Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven "Supposedly" "Un"-interesting Things About Me... ;)

Hi! :D I wrote a blog post about 5 days ago, Seven Things You Might Find Interesting About Me, in which I noted 7 things I supposed other people might find interesting about me. I got only one comment on that post, and it was in reference to a comment I made on that person's blog... so evidently the list of 7 wasn't very interesting after all! :o Or, maybe no one wanted to tell me something interesting about them (as I requested)...

SO... IN LIGHT OF THAT BLOG POST ( lol) I AM NOW POSTING 7 supposedly UN-interesting things about myself. LOL :D I think I will enjoy writing this. :)

1. I rarely eat candy, (too much sugar makes me feel sick and disgusts me), but when I do, I like Skittles, Score Bars, Peanut M&M's, and chocolate with peanut butter (Reeces... you rock! Esp. now that you came out with DARK! :D I also like Twix and KitKat's). Like most women, I used to like most any chocolate, but now I usually only like dark chocolate in general... (I'm a wee bit spoiled!) I especially love chocolate if it has salt, orange peel, or some other cool flavor to accent it. :D

2. I LOVE to write in my journal and do genealogy. I volunteered to work at a Family History library - just for the purpose of learning how to do genealogy. It became a stake calling, and I am as happy as a clam there! :D

3. I also Love rollerblading (esp. backwards) and just about anything physically active outdoors (key words... "active," and "outdoors" I didn't used to go out in the rain, but now I love it even on wheels!). I also love that I can now say I am a "runner" and "marathoner!" Yeah me! :D

4. When I was a kid I thought it was absolutely disgusting that anyone would bite their finger nails. Now I do it! Uggg! Yuck! It mortifies me!! Somehow I just have to stop!!! :O

5. I go down zip lines with my sons... I think that in some ways, My behavior sometimes resembles that of  Maria Von Trap. :o

6. I don't have carpets in my front room... I ripped them out, and now we have cement! :) :o ~ One of these days SOON we will get rich and get new flooring. (would that be considered "crazy?"  Oh well!)

7. I wanted to have somewhere between 8-12 kids when I was a kid. God in His wisdom gave me four. That used to bother me, but now I wouldn't trade my four, for any set of 12 any day! THEY ARE WONDERFUL! :D I am progressively realizing how totally, completely, and thoroughly blessed I am to have these four beautiful children! I am now SO content. :) I miss them so much! I call their father and tell him to hug them for me... constantly. And I remind him, "Don't just tell them I said to hug them... make sure they are getting those hugs!" I am absolutely hopelessly partial when it comes to my kids. I think they are 4 in a million and love them to pieces! :)

OK, that's it for now. And btw... if you started to read that last post Seven Things You Might Find Interesting About Me and were so bored that you didn't reach the end... AND IF I EVER COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG - You might want to go back and check out the end. I modified it. :)

I hope you have been having a happy and blessed Sabbath day! :D
Corine :D


  1. I love it! And I didn't even find it uninteresting. Hope you have a great week!!

  2. I on the other hand, have a weakness for dark chocolate. I'm trying the genealogy thing, I need to travel to get more info though and yes I found your training widget. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. I am now stocking you...scary.. I guess its ok because I am your husband. I thought your 7 uninteresting things were funny because with each item brought comical memories of you to mind. For instance I love to get you chocolate and wave it in your face and temp you with it; I find your journals interesting as its great to go back in time to see how I drove you nuts; You are so cute when you roller blade especially going backwards and seeing your cute butt wag back and forth, yum; Your cute when you bit your nails; Going on the zip line with your boys is awesome... You have always liked to play with kids, like when we were first married you would play cowboys and Indians with the kids in the neighborhood, I love this about you... I knew from this experience that you were going to be a great mother and I was right; I thought ripping the carpets out was a little to premature, but there is no saying no to Corie; And finally,,, actually I think the reason you did not have 12 kids was because your husband is big kid, ha, ha.

    Love you beautiful...!

  4. I stumbled upon this post and really liked it! Sometimes the quirky stuff about us really sets us apart!


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