Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Marriage (Happy Life!) - Make it a PRIORITY! ;)

April 15, 2017 Saturday morning

Hello world! :) 

Yesterday I was busy catching up on business and other record keeping again ...though I have all this to do and complete by Monday, along with a garage to clean out today to un-bury stuff so I can find things that belong to my dad and things I want to pass on to him and my siblings that belonged to my mom. Oh yeah.. I didn't mention that. My dad and a friend of his are coming on Easter morning, tomorrow morning. And I have to work on Monday so these things must be done in advance. And then there's Easter shopping and baking preparations... This weekend there is a LOT to do!

My point is that despite the work I was am knee deep in, I felt I needed to tear myself away from it and go on a date with Miles. We tried to have a date the day before and that didn't happen, and relationships are VERY IMPORTANT! So I think they should come FIRST. So... I DID IT! :D Yes, it was a small accomplishment to tear myself away from the work to be done! ;)

Miles and I had NO IDEA what to do when we left for our date. We went to Super One and got a healthful drink for each of us, and then we went to Hayden Lake and took a walk around the dike as we watched the sun set. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I took a couple photos of us together on my camera...

...then he took a couple of us on his. 

It was a friendly competition of sorts to see who could get the best background. ;) I think we both like our own best. LOL But mostly, we both love to see the two of us together, smiling and happy and in love. :D THAT was a WONDERFUL date! :) It lasted only an hour, perhaps. But is on the top of my list for favorite dates! :)

Now... In addition to all the other stuff I told you that we need to do, Miles and I also have an office to clean this morning! :o So, I best get on with it!

I love you life! And I love my family! And I LOVE my God!

… in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

♥ PS. I love my friends, too! :)

Corine Evon (Stanford) Moore :D

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Celebration - Japan Style! ;D - Mostly, MISSIONARY MIRACLES! :D

Hi all! I accidentally posted my missionary daughter's letter HERE, (meant to go HERE). I decided to leave it here as a reminder/memory maker! :D Love you all! Sorry life is way too busy to write much these days! Hugs! :)

Hey family! :D What's up?!

Today, Sister Keiser and I are going to a shrine in Narita to celebrate New Years and see some New Years culture. Even though it's the second, in Japan it's still basically a holiday because of how big New Years is here. It's pretty exciting.

The last three weeks have blown by with tons of amazing miracles from God. I've literally never been so happy or so overwhelmed by miracles in my life. I've been working so hard but it feels so easy. There's little stress that doesn't lead to happiness in the end and little worries I don't forget about as soon as the moment passes. There were a ton of miracles over Christmas and I feel like they are all just building and steam rolling on themselves. 

I've lost a lot of the energy to write unfortunately. Haha. Sorry.

We're working really hard on building up the young women. Watching Hiromi chan with Sara Shimai and her husband Shuugo has been probably the most rewarding experience of my mission, and it isn't even a baptism. I have seen so many miracles and had so many strong spiritual experiences regarding less active members in the church that shock me, that I never expected to have on my mission. It is a huge thing to me and makes me so happy. Hiromi chan has been a struggle but she is finally here, finally coming to church. Watching her bond with ward members and seeing how much they care about her and want to help her is amazing! I just feel so happy that I have been a part of it. 

We had another girl, Angie chan come to church for the first time since I have known her yesterday. And two days ago her sister Naomi told me of her powerful conversion story to the church and to prayer and inpsired me to know how to support her and work with her better. She is so sweet and has such a powerful spirit. Then two days ago we met another one of our youth who through more miracles will be coming to church! Probably with Hiromi and Sara. I am just... so happy. All of these girls minus one talked to us about their friends who they are trying to invite to church and activities and all want help with English. There is SO MUCH to see and do here and I am way excited about it.

The Lord has been placing people in our path crazy ways, when we need to see miracles it has been happening and I have been shocked at the very specific times in which it starts to come.

Over the course of my mission I've come to find that as soon as we repent, as soon as we rededicate ourselves to God and tell Him that we are dedicated to doing our best and to following Him, the blessings of God pour down upon us. God knows our hearts so as long as we are sincere, we can start over immediately, instantaneously at any moment in our lives. That is the mercy of God. This is one of the biggest things that I have learned on my mission. 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Set good New Years resolutions!

Love you all!


Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Perfect Week in Japan :)

NOTE: This letter was supposed to be posted on Mindy's blog... ! :D LOL  Oh well! You can read it on either! ;)

I don't have any words to describe... just the perfectness of this last week. These last two weeks even, and the cap was yesterday.

