Sunday, April 19, 2015

MY Life - Today -

Hi! :D

I have NO IDEA what I am about to write today! :o

I only know that it is time to write. :D
At this time in my life I am a bit spread thin.
At this time in my life I have...
  • my own business, with my husband, cleaning, selling stuff, and doing paperwork etc. etc. etc.
  • a daughter who is preparing to serve a full time mission
  • a son who is barely 17 and homeschooling... 
    • who only has one year left with which to get into gear and pour himself into the scouting program and hopefully learn more and earn the Eagle award
    • who has only one year left to finish high school and be ready for mission and college
  • a son who is 20 and in need of help discovering a path to further education and secure a future career... in addition to preparations in other aspects of life
  • another son of the same age, with similar needs, who moved out of the home many months ago and whom I love and miss dearly and wish I had more frequent interactions with among my busy life (each interaction with him is such a sweet treasure!)
  • a mother who lives with me now, who is confined to her bed, and depends upon me for all her needs, including her social life... I am so thankful that she can be here with me and not have to be in a nursing home!!!
  • a husband, who is a Sea Cat leader, and who misses my activity as his active female Sea Scout leader, but is very understanding of my inability to make it to every activity
  • currently and temporarily, I also have a  throat infection... so am home from church today with no agenda at the moment, which is why I actually found time to write this! :) 
I also have...
  • PEACE - that I am where I am for a reason... knowing I am choosing the paths the Lord is placing before me and doing what the Lord wants me to do...
  • GRATITUDE - for my family... who are so supportive and loving, and who help me so much with the huge commitments that the Lord desires me to undertake. I am SO THANKFUL for their loving support!
  • JOY - knowing that my children LOVE each other, and are such great friends. 
    • Joyful for the peaceful home that we have. 
    • Joyful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my home. 
    • Joyful that my family is finally gathering each day and reading the words of God together again (we do this off and on -:o). 
    • Joyful to hear my mother regularly ask questions like, "Who do I hear, laughing and talking in the other room?" (She is continually surprised to hear my kids socialize with each other, with such laughter and joy that one would think they have guests over... only to consistently rediscover that they are, again, simply enjoying each other.) Which brings her to statements like, "I never saw siblings love each other as much as yours do." I love hearing that sentence repeated from her lips!
I have a great many blessings to be thankful for..
I LOVE My kids! - August 9, 2014

I LOVE Our Family!!! :D - August 9, 2014

The following photos are of Mindy and Levi dressing up to show off their costumes to grandma... :)

  • Good health, of both body and mind
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ 
  • A forever family. 
  • A husband who loves me
  • Children who love me and who love each other 
  • A home
  • A garden
  • Fruit trees 
  • A good life in a free country! :D 
  • Friends who support my income, by providing me with work! I do not take this for granted... Sometimes I wonder if I am hired, not for what I can do for them, but rather, for what they can do for me! I have a very strong belief, that the Lord has sent me my business, through loving friends, and I PRAY that my services bless them as greatly!
  • A home in a very beautiful part of the world - with many wonderful outdoor places nearby to enjoy with my family
  • The list of blessings is never ending! :)
It is time to wind this up. Enough talk for now...
Hugs to you all!
Corine :D

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Caring for Mama...

March 27, 2015           Friday morning (A letter to my siblings about our sweet mother)

Hi! :D Would you believe I just woke up?! (8:00 AM) To be fair though, mama and I didn't stop talking until 1:30 AM. :D It was a SWEET, NICE talk. Filled with love and laughter, hopes and dreams…  We even watched The Secret Garden and did foot massage! :D

Mama talked of having purpose and meaning in life (most of which involves the people she loves)... She was very depressed before she came here, and she was more depressed than I realized when she first got here as well. Feeling down... laying in bed 24/7 and feeling like she couldn't do anything with her life and even like she had no purpose... Wondering what the rest of the world looked like. Wondering what the rest of the home she lived in looked like outside her bedroom. Wondering what HER OWN ROOM looked like, beyond what she could see from her limited perspective in bed... Wondering what she would ever do again in this life...

