Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Memories - Seconds?

I realize this isn't the accurate "round" container spoke of...
But you have to admit, it is much prettier. :)
Right there on the counter lay a BIG, round, gallon of Neapolitan Ice cream. :)

The boys all gathered round the ice cream with haste, earnestly digging in with their spoons... scooping up ice cream into their bowls and trying to do it all at once, elbow to elbow.

Smiles on their faces. :)
Tongues licking the drops from the last little taste.
They were in heaven! :D

I bought the ice cream (I Know... shocking! Right? Not really. :D) However, it was dad who Dausen directed a question towards (which, by the way, is completely besides the point ;)...
"Dad, do we get seconds tonight?"
Dad didn't hear the question. But Devry did!
"Don't worry Dausen."
Devry gave a reassuring smile...
"We'll just over do it on firsts." :D
How is it that a boy can be SO CUTE, while being so naughty? ;o Would you believe Devry conned me into going to pick it up at quarter to ten last night? Is it fair to say he has me wrapped around his cute little fingers? :o LOL I think I'm hopelessly partial! :D I LOVE my kids!

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