Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Marriage (Happy Life!) - Make it a PRIORITY! ;)

April 15, 2017 Saturday morning

Hello world! :) 

Yesterday I was busy catching up on business and other record keeping again ...though I have all this to do and complete by Monday, along with a garage to clean out today to un-bury stuff so I can find things that belong to my dad and things I want to pass on to him and my siblings that belonged to my mom. Oh yeah.. I didn't mention that. My dad and a friend of his are coming on Easter morning, tomorrow morning. And I have to work on Monday so these things must be done in advance. And then there's Easter shopping and baking preparations... This weekend there is a LOT to do!

My point is that despite the work I was am knee deep in, I felt I needed to tear myself away from it and go on a date with Miles. We tried to have a date the day before and that didn't happen, and relationships are VERY IMPORTANT! So I think they should come FIRST. So... I DID IT! :D Yes, it was a small accomplishment to tear myself away from the work to be done! ;)

Miles and I had NO IDEA what to do when we left for our date. We went to Super One and got a healthful drink for each of us, and then we went to Hayden Lake and took a walk around the dike as we watched the sun set. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I took a couple photos of us together on my camera...

...then he took a couple of us on his. 

It was a friendly competition of sorts to see who could get the best background. ;) I think we both like our own best. LOL But mostly, we both love to see the two of us together, smiling and happy and in love. :D THAT was a WONDERFUL date! :) It lasted only an hour, perhaps. But is on the top of my list for favorite dates! :)

Now... In addition to all the other stuff I told you that we need to do, Miles and I also have an office to clean this morning! :o So, I best get on with it!

I love you life! And I love my family! And I LOVE my God!

… in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

♥ PS. I love my friends, too! :)

Corine Evon (Stanford) Moore :D