All these things weighed upon her mind, making it difficult for her to want to talk to people on the phone. She DOES appreciate your calls though... reaching out to her and loving her, even though she doesn't take the call or mostly listens and hasn't the energy to stay on long. Thank you for loving her!!!

The mental struggles she has been faced with caused her to feel like she had nothing to live for and sometimes she felt that she couldn't stand living that way any longer (stuck in bed all the time).

But last night Mama told me that she is learning SO MUCH. Her perspective is changing. She has begun to realize how much of a positive impact she is having on our family. She is a blessing to my family and I in so many ways, and Miles and I and the Lord have all begun to point these things out to her. She has become like a child again in many ways, and needed this comfort and perspective to give meaning to her life. She is also finding joy in tiny little conversations she has had with her grandchildren, and in building them up. She is enjoying her granddaughter... who loves her so much. And she appreciates her son in law, who is constantly mentioning what a blessing she is to him, and how she helps him to not be so focused on himself. It seems she is finding purpose in life again. :)

And she talked about you... Mama wants you, her children, to KNOW that she loves you and thinks about you and prays for you every day. The more settled she gets here the more it feels like home and the brighter she feels; I think phone calls will be coming soon.

I don't know how it is that the days go by so quickly... I do the same things day in and day out, and find it difficult to find time to do the more occasional, and yet important and fun things - like finding pictures to hang on her walls, and brainstorming things mama can do, look at, and enjoy (now that I am finally almost done getting all the paperwork of moving her and her medical insurance etc. to her new home and state!) Please, pray for me to find time and creative energy to do this!!!

We talked of a few ideas of things to do from her little bed to give her something to enjoy and look forward to… foot massages while watching one of our favorite shows together (I mentioned Once Upon a Time, as it is one of my favorites, and I’m hoping she will fall in love with it, too); visiting with my sweet sons;:D GENEALOGY!!! :D (I am SO excited to help her do genealogy, once we find a computer for her bedroom! Anyone have an old computer they don't need that can get internet?).

There were other things too… I should have jotted them down. I also hope to start reading to her. Levi read history to her one day, and I'm hoping it becomes somewhat of a tradition. I think she would like that. :D She listens to the Book of Mormon on CD now. We are anxious to get other scriptures for her to listen to as well (Bible etc., as well as General Conference – which we will have once we get a computer in there, or once Ben brings her stuff to her from storage!)

Despite the lack of energy and oxygen, mom DOES count her blessings and find joy in living! :) She is so happy to be getting to know these grand kids better. She also loves Miles and says he is her hero (because he is so good to her). :D Mama is SO HAPPY TO BE HERE, and doing better emotionally each day. She repeatedly tells me how spoiled she feels. I always wish I could do more. There is so much to do. I just want to have more time - just to spend with her to socialize and make her happy, rather than doing necessary things so much of the time. But she doesn't look at it like that and is so appreciative and mindful of my time and needs. I appreciate her gratitude so much!

Time to get going; talk to you later! :D

PS. Nathan started helping me set up a routine reminder of some of mama’s needs on Excel spreadsheet (which I still need to sit down and finish); Carolyn sent oils to mama (it sure helps her relax and makes the room smell great!). And I think Aaron is sending a massage device (I’m hoping Miles and I will find time to use it on each other as well as on mom! :D)

I’m so thankful for such sweet, kind, siblings who do such nice things for our mama! :D THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! I'm SO THANKFUL to be a part of such a supportive and kind family!!! :)

I love you all!
Corine :D

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Current Transition...

Hi! :D

Well, mom has been here for nearly two weeks now. I have to tell you about this amazing! And the first thing that comes to mind to explain this new big change is an analogy of having a baby…

Have you ever had a baby? :)

Do you remember the anticipation?

You were excited and happy for the new addition. You knew your life would suddenly change – drastically! You thought of the changes and sacrifices to be made, and though you were excited for the joys of it all… you also hoped the adjustment won’t be too challenging. And you probably prepared as well as you could with freezer meals, purchasing a few necessities in advance… and maybe preparing a room and getting ahead with cleaning house etc. (nesting! )

If you haven’t experienced it yet, I’ll tell you what happens next…

You bring that baby home.

