About This Bolg ~ (and Me ;)

Hi! :D My name is Corine, and this is my blog.

This blog is a place where I come to express myself and celebrate the experiences that bring me joy in my life's journey (thus the title... Joy in the Journey ;).

For me, joy isn't found just in the parties, playing and having fun. Joy for me is found in the overcoming of challenges and in feeling the strength of the Lord helping me daily with hum-drum every-day challenges and experiences.

In fact, I actually get excited when I realize I have a challenge to work through. Seriously. I realize I'm kind of weird unique (LOL ;), but sometimes I actually feel an adrenaline sort of rush as I consider ways for meeting and overcoming challenges. Life is an adventure! :D And it absolutely saves me on the really tough days.

I also find joy in overcoming fears. Actually, I'm sort of obsessed with meeting my fears head on; I have a passion for it and also get excited when I find opportunities to do things that I am afraid to do. No... I'm not kidding. I even get excited when I'm asked to speak in church in front of a couple hundred people! :o

I know... sick eh? ;) Seriously though, if you could sneak into my world and experience the great things that happen as a result of this way of living, you wouldn't think me strange (or sick ;) at all! This blog - is in fact - a direct result of realizing I was afraid to put my thoughts, feelings and life "out there"... for others to look at. I HAD to blog to get rid of the fear! ;0 Naturally, facing that fear just continues to bring more joy into my life. :)

Anyhow,  since I sometimes use this blog as a sort of personal celebration template... this blog is cram packed full of all many some of the things I find joy from... both the things that make me smile while they are taking place, and the things that make me smile once I get through them.

This is also a place where I go to think things through and make a record of some of the things I am learning. Why? Initially it was simply because I want to remember what I learn, and, I tend to want to celebrate everything. :D Every experience,  every memory, every lesson learned... seem to eventually bring me joy in my journey through life... So I blog about all kinds of thoughts and experiences. :) After getting into blogging I have found another reason to keep blogging about what I learn; when I blog - people comment - and those comments expand my thinking, complete the thoughts I want to share, and keep me learning... To the comment-er, it may just be a tiny comment; but to me, comments are another piece of the puzzle and another opportunity to interact and connect with people. I REALLY APPRECIATE AND LOVE THESE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM OTHERS!  Thank you! :)

Speaking of wanting to remember... I would like to get better at this and not have to relearn the same lesson over and over again, year after year. :o I'll keep doing my best ... :) If you see me writing about the same lesson I wrote about a year earlier, you'll know I'm still trying, and still finding joy in the challenge of overcoming! ;)

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey through life, at least half as much as I enjoy writing and living it. :) ~ And more important... I hope you find great joy in YOUR journey through life!

Corine  ;D

PS. if you want to comment, please do! :) I love the words of wisdom; I love the words of laughter; I love the simple interaction; I love it ALL! And this is a public blog, so don't feel weird about showing up here in the comment section to announce to me that you found out about my blog from "dear aunt Bertha" or even the neighbor next door ;o... My response will probably be, "cool! Welcome aboard! :D" I really should advertise this thing! :o

PPS. I want to post these blogging awards to express appreciation to the wonderful givers:

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Thank you all for being a part of my journey through life!
YOU really are quite awesome! :D


  1. I read your blog and I love what you wrote here. Continue and may you bless lots of people reading it:)


  2. Thank you, Nelly! :D I really appreciate your encouragement and appreciation! :)

  3. Hey, Corine, I thought you would be interested in this young woman: http://mormon-teen.blogspot.com/ She has started blogging about what it's like to be a Mormon teen! I thought of you since you have teens :) Anyway, I am trying to help her get the word out about her blog. I think some of us "mormon mommy bloggers" could help her! What do you think?

  4. Thanks, Becca! I think that is a lovely idea! :) I just checked out her blog and I would love to help spread the word! I'll tell the young women here locally about her blog. I am also inspired to start writing on a blog that I created to summarize my journals when I was a youth. I'm not sure if I want to attach my name to it though. Hmm.... I'll have to think about this.

    Thanks again! :)
    Corine :D


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