :D

I am thankful for life. :)

...and for you, my dear friends and family... :)

I am thankful for YOU. :)

Corine :D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winning In Life :)

You know me... always drawing some lesson from my life experiences! ;o Here is one that might be worth sharing. I probably should have posted it on May 7th, the day I wrote it. I think I'll post it here today so you can find it, and perhaps move it later to put it in chronological order. LOL! :) I hope you have a happy day!
Corine :D

May 7, 2011

Today was amazing! I made a major mental breakthrough. A valuable lesson was learned. I'll tell you what it was, but first you will have to hang in there for a little background info...

My mental breakthrough started with a phone call first thing in the morning. My friend Valerie called and told me that the half marathon we have been training for - isn't in 3 weeks... it's in ONE; I will be running a half marathon on Saturday the 14th of May!

I was a little concerned for several reasons. One, I have a knee which has been inflamed quite a bit, especially after running. I'm entirely not sure of the cause, but am trying to take care of my body... all of it... including this knee. Two, I just started training in March; last week was the first week in which I worked out 6 days (all but Sunday) so I haven't exactly trained adequately for this! Three, there have been a couple weeks in which I didn't even get to go on a long run, so my longest run had only been 9 miles long. And Four... generally, I only increase my running mileage by about one mile per week, and one week before the event, the farthest I had run was only 9 miles. All of this added up to to wondering if I could work my way up to running over 13 miles, only 8 days from today.

Knowing that today would be our last day to do a long run before the race, we decided to aim for 11 miles today. I didn't know if I could do it; I tried NOT to imagine my knee aching in pain with several miles left to go... I did not KNOW, I only HOPED that my knee would last and let me finish our run as planned. And I ran. When my knee ached, I talked to it, telling it to relax and that I would take care of it after the run. :) And I stopped momentarily to stretch it when needed.

The cool thing, was that we did it! :D We ran 11.10 miles! And my knee did far better than I anticipated and even hoped for. Now that I have gotten this far, I finally have complete faith that I can run the race a week from tomorrow. If I could run two miles farther than my last run today. Then I can definitely run two miles further than my last run, a week from tomorrow. :) Once I accomplish the 13 mile run, faith will no longer be necessary; I will know.

I have thought about todays' run and of how lessons learned relate to other aspects of my life. I have thought about how surprised I was to discover that despite my personal discomforts and imperfections - I CAN do it, and do it well... .  Every week or so when I headed out the door with the plan to run at least one mile farther than I ever had before, I didn't KNOW if I could... I only hoped. But I did it. :) Each time I set out to run, I discovered that I can.

***I don't think it is a coincidence that my knee has given me such discomfort and pain. I think the Lord wanted me to go through this for my learning and growth. And in thinking about the pattern I have gone through each week of hoping, trying, and then finally knowing once succeeding...

****I realized quite clearly that much of my life has been like this. I always want to be totally and completely prepared FOR EVERYTHING; and I want to KNOW I am prepared... I want to KNOW that I can do something before attempting to do it; I suppose I may have been afraid of failing and not realized it.

But God does NOT want me to KNOW until after I put forth the effort; He wants me to learn to live by faith.

I am not perfect. No matter how much I try, I seldom feel completely prepared. And, I won't always KNOW that I can succeed at something, until AFTER I accomplish it.

The cool thing, is realizing that I can still succeed - even when it seems doubtful.

God did not put us here on Earth to fail.

"There are no failures, just people who quit before they succeed."
Cameron Taylor

In life, there don't have to be any losers. In life, winning does not depend upon beating the other guy. Winning depends upon having goals, staying focused on them so the obstacles don't trip you, and being persistent (of course, having a partner who can't fail... like the Lord is always helpful... :)

Winners stay focused on their goals... they don't let setbacks or obstacles get in the way. 

Despite my many imperfections, struggles and shortcomings... I just know that as long as I continue to run the race of life, I will win with the things that matter!

One step at a time, one choice to press on after another ... I will eventually become the person I was created to be... while appreciating who I am today - right now.  :)  And I will conquer (win :) the challenges of life; because even when something seems impossible, I keep trying. :)

Corine  :D

June 12, 2011
It just amazes me that something which I once thought would be SO DIFFICULT/ULTRA CHALLENGING... is increasingly becoming SO - NOT HARD. I have a hunch, I will one day find myself calling it EASY. :) ~ Very cool! :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Making Connections -

I have just had an AMAZING 3 weeks! I was SO BLESSED to be able to take care of my mom while sick... she has gone from critically ill... to on the road to better health than she has had for many years; I'm very excited! :D She has been so blessed!