And somehow it all feels so natural.

You look at that baby and it feels like part of you and of your home and family... like it belongs.

It is as if it always was. …as if a piece of you has always had that baby and you can’t stand the thought of life without it!

This is what the transition of suddenly having mom here in my home with me has felt like.

It feels SO totally and completely, 100% natural and RIGHT. We are all SO HAPPY THAT SHE IS HERE (mom included! :o)! :D

Life has changed DRASTICALLY; Not only for myself but for the entire family. My schedule and list of activities have changed a lot. Miles and the kids are “on call” 24/7. Each and every one of them is consistently supportive …helping me at a moments notice when ever needed. What a wonderful family! :D I feel so blessed and am SO PLEASED and SO THANKFUL for each one of them!

And so I count my blessings continually. Thanking the Lord for my mom and our supportive family. For the peace that He gives that this decision is GOOD. That my sweet mother doesn’t have to live in a Nursing Home. …that she can be surrounded daily by loving family and eat nutritious home cooked meals. SO FILLED WITH GRATTITUDE AND JOY! :)

Corine :D

A New Home for Mom! :)

(Most of this was written on March 2, 2015 at 6:47 AM.
I finally decided to add a few things and post it!)

Good morning! :D

After driving almost nonstop for three days (between travel there and travel back home)… with just cat naps for the most part…, we (Eli - my wonderful brother, his sweet teen son Bennie/ my awesome nephew who has the tradition of posing with me for a photo of us flexing our guns me each time we get together.., and I) - finally got mom to her new home here in Hayden Idaho! :D  

That’s right… MOM IS HOME!!! :D - In her new home with me and my family! :)

Mom slept in the back of Eli’s van, cradled in pillows and blankets on a cushy foam bed (thanks so much for sending those foams with us, Lizzy!!! :D)

There are still boxes by the front door to go through and find a permanent place for. Photos still need to be found and hung on the wall. We don't have her dresser yet etc. (or much of anything - other than basic necessities). But mom is out of that stinking nursing home and right where she belongs… with family! :D We are all very happy to have her here, and I know she is too. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, but already I have enjoyed taking care of mom and making and serving her yummy foods… chicken salad, chicken broth, sautéed vegetables, coconut water, and apple slices with cinnamon and cloves accompanied by strawberry slices. When mom saw Mindy and I walk in with the fruit platter, she exclaimed… “I think I just went from Hell to Heaven!” We knew she was referring to her move from the nursing home to here. :D LOL

Eli and Ben left the table before we thought to get a photo...
As we arrived in Salt Lake City we received a phone call from an old friend... Sharon Stevens. She wanted to treat us at a restaurant, along with a few other family members and other old friends who have been very close to the family for years and years (who were there to help get mom ready to move or to say goodbye – 7 in all, plus Ben’s little girl). What a treat for us to all be together like that! :D And the location and view was amazing! Eli and Bennie and I enjoyed taking photos of the exquisite Joseph Smith Memorial building and Salt Lake Temple while we waited for the others to arrive. That was a great experience, and so much fun to reconnect together with dear old friends!

Who else was there, you ask? :D My brother Ben and one of his darling little girls; Dad; and Ruth and her husband… (Sorry I forgot his name). WE ALL HAD SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and I had salmon on wild rice and asparagus. It was amazing! :)

We went directly from the restaurant to mom… When we got to mom we were all fed and rejuvenated for the late night drive home. The men loaded mom and a few of her belongings, while I talked to the nurse about mom’s needs. We never did talk about her schedule. I think the medications WERE the schedule. :o That place was really ugly and downright dreary!  …really looking forward to adding a little spice to her life and SO HAPPY that she is out of there and over here with me and our family!!!

Grandma and Granddaughter... :)
Well, time for me to go. But first, a special THANKS to all family members and friends who have pitched in to help out in various ways…
from prayers and traveling to visit her while all alone there at that nursing home, to brainstorming plans to move her near or in with family (I'm so glad "in with" won!), and shopping for things she needed, to bringing her to her new home (and soon her belongings)...

