Friday, June 10, 2011

Making Connections -

I have just had an AMAZING 3 weeks! I was SO BLESSED to be able to take care of my mom while sick... she has gone from critically ill... to on the road to better health than she has had for many years; I'm very excited! :D She has been so blessed!

I am also so excited to be reunited with my husband and children again. I'm home! :D It is early in the morning, my family is still asleep (I got home in the middle of the night) so I have no grand reunion to write about just yet. Now that I am home, I am anxious to go back to writing blog posts of my own again! :D But I just wanted to let you know I am home, and that for the next few days, I think I will look for a recent journal writing or two to post... that way, you all have something to read while I catch up on things here at home. :)

BTW - The trip home was amazing! In addition to the many friends I met while at mom's (Like Cliff and Peggy, Janna, and others who I met at church... as well as Bob who I met at the grocery store), I met so many other great people on the bus ride home. I am absolutely sold on riding the bus and train for the social aspects of it all!
A couple of people exchanged phone numbers with me at various stops... and one new friend is planing on sending me a friend request on FB (In case you didn't know, I just reactivated my FB account a couple of weeks ago). I got to help take care of a baby on that ride (so cute and cuddly!) and after I got off the bus, two of my "new friends" came to hug me good bye (I just love people like that! :D). Oh, and a man I hadn't even talked to told me I was the "nicest person on that bus." :) I reached out to shake his hand and thank him... and he responded "OMG - I will never wash this hand again!" I laughed so hard inside! :D

I just wanted to take a moment  to count my blessings and thank the Lord for blessing me to connect with these great people!  :D
See you all again soon!

Corine :D


  1. Love this! So glad you are home and that your mom is doing better and that you enjoyed yourself. I think it sounds wonderful!

  2. Hey Corine! I'm so glad you gave me your contact info. I had so much fun talking with you on the bus. We made a connection for sure. With a 'neighbor' like you, I could have endured a 100-hour bus ride! Thanks so much for being there. I'm sure your family is super excited that you are home, too. And you are definitely what the doctor ordered for your mom. Her recovery is thanks to YOU! You go, girl! And get on 'the grid'!


  3. Patty Ann - Thanks! :D ~ It has definitely been wonderful!

    Mike - Hi "neighbor!" :D It's so cool to see you here! Wasn't that bus ride a blast? I keep shaking my head in amazement over what a great group of people it consisted of. And I have to agