Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent Update: Hello and Howdy! :D

Miles brought these GORGEOUS flowers home for me today. :)
Hi Dear Blogging Friends! :D

Why am I here blogging tonight? I don't know. I just want to come here and make a bit of a joyful noise! :D No, there is another reason as well. This is just a quick blurp to say hello and howdy to you all! :D I told some of you blogging friends I would try to keep blogging even if it is seldom and want to keep my word and keep in touch with blogging friends, so here I am. :)

Right now, my husband and daughter are out goofing off together on a father-daughter date and my teen boys are all away on a Pioneer camping Trek so the house is incredibly quiet. By the way, I really miss my boys! The sad thing is that I have been too busy to enjoy the quiet of the house while they are away; what is up with that? :o Oh well. By the way, I am SO HAPPY for my youth to be blessed to go on this Trek! I know the lord is with them and I am SO THANKFUL for that! :)

It pleases me to say that life is good and I am happy. :) It also pleases me to say that I am SO THANKFUL to be a mom of four amazing and wonderful people! I am indescribably thankful for each one of them. I am also equally thankful for my incredible husband; he is WONDERFUL! :D That man has literally been transforming himself into "super husband" lately. He loves me so much and I feel absolutely INCREDIBLY BLESSED and INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for his love for me. :)

I am thankful to be a Family History Consultant in our community through the LDS Family History Library. I'm also thankful that I am blessed to help people! Today I spent four hours helping a new friend (who I met today :) to enter some of her Genealogy onto computer Pedigree charts. She was so happy with how much I helped her that she wants to come back on the days I am working so I can be the one to help her do more. That makes me so happy! I'm so thankful that I have been blessed to develop skills and knowledge that I can help others with!!!! :D

PS. I have been having a bit of health issues all of a sudden (health issues that I had my whole life but were  dormant for some time until recently - namely digestive issues which feel like heart troubles); but I know that my body will mend and everything will be fine. I am so thankful for this assurance and the blessing of good health from my Father in Heaven! I am thinking of posting my health improvement journey on a blog to celebrate each step in the slow and steady path to better health. Do you think a nutrition and exercise blog would be interesting?

I must get to sleep now. But I will take photos of my family and post them soon. 
Good night.

Corine :D