Special thanks to Eli for driving mom home, and to his son Bennie, who served as a navigator to his dad (my awesome brother, Eli), as well as an extra set of hands close by mom (his grandma :)). I have a photo of the three of us on my phone but haven't figured out how to get it to email and don't have a transfer cord, so this photo will sadly have to wait. :( I'll add it later when technology pulls through.. :D

Special thanks to Ben and Dad for meeting us there and being a support.

Special thanks to friends who met up with family to visit, and said goodbye to mom.

Oh, and let’s not forget the son in law and grand kids who rearranged living quarters/bedrooms to make room for mom, then painted and laid down new carpet to make her new room nice for her! Thanks Miles, Dausen, Levi, and Mindy! :D There has been a lot of fast acting work going on in preparation for this move, and I am SO THANKFUL to be a part of such a kind and supportive family!!!! We are truly blessed. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH… FAMILY AND FRIENDS, FOR YOUR BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY SUPPORT AND LOVE!!!

And last but not least... a special thanks to the two angel missionaries who tore out carpets and painted walls to help us get the house ready for mom: Elder Keppner and Elder Saunders - you are life savers!!!! :D.

These Elders were transferred just after mom arrived and things started to settle down. Both were in our area for longer than anticipated, and for what ever reason they were there as long as they were, I can't help but wonder if there, at least in part, there for us... I'm SO THANKFUL that the Lord allowed them to stay here long enough to help us through this very busy time. And to them for being so willing and eager to serve! They young men are as good as angels! :)

PS. Miles has done lots of CNA work in the past, which has already proven to be very valuable! He is a great help and blessing and mom is in good hands!!! :D Thank you Miles, for being so supportive of mom being here and of helping to take care of her!!!!

Hospice came yesterday and is ALREADY an AWESOME support! I am so thankful for the support and feel incredibly blessed!!!!

And friends have served in various small ways... One friend made a dinner for us, and gave mom a TV! (Another angel friend!!!). Another came and hauled some of our furniture off that we had to get rid of to make room for mom. We have been truly blessed and are so thankful for these many blessings! :)
...happy day to you all and thank you for all your love and service!
Lots of love...
Corine :D

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hi! :D ~ Hey...I'm actually posting on one of my blogs this week!! :D

Hi! :D ~ Hey...I'm actually posting on one of my blogs this week!! :D

If you don't believe me, (or if you do, but just want to read  the posts ;o) ~ then come on over to the Moore Memoir! I figured after neglecting to blog for most of the year I should really create a few memories right away! :o

...I'd sure love to have visitors! ;D  

...praying to find more time to blog in the coming year

Corine :)

PS. I just found this WONDERFUL playlist, and just have to share it with you!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Family: A Proclamation to the World - God's Plan for Our Lives - PART THREE! :)

In church today the Primary children (now ages 3-11 or 12) gave us a musical program based upon the First Presidency message given 25 years ago, titled "The Family A Proclamation to the World." (See a copy of the Proclamation hereI was so touched! The children were so genuine and beautiful. The testimonies given were inspiring, real, and true. I really felt The Holy Spirit during that program, testifying to me that the Proclamation WAS inspired by God, and shows clearly much of God's plan for each of us in our lives.

When the Proclamation to the Family came out my husband and I had been married for about 5 years, I was greatly stressed and confused (up to that point), not knowing what God expected from each of us individually concerning our family. I had a habit of taking on too much, and shortly before the Proclamation came out I remember hearing for the first time the lines from a song "Which part is mine? Which part is yours?" and sobbing... I felt I didn't know which part was mine, my husbands, or the Lords...

As I heard this proclamation for the first time these questions were answered and a new vision of what our family could look like gradually emerged with each careful study of the Proclamation... replacing confusion and overwhelming stress with clarity and direction.

This Proclamation has been one of the greatest blessings and sources of direction for our family. If balancing family life is a struggle in any way, I strongly encourage you to read and study it!