Living in Japan is a beautiful thing, but living in Japan and being a missionary is another thing entirely. Christmas is totally different, and I was expecting Christmas miracles and a normal day where we dendoed on Christmas, plus maybe a few Christmas presents.

At the end of yesterday though we, both my companion and I, were completely emotionally drained. In a good way! I didn't know that that was possible. We were all energy the whole day and by the end of the night we were super quiet. When our district. leader called we were like, "How do we even narrow it all down?"

So here's a summary of yesterday:

We woke up early and under our cute tiny undecorated Christmas tree my companion and I exchanged the Christmas presents that we had gotten for each other and the ward. :3 I was so fun! Sister Keiser got me a
pair of Gudetama cooking chopsticks and a Gudetama contact lense case for after I get home (she's great). I got her two 'My Friend Totoro' pens. :) From the ward, we got blankets! :O Cute little blankets that are so so cute! We were so happy. After we opened our presents and read our letters we got ready really fast and ran to the church where we skyped our families. It was such a special treat to see everyone there waiting for me and so involved in the conversation. I felt a lot of love and felt my concerns about going home fade just a little bit.

After that we had ward mission correlation meeting in which my companion and I brought a gift we had made together that her mom designed. Little Christmas tree ornaments! We shared them with all of the members of ward council after everything was over.

After that we started to head out of the building but were stopped by one of the youth who brought a cake he had hand made for Keiser Shimai (she loves cake), and a... well, something un-dendo related for me that I hid in my suitcase for the next two months. It was awesome! We were on our way out and as we went the members stopped us because on top of the advent calander they had given (with a gift every day) they had a huge box of gifts for us prepared! We carried the huge box home and then went wirh Sara, Shugo, and Hiromi to their apartment. There
were a few hours till Chrostmas dinner so we dendoed in the area. At one point at a fork in the road my companion and I stopped, looked down the same road and simultaneously said, "Should we go this way?" We went that way and at the end of the road, last house on the right, we found a new investigator! We aren't sure how much potential she has yet, but it was awesome!

Afterwards we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas and opened presents and had Christmas dinner with Sara and Shugo. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of time to talk about it, but it was so so tender and I felt so special to be a part of it. Hiromi is the less active girl we have been trying to get to church and Sara and Shugo did Christmas with her just like she was their own daughter yesterday.It's not hard to see how much they love her. I was in tear so much

Just the perfect day.

Love you all! Merry Chritmas!

Pics later!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Noticing that I am Loved and Cared For

Hello, dear reader. :) After procrastinating sending in my broken computer for most of the year, I finally sent it in and got it back! :D I can write again! :D As for the past many months... Well, life has been just crazy! As crazy normal here as it is anywhere, I suppose.  ;) Life is good. It is filled with challenges... and blessings! :) It is filled with struggles, and victories! :D Yeah. I have nothing to complain about. ;)

But I DO have something cool to share...

For some reason, God has decided to make a special effort to reach out to me and to show me that He is TOTALLY AWARE of ME, and of MY needs. He loves me so much!!! :D I know He feels this way about all his children not just me, but that does not diminish the experience for me in the least and I will not take it for granted!

I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life. With big things (very big things), and small things. The big things are easy to appreciate and not take for granted, and often have to do with others. I am often prompted to bless another, and this shows me that God loves the people that He asks me to serve.

This week, the Lord served me.  :)

There have been several blessings. I will share one.

I bought a small black hooded coat from Costco last year or so. I LOVED that coat! It went missing a few months ago. I think my purple gloves may have been in the pockets, too. Sniffle. Sniffle. Oh well. As much as I loved it, I used to think that maybe I SHOULD have gotten the teal coat. I never forgot that. Anyhow, I have thought of that missing coat often lately, as the days have gotten cooler. I have a beautiful pink coat that is perfect for spring, summer, and fall, but I was very concerned about not having a coat for winter. And I really wanted my Costco coat back!

Earlier in the week I went to Costco and noticed that they had those coats again. Only I was too late. There were only a few left. They were all black, and the smallest one was a medium. So I bought a black medium. I wished they had a small one... in teal. I really wanted a small, teal coat. But they were out. I thought of the small teal coat they probably had before I realized they were back. I thought of it several times with just a tinge of regret for having not been to Costco sooner...