I am also so excited to be reunited with my husband and children again. I'm home! :D It is early in the morning, my family is still asleep (I got home in the middle of the night) so I have no grand reunion to write about just yet. Now that I am home, I am anxious to go back to writing blog posts of my own again! :D But I just wanted to let you know I am home, and that for the next few days, I think I will look for a recent journal writing or two to post... that way, you all have something to read while I catch up on things here at home. :)

BTW - The trip home was amazing! In addition to the many friends I met while at mom's (Like Cliff and Peggy, Janna, and others who I met at church... as well as Bob who I met at the grocery store), I met so many other great people on the bus ride home. I am absolutely sold on riding the bus and train for the social aspects of it all!
A couple of people exchanged phone numbers with me at various stops... and one new friend is planing on sending me a friend request on FB (In case you didn't know, I just reactivated my FB account a couple of weeks ago). I got to help take care of a baby on that ride (so cute and cuddly!) and after I got off the bus, two of my "new friends" came to hug me good bye (I just love people like that! :D). Oh, and a man I hadn't even talked to told me I was the "nicest person on that bus." :) I reached out to shake his hand and thank him... and he responded "OMG - I will never wash this hand again!" I laughed so hard inside! :D

I just wanted to take a moment  to count my blessings and thank the Lord for blessing me to connect with these great people!  :D
See you all again soon!

Corine :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not a Typical Man; He Was "Different"

Hi! :D

Today is a beautiful day! I feel inspired and full of desire to love more, to be more kind... and I feel happier. :)

I recently had an experience at the grocery store. I walked out with what I purchased in one hand, and my back pack in the other (I traveled mostly on foot or by bike while at my mom's). Before leaving the entrance, I struggled to fit the items into my back pack. A man noticed, and kindly introduced himself as Bob, and asked if he could help me. I thanked him, but assured him that it was not necessary... that I could do it. I thought the conversation would end there, but then asked me how I was doing.

My response was brief, and I thought it to be positive;
"Good, thank you; how are you?"
It then became quite apparent that this was not a typical man; he was... "different." Different in ways which are often shunned simply for their uniqueness... but different in very good ways none the less.

I don't recall exactly how he answered back, but after his brief response, I walked off to leave, and he followed me.
"Excuse me,"
he called out to me...
"I just really want to tell you something."
I stopped to listen and moved out of the way of others leaving the store. He resumed,
"you need to be more careful with your words."
I was confused. I said I was good, and expressed interest in him as well. What had I said that I ought not to have said? Sensing my confusion he continued...
"If you merely say you are 'good' how will you expect to ever be any better than 'good?'
He said something else, then continued,
"When people ask me how I am doing, I NEVER say 'good' I say, 'better than good!'"
I had to chuckle inside. Mom was sick at home, but it just felt right to stay and listen to this man. For the next 20 or so minutes, he talked to me with all the love and concern of a caring brother. He gave me tip after tip, insight after insight. He spoke of how words should be used to uplift others, and to make them feel good about them selves. He spoke of the power of words, and of the need that children have to hear praise and positive words about themselves. All of this I already knew, agreed with and believed.

And yet I learned...

Others stared at us strangely as they walked past... especially those who returned carts repeatedly, surprised to see us still there. But I didn't care. I was with a man who genuinely cared about others, and was on a mission to make the world a better place - one person at a time. His act was an act of love, and I was not about to give him the impression that it was not appreciated.

Before we parted, Bob told me how much he loves people and desires to help them as much as he can. He opened a little bag, and pulled out two pieces of paper with hand written notes on them. There were a pile of each in his bag. They read...

"You are important."


"I love you. You are important."

I thanked him, and asked for another copy of these lovely little notes so I could share them with my mother. He was so excited that I valued them and requested more. It felt good to think that something I did brought him some happiness. :)

And then it happened. He looked into my eyes, and in a very appropriate, sincere, and brotherly way - he said to me, "I love you. You are important."

I felt LOVED - to the core.

I thanked him. I knew he meant it. I felt that I loved him, too... as I truly do love everyone... I wanted to tell him that I loved him, too. The same way I love all people. I knew that he must need to hear it as much as anyone else - and he dedicated so much of his life doing this for others. But I was shy about it; instead, I just glanced around at passers by staring at us, and simply said, "thank you."  I felt ashamed and humbled, and SO thankful for his peculiar example. 

Love is a verb. I felt love for this sweet man, but did nothing to express it. Because of this, I did not love Bob as much as I should have and I knew it; all pride was swept from me, and in its place was an abundance of humility and an immense desire to love more.