Now - back to the Primary Program and other thoughts... :)

I think the thing that hit me the most came to my heart and mind as the children sang... I looked out  - in awe over how beautiful they were - in voices and in appearance. And the beautiful thought came to mind that these children were created in the image of God, and their parents - and I marveled that it was SO EASY to look at each child individually, and to instantly know by looking at them who their parents were... 

Then I wondered if our actions might perhaps affect how we appear spiritually, in such a way as to cause others to look at us and they INSTANTLY  KNOW, just by our countenances, that we are children of our Father in Heaven and true followers of His Son, Jesus Christ... (I realize that may sound silly :o),  but it made me want to REALLY STRIVE to be more like Him... :)

The program was a spiritual feast, and later this week I hope to get a hold of a typed print of the local Primary Program I witnessed today so I can share it with you! 

But for now, I would like to copy and paste some of the writings and thoughts I reviewed this morning before church as I contemplated my life and how I should be spending my time... This is part of my effort to make it a top priority to remember and put first in my life God's Plan for Me.  

(By the way... One of the things I LOVE  about my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints IS the DESIRE - ACTIVE CHURCH WORSHIP INSTILLS IN ME - TO CONSTANTLY REEXAMINE MY LIFE TO FIND WAYS TO IMPROVE MYSELF AND BECOME MORE LIKE MY SAVIOR.  :))... I have a lot of notes; you may want to look to the bold first to decide what is worth your time to read... 

*See my Patriarchal Blessing to remember God's plan for me personally...
*Help my Father in Heaven with His Mission - To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man...

Blessings of Christ's gospel and church: It helps us to 
  • Come unto Christ - LOVE CHRIST - Learn of Christ's life and gospel teachings and strive to LIVE as He commands and to LOVE OTHERS as He loves us - SERVE - Make and Keep Sacred COVENANTS with the Lord - Prepare as much as possible to be able to be self sufficient... 
  • Proclaim the Gospel Teach the gospel to others / be a missionary / be an example for good / be a light to the world
  • Redeem the Dead - Find my ancestors (genealogy), and go to the temple to serve them------------------
An old blog post of mine...  (click link below for entire article)

“God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in Him to 
keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, He expects you not simply to face the future (that sounds pretty grim and stoic); He expects you to embrace and shape the future—to love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities… God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has. But He can’t if you don’t pray, and He can’t if you don’t dream. In short, He can’t if you don’t believe.” Jeffrey R. Holland

"Along with free-agency, we have the ability/power to do many good things without having to be told to do these good things. We have the power to dream, think, plan, create, and make good things happen. (See Doctrine and Covenants 58:28)
------------- (click link below for entire article)
"True happiness comes from following Christ’s example and developing Christlike attributes such as obedience, goodness, honesty, gratitude, humility, love, charity, and forgiveness. It comes from serving others and helping them to follow Jesus Christ. It comes from controlling the appetites of our human bodies and following the promptings of the Spirit. It comes from working hard and having a healthy lifestyle, friends, family, and personal achievements.
Another old blog post of mine... (see the link below for the entire writing)

"First, His plans are all very small and simple, so simple one would never expect life to be so sweet as a result of such simple acts. My plans for myself are often overwhelming and big, but God knows that "by small and simple means are great things brought to pass."

"Second, I noticed that His plans for me have one goal - to make me happy... This is why his plan for us is often called The Plan of Happiness,  also known as The Plan of Salvation.

Experts from again! :D - 
BY ELDER STANLEY G. ELLIS Of the Seventy (see the link bellow for the entire talk)
"For example, God has a plan for prayer—He asks us to “pray always” (see 3 Nephi 18:15–20). 2 Nephi 32:8), but God’s plan is that we pray always.
God has a plan for scripture reading—we need to study the scriptures every day. As Nephi said, “Feast upon the words of Christ” (2 Nephi 32:3)."

"God has a plan for family home evening—through His prophets, He encourages us to hold family home evening each week (see 3 Nephi 18:21Mosiah 1:44:14–15)."

