Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seven Things You Might Find Interesting About Me... ;O

In April, I was presented with the Versatile Blogger Award by Kim @ Confabulicious.
I will admit, I was delightfully surprised. :)

Just for fun, should we list some synonyms to versatile?


Nice! I think I can go for that kind of a reputation... ;D

Thank you so much Kim! I am truly honored. :)

As part of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award, I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself that other people might find interesting, then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers.

Seven things you might find interesting about me...

Note: If you lose interest while reading, at least jump to the end of the blog to hear my request for you... :) Pretty Please (with sugar and spice)!  ... Thanks!  ;D

1. While I was pregnant with my first child (married at 18.5, pregnant at 20), I biked about 26 miles each week day on my single bike, and 56 miles on tandem bike with my husband most Saturdays (we biked from Rexburg Idaho to Idaho Falls and back). I'm not sure if that is interesting... but it sure was fun! :)

2. My husband and I were college students at the time (see comment above about biking while pregnant), and decided not to own a car to keep expenses down (we had a lovely little red truck, completely up to date on the payments and running great... none the less, we vacuumed it down, washed it up, and dropped it off at the car dealership to give it back in exchange for no payments wile going to school). We did this (no car thing...) for about 5.5 years. Which brings me to the next thing you might find interesting...

3. I also rode my bike to the hospital while in labor with my first baby :) (a week before finals my first semester in college). Don't worry, the labor was light and easy at that point, so you need not imagine me hyperventilating as I petaled my way to the hospital. ;D

BTW... I really miss biking! I haven't biked for years, but will need to get the parts back on my bike again so I can start training right away if I'm to do triathlons! :o Wouldn't it be great if my husband assembled my bike before I returned home? ;O

4. Yes, I finally just ran my first half marathon, and am now ready to train for my first triathlon. And I am 40. And I really need swimming lessons (please pray for me to learn to swim with my head down, and actually be able to BREATHE WELL and smoothly!)!!!!  :D THANKS!) Also I never ran in my life until this March (with exception to a couple of times in Jan, and just a few other times in my life... Am I glutting for punishment? ;) LOL Na! I'm hoping my past cycling will kick in and make up for where I lack. I'm also hoping that the past few years of faithful rollerblading will have prepared me in some way. ~ It will be so much fun to stretch myself again, like I did when I was much younger. :) I will literally have to stretch to accomplish this!

5. Thinking about the first item, (which included a baby) just reminded me of another item which may be interesting. A couple of years after my first baby was born, I had twins, naturally, and the entire labor was only 15-20 minutes long - from first contraction to the second birth. I thought a baby was turning sideways, so went into the hospital to have the baby turned to avoid a Cesarean; had I not already been at the hospital I would have had the twins at home. I had 5 minutes of mild labor pain - that's it! (By the way... I'll never forget my friend Megan getting her face down in mine and asking "Are you in any pain?" I remember my response. I had to think about it because I WASN'T in pain; "a little." :D That memory still causes me to laugh. Megan traveled over to help me out before they were born so was with me through it all; What a great friend! I love you Megan!) The birth of my sweet twin baby boys still amazes me.

6. My family and I were homeless for four months so camped out in both our tent and suburban. We were in no means the typical homeless family. How did that happen? My husband got a job far from home, and a new coworker convinced him to move our family into her family's basement so we could all be together while we searched for a home. Two weeks after we moved into her family's basement, we realized it was a very bad idea. At this point, we were saving for a down payment on a house. We couldn't put two months and a deposit down on a rental AND buy a house... so we camped. It was a tight squeeze, but we actually grew to cherish the time together while waiting to get into our house, and we didn't have to rent. :)

7. I had a nutrition major in college, but with only 12 credits and an internship to go to have a Bachelors in Dietetics, - we moved away from the University because my husband finished school and got a job. My plan was to go back and finish the Dietetics degree once our youngest child reached second grade (since I would have several hours of travel each day to get to school and back and was determined not to leave little ones that long). What we didn't know was that I would be homeschooling the kids by then. Needless to say, that plan went out the window. But all is not lost... I will tell you about my new plan on how to help people with their health in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!  :)

OK... those were the first (not to mention coolest or most amazing ;) 7 things which popped into my head. I wonder what else I will think of now that this is written. :o I probably covered the most interesting (and crazy) stuff.

Perhaps I should list another 7 of the uncrazy but interesting things...

Fine... You talked me into it! ;D I'll tell you more, tomorrow or the next day. :)

But for now... time to pass this award on...  . :)

This is the tough part! I really DON'T like choosing who gets it!

Can't I just give the award to everyone?

Oh no... it's happening again! I just can't do it! I can NOT bear to compare and evaluate... or to leave a single friend out. Every time I try to choose recepients to this award, I feel as though by giving this award, I am also NOT giving it to others. :o What ever happened to "every one's a winner?"  Why, this feels like GRADING ON THE CURVE; WHICH I ABSOLUTELY DETEST! 

I have just made the decision to NEVER TO PASS ON BLOGGING AWARDS...

I suppose that just adds one more crazy thing about me! :o Oh well...

You are ALL versatile bloggers in your own unique way! If I ever comment on your blog... you know I like it! :) If so... consider yourself complimented and awarded! ;)

*You are ALSO invited to leave a note in the comment section about something I might find interesting about you. I'D LOVE TO HEAR IT! :D THANKS!

Corine :D


  1. Thank you for that wonderful comment you left on my blog! I was married young and one of the older of my parents' eight kids. My youngest sister was five when I married. There came a time when she reached adulthood that she told me she loved me and I seriously had to consider how I felt about her. I didn't really even KNOW her! So I made a special effort to get to know her. My mom passed away five years ago and now my baby sister calls me for all her mothering questions. He baby is nearly 2 and she is expecting her second. I'm so glad I took the time...

  2. Corine this blog post is amazing and brings back a lot of memories as I experienced these events with you.

    I am biased I know but Corine is the most amazing person I have ever met, I actually felt this the first time I met her. I remember my mom telling me before I met Corine that shouldn’t I you just accept that I will not find the girl I am looking for. I wanted a women that could bike with me, play the piano, has a high level of spirituality, and was just plain fun to be with. My wish came true when I met Corine, and better yet when she actually agreed to marry me, that was and is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. My mom was amazed that I found the girl I was looking for… she told me you did it with amazement in her eyes.

    Corine’s blog tells you all so little about the amazing persons Corine is!

    Corine you are the love of my life and am so blessed to have you forever!


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