I pray now, to be more kind, more loving, and to eliminate ALL fear of what others may think. I continue to care less and less about what others think of me, and just when I think I am doing so much better, I realize I can still have A LONG WAY TO GO.

I am reminded of an experience another woman had as she realized that she was not as kind as she supposed she was. I am glad I am not alone, but hope that love and kindness will become such strengths that they become the norm and not the exception. I really thought I was a very loving person. I wish I had told that man that I loved him.

If you have never seen the Civility Experiment, I hope you will watch it and enjoy. And I pray that you may also be so inspired to be a little kinder, a little more loving, a little less worried about what others think... a little more YOU.

Wishing you a very happy and love filled day...
Corine :D

PPS. When I saw this before meeting Bob, I did like it, but I didn't cry. Now, when I see it I cry.

...and I pray to see Bob again, so I can tell him that I love him.

UPDATE: To see a fabulous video about the power of words, click here. I hope you enjoy! :D

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven "Supposedly" "Un"-interesting Things About Me... ;)

Hi! :D I wrote a blog post about 5 days ago, Seven Things You Might Find Interesting About Me, in which I noted 7 things I supposed other people might find interesting about me. I got only one comment on that post, and it was in reference to a comment I made on that person's blog... so evidently the list of 7 wasn't very interesting after all! :o Or, maybe no one wanted to tell me something interesting about them (as I requested)...

SO... IN LIGHT OF THAT BLOG POST ( lol) I AM NOW POSTING 7 supposedly UN-interesting things about myself. LOL :D I think I will enjoy writing this. :)

1. I rarely eat candy, (too much sugar makes me feel sick and disgusts me), but when I do, I like Skittles, Score Bars, Peanut M&M's, and chocolate with peanut butter (Reeces... you rock! Esp. now that you came out with DARK! :D I also like Twix and KitKat's). Like most women, I used to like most any chocolate, but now I usually only like dark chocolate in general... (I'm a wee bit spoiled!) I especially love chocolate if it has salt, orange peel, or some other cool flavor to accent it. :D

2. I LOVE to write in my journal and do genealogy. I volunteered to work at a Family History library - just for the purpose of learning how to do genealogy. It became a stake calling, and I am as happy as a clam there! :D

3. I also Love rollerblading (esp. backwards) and just about anything physically active outdoors (key words... "active," and "outdoors" I didn't used to go out in the rain, but now I love it even on wheels!). I also love that I can now say I am a "runner" and "marathoner!" Yeah me! :D

4. When I was a kid I thought it was absolutely disgusting that anyone would bite their finger nails. Now I do it! Uggg! Yuck! It mortifies me!! Somehow I just have to stop!!! :O

5. I go down zip lines with my sons... I think that in some ways, My behavior sometimes resembles that of  Maria Von Trap. :o

6. I don't have carpets in my front room... I ripped them out, and now we have cement! :) :o ~ One of these days SOON we will get rich and get new flooring. (would that be considered "crazy?"  Oh well!)

7. I wanted to have somewhere between 8-12 kids when I was a kid. God in His wisdom gave me four. That used to bother me, but now I wouldn't trade my four, for any set of 12 any day! THEY ARE WONDERFUL! :D I am progressively realizing how totally, completely, and thoroughly blessed I am to have these four beautiful children! I am now SO content. :) I miss them so much! I call their father and tell him to hug them for me... constantly. And I remind him, "Don't just tell them I said to hug them... make sure they are getting those hugs!" I am absolutely hopelessly partial when it comes to my kids. I think they are 4 in a million and love them to pieces! :)

OK, that's it for now. And btw... if you started to read that last post Seven Things You Might Find Interesting About Me and were so bored that you didn't reach the end... AND IF I EVER COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG - You might want to go back and check out the end. I modified it. :)

I hope you have been having a happy and blessed Sabbath day! :D
Corine :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seven Things You Might Find Interesting About Me... ;O

In April, I was presented with the Versatile Blogger Award by Kim @ Confabulicious.
I will admit, I was delightfully surprised. :)

Just for fun, should we list some synonyms to versatile?


Nice! I think I can go for that kind of a reputation... ;D

Thank you so much Kim! I am truly honored. :)

As part of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award, I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself that other people might find interesting, then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers.

Seven things you might find interesting about me...