"The Lord has a plan for worshiping Him—we are spiritually strengthened as we attend our meetings every Sunday. The effort to attend weekly is part of the sacrifice the Lord expects of us (see Mosiah 13:16–1918:25D&C 59:9)."

"One of the main reasons we attend church each week is to partake of the sacrament. The Savior instituted the sacrament in both the Old and New Worlds (see Luke 22:19–203 Nephi 18:1–11), and He explained the role the sacrament plays in our remembering Him so that we can have His Spirit to be with us (see 3 Nephi 18:7, 11). As we partake of the sacrament each week, we renew our covenants. It is part of His plan."

"God has a plan for service—each of us needs to serve in the Church and do our best to magnify our callings. The Church of Jesus Christ is not a church of spectators; it is a church of workers. We may not enjoy certain callings, we may feel incapable, or we may think we have done our part and deserve a rest. But God’s plan is that we serve Him by serving others (see Mosiah 2:17). As we serve Him, we come to know Him (see Mosiah 5:13)."

"The Lord has a plan for tithing—each of us is expected to pay a full tithing. We live in difficult times, and some of us are having a hard time financially. We may think that paying tithing would be easier if we were better off, but God’s plan is that each of us be a full-tithe payer regardless of our circumstances (see 3 Nephi 24:10). By paying our tithing, we give the Lord an opportunity to bless us materially and strengthen us spiritually."

"God has a plan for fast offerings—each month we have an opportunity to fast and donate a fast offering to help the poor (see Mosiah 4:26). This wonderful plan blesses the needy as well as those who fast and make an offering. It is so much better than all of the world’s plans.

"God has a plan for missions—every able young man should serve a mission. Some young men do not want to work that hard or would rather get married, go to college, get a job, or do nothing. But God’s plan is that every young man who is physically and mentally capable prepare himself to serve a mission. Many young women choose to serve also."

"God has a plan for marriage—after a mission, the next step is temple marriage. Some young people don’t feel ready for the responsibility of marriage, or they think they cannot get married because they don’t have a house or a car or a job or a degree. Remember that Nephi was living in a tent and was no longer enjoying his family’s former wealth when the Lord sent him and his brothers back to Jerusalem so that they could take the daughters of Ishmael to wife (see 
1 Nephi 2:47:1–516:7)."

"Some young people prefer to just “hang out” and stay single. There are other plans, but God’s plan is that marriage follow missionary service."

"A Plan for Families

"God has a plan for families—The family is ordained of God” and is “central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.”2Children are a blessing from the Lord. They are a lot of work, but they are worth it. The Book of Mormon—an account of families, from Lehi’s to Mormon’s—is replete with examples and teachings for parents and children."

"The Lord has a plan for the temple—He expects us to worship in the temple regularly. President Howard W. Hunter (1907–1995) urged us to make the temple the symbol of our membership in the Church.3 He and other latter-day prophets have counseled us to have a current temple recommend even if we cannot attend the temple. Sometimes we feel unworthy or don’t have the means to go to the temple, or we rationalize that we will go tomorrow, next week, or next month. There are many plans, but the Lord’s plan is that we have a current temple recommend and use it often. When the resurrected Savior visited the Nephites, He came to the temple (see 3 Nephi 11:1–10). We too can feel close to Him in the temple."

"Results of Our Choice

"What are the results of our choosing the Lord’s plan? Happiness—here and hereafter. He promises that we can rise above the poverty around us, enjoy greater health, repent and be forgiven, find joy in serving, qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, learn and grow, and enjoy eternal life with an eternal family—a true “multiplicity of blessings” (D&C 97:25, 28)."

"What do we receive if we choose Satan’s plan? His lies may give us joy for a season (see 3 Nephi 27:11), but in the end “he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself” (2 Nephi 2:27). If we choose his plan or one of the world’s plans, we have no promise."

"I testify that the Lord’s plan is better than any other. He knows us, loves us, and desires to bless and help us. He knows best! God has more than plan—He has the plan. I pray that we will choose it."

BY ELDER STANLEY G. ELLIS Of the Seventy (see the link bellow for the entire talk)

OK - This is A LOT, I know... There is so much to share and I LOVE the gospel of Jesus Christ, SO MUCH! :D Another day... I will share more another day.