Then, a few days later I needed to go back to Costco to return something, and kept getting this prompting from the Spirit, "Go now. You need to go to Costco, NOW." I didn't know why it was urgent, but I went. I went directly to the return line. I chatted with the lady in front of me. When her turn with customer service came I turned to the lady behind me and saw a kid's Costco coat in the basket. "Is that one of those cool hoodie coats?" I made eye contact as she smiled and we corresponded briefly with each other. "I LOVE those coats! They aren't bulky at all, but they are comfortable and SO WARM! I just got one the other day to replace my missing coat. I wanted a small turquoise one, but by the time I saw it all they had left were black medium's. Oh well." "Small turquoise?" She asked. "Yeah." I responded, "I bought a small black one a long time ago, but I always decided that if I had the chance again I would get it in turquoise." The lady then lifted the kid coat on top and a few other items and pulled out a small ladies turquoise coat. "Like this one?" she asked. "Oh my gosh, yes!" I exclaimed... "Are you returning that?" :D

Turns out, she bought it for her daughter and realized she didn't need it. I was so happy! :D I tried it on, and sure enough it fit. :D And I bought it and it is mine! :D

I know it may sound like nothing to you, but I felt the hand of God in my life. It isn't even anything that seems to matter. But it does. He created us, not to merely exist, but so we can be happy. He knew that having that particular coat would do MORE than meet a need for me; it would bring me joy. And He really cares. He cares, not only about meeting our needs, but also about us having some of the things we WANT. And He cares enough to prompt us to be in the right place at the right time so we can experience these simple joys. :)

I hope you know how much God loves YOU. I hope you know that He wants YOU to have your needs and righteous wants met. I hope you know He wants YOU to be happy. And He knows where you need to be and what you need to do to have those opportunities. He whispers in a still small voice to each and every one of his children. He loves each and every one of us so much! I pray we all listen and obey so He can bless us as He hopes to. :)

Corine :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TRIALS - They Can Make You BITTER, or BETTER; the Choice is Yours! :)

Here I am... posting AGAIN, for the THIRD time within a week - and I hadn't been writing regularly for QUITE some time. I wonder if anyone has discovered this. :o I don't advertise. I should tell my friends and family when I write, but I don't. I just figure those who can benefit from it will stumble upon it. :)

Well, the reason I am writing is because I'm learning A LOT. And that brings me JOY! :D Unfortunately, I tend to learn more when things go wrong rather than right... so that also means I have had some challenges lately. :o I have to emphasize, though, that those challenges ARE BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE. ;) God always seems to use them to teach me something. Here is a quote that I recently came across that sums up what I think of trials and how they CAN bring JOY, if you let them...

Miles and I have gone through several really hard things recently. Thankfully, we have had each other to help us through. :D (I love that man!) And we have had the Lord! :)

I know I need to redirect my thoughts AND find comfort, and I know of nothing better than the scriptures to help with this; so I usually go to the scriptures and ask the Lord to help me to know what to read. I used to do it with just the standard works (Bible, Book of Mormon etc.), but the past couple years, I also do it with words from our current, modern day prophets and seers - through General Conference talks! :D The results are simply AMAZING! :) I believe in the saying, "If you want to talk to the Lord, PRAY. If you want the Lord to talk to you, READ HIS SCRIPTURES."

Sometimes I don't recognize the personal application immediately. Sometimes I have to ponder on them for a while and read them a few times before the pieces come together in my mind. Like they did today... :)

I have been led the past couple days to a particular conference talk, repeatedly. I didn't even realize it until I started reading it for the second time and went, "Hey! This is the same one I was prompted to read yesterday!" That happened before work this morning. I read one, again, for about the third or fourth time... wondering WHY the Lord wanted me to read this, but KNOWING that He did; I was drawn to it!

After reading it I went to work. Towards the end of the day, after hours of pondering and speaking to the Lord through prayer, I remembered things that have happened during these current trials, and a message given in that talk suddenly had personal application to me. I could finally SEE what happened in these situations and WHY they went south. I could see that the Lord was teaching me a principle through these trials, in answer to my prayer for help with another important struggle in my home and family. I was able to see, first hand, the results of heeding the counsel given in this talk, and the results of not heeding it. I was able to see what I could do to make matters better (or worse) in my home... :D

Suddenly, losing THOUSANDS of dollars seemed a very small price, for the huge reward that would come in my family if I learned that principle and applied it well to help my sons. I think the Lord may have caused these things to peak at the same time - just to wear me down, so I could mess up big enough to learn from it! MISTAKES - in this light - now appear to be treasured blessings! They help us to not make the same mistake in other settings where the stakes are so much higher!

So... I am THANKFUL for the trials God lets me go through.
I am THANKFUL for all that I can learn from them.
I am THANKFUL that I have the freedom to become BETTER, instead of BITTER...

Corine :D