Note: If you lose interest while reading, at least jump to the end of the blog to hear my request for you... :) Pretty Please (with sugar and spice)!  ... Thanks!  ;D

1. While I was pregnant with my first child (married at 18.5, pregnant at 20), I biked about 26 miles each week day on my single bike, and 56 miles on tandem bike with my husband most Saturdays (we biked from Rexburg Idaho to Idaho Falls and back). I'm not sure if that is interesting... but it sure was fun! :)

2. My husband and I were college students at the time (see comment above about biking while pregnant), and decided not to own a car to keep expenses down (we had a lovely little red truck, completely up to date on the payments and running great... none the less, we vacuumed it down, washed it up, and dropped it off at the car dealership to give it back in exchange for no payments wile going to school). We did this (no car thing...) for about 5.5 years. Which brings me to the next thing you might find interesting...

3. I also rode my bike to the hospital while in labor with my first baby :) (a week before finals my first semester in college). Don't worry, the labor was light and easy at that point, so you need not imagine me hyperventilating as I petaled my way to the hospital. ;D

BTW... I really miss biking! I haven't biked for years, but will need to get the parts back on my bike again so I can start training right away if I'm to do triathlons! :o Wouldn't it be great if my husband assembled my bike before I returned home? ;O

4. Yes, I finally just ran my first half marathon, and am now ready to train for my first triathlon. And I am 40. And I really need swimming lessons (please pray for me to learn to swim with my head down, and actually be able to BREATHE WELL and smoothly!)!!!!  :D THANKS!) Also I never ran in my life until this March (with exception to a couple of times in Jan, and just a few other times in my life... Am I glutting for punishment? ;) LOL Na! I'm hoping my past cycling will kick in and make up for where I lack. I'm also hoping that the past few years of faithful rollerblading will have prepared me in some way. ~ It will be so much fun to stretch myself again, like I did when I was much younger. :) I will literally have to stretch to accomplish this!

5. Thinking about the first item, (which included a baby) just reminded me of another item which may be interesting. A couple of years after my first baby was born, I had twins, naturally, and the entire labor was only 15-20 minutes long - from first contraction to the second birth. I thought a baby was turning sideways, so went into the hospital to have the baby turned to avoid a Cesarean; had I not already been at the hospital I would have had the twins at home. I had 5 minutes of mild labor pain - that's it! (By the way... I'll never forget my friend Megan getting her face down in mine and asking "Are you in any pain?" I remember my response. I had to think about it because I WASN'T in pain; "a little." :D That memory still causes me to laugh. Megan traveled over to help me out before they were born so was with me through it all; What a great friend! I love you Megan!) The birth of my sweet twin baby boys still amazes me.

6. My family and I were homeless for four months so camped out in both our tent and suburban. We were in no means the typical homeless family. How did that happen? My husband got a job far from home, and a new coworker convinced him to move our family into her family's basement so we could all be together while we searched for a home. Two weeks after we moved into her family's basement, we realized it was a very bad idea. At this point, we were saving for a down payment on a house. We couldn't put two months and a deposit down on a rental AND buy a house... so we camped. It was a tight squeeze, but we actually grew to cherish the time together while waiting to get into our house, and we didn't have to rent. :)

7. I had a nutrition major in college, but with only 12 credits and an internship to go to have a Bachelors in Dietetics, - we moved away from the University because my husband finished school and got a job. My plan was to go back and finish the Dietetics degree once our youngest child reached second grade (since I would have several hours of travel each day to get to school and back and was determined not to leave little ones that long). What we didn't know was that I would be homeschooling the kids by then. Needless to say, that plan went out the window. But all is not lost... I will tell you about my new plan on how to help people with their health in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!  :)

OK... those were the first (not to mention coolest or most amazing ;) 7 things which popped into my head. I wonder what else I will think of now that this is written. :o I probably covered the most interesting (and crazy) stuff.

Perhaps I should list another 7 of the uncrazy but interesting things...

Fine... You talked me into it! ;D I'll tell you more, tomorrow or the next day. :)

But for now... time to pass this award on...  . :)

This is the tough part! I really DON'T like choosing who gets it!

Can't I just give the award to everyone?

Oh no... it's happening again! I just can't do it! I can NOT bear to compare and evaluate... or to leave a single friend out. Every time I try to choose recepients to this award, I feel as though by giving this award, I am also NOT giving it to others. :o What ever happened to "every one's a winner?"  Why, this feels like GRADING ON THE CURVE; WHICH I ABSOLUTELY DETEST! 

I have just made the decision to NEVER TO PASS ON BLOGGING AWARDS...

I suppose that just adds one more crazy thing about me! :o Oh well...

You are ALL versatile bloggers in your own unique way! If I ever comment on your blog... you know I like it! :) If so... consider yourself complimented and awarded! ;)

*You are ALSO invited to leave a note in the comment section about something I might find interesting about you. I'D LOVE TO HEAR IT! :D THANKS!

Corine :D