Ta ta for now! 
Corine :D

PS. Personal Application of the Proclamation and goals... 

1.) Focus on the advice in the Family Proclamation to have more wholesome family recreation 
2.) Focus on REMEMBERING opportunities for my youth - get my kids to as many spiritually nurturing activities as possible! (Youth Firesides, Especially For Youth etc. - Don't let these activities go by without my children present any more!!!!)


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dear Family and Friends, Life is Good... :)

Dear family and friends,

I hope you are all well and happy and life is treating you good GREAT! :)

...I recently got on FB for the first time in ... (?) in a while (I AM really trying to fit more of it into my life)... And in my message box, I saw the following note from a young friend:
"Corine you have such a wonderful family and life. Sometimes we don't fully realize how blessed we are and how wonderful our lives are ( I know you do though ) Building a beautiful life with a person you really love and seeing it unfold is so priceless and something so many people can only dream of. Going through terrible and great things together hand in hand and knowing that everything will be OK because you’re with the man that you love. I hope that someday I could be blessed like that as well."
...So true!

For those of you who were aware of recent challenges and are wondering how things are going, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Heavenly Father hears and answers them all in his own way and time; we are in good hands and you need not worry… :) My family and I have been VERY blessed. :D I have been SO FILLED WITH GRATITUDE AND WONDER at what the Lord has been doing for our family! He is so good to us! I just keep counting my many blessings - and some of those blessings are the growth and joy that have come from the challenges... :) I'm so thankful that he has the strength and wisdom to let us go through challenges!

I do still feel a bit thinned out (a blessing that is allowing me to develop skills in prioritizing etc.), thus I sometimes feel the need for MORE TIME. But everyone is healthy, and we are getting lots of work done!!! :D There is time enough... I just keep reminding myself of that. "Be smart about how you spend your time," I tell myself, "and put the most important things first!" (I really have much room for improvement; thus the blessing to develop it! ;0 Thank you Dear Father in Heaven! :D)

In addition to work we have made a little time to play in the past few months. :) I feel like it is impossible to catch you up to date with everything that has gone on, and maybe that would bore you anyhow.So for now, I think I'll just let you know I love you... :) and share photos of some of the fun the Moore family has had this summer...
At a Sailboat Race...
My handsome sailor... :D

Miles, crossing over the finish line - FIRST ~ Yeah Miles! :)
*We hiked near the Palouse Falls. Beautiful! much fun building memories with family! :D I wish all four of our kids could have come with Miles and me!!!!

I bought Miles the shirt he is wearing in this photo for his birthday last year.
It has a cheery little stick figure sailing and says "Life is good." When I saw it I couldn't resist! 

Amazing "selfie," taken just before the train got away! Way to capture it Mindy! :D

 Oh yeah... Miles and I are Sea Scout Leaders now. Miles is also President of the Coeur d'Alene Sailing Association; and I am the Secretary and Treasurer. I still work at the Family Research Center as well. It is nice to be able to do a little to serve the community. :D

...taken @ one of our camp-outs. We have more members now! :D
This collage was made from a few photos taken from a camping trip at Lionhead in Priest Lake (and I just spent a few Hours doing this!!!). The trip was AMAZING!!! We got to slide down Slick Rock, using trash bags as sleds. It was SO MUCH FUN! :D I'm sure this will be the beginning of a solid new tradition in our family... :)
Looking at these photos gets me anxious to have some more family fun in the sun, and SO THANKFUL that this fall is so warm and beautiful!

I will conclude with a brief note to catch you up to speed a bit on the happenings of the Moore home, ;)...We are down one young adult (Devry moved out this summer), and up one (Damien has been here for over half a year, but since I haven't been good about writing this year you still may not know that); and we are about to lose another (Mindy) to a mission. YEAH! :D We still don't know where Mindy will be going, but she has wanted to do this for a long time and is getting some medical and dental needs taken care of as quickly as possible so she can go. I'll let you know where as soon as everything is concrete and she knows where she is going...


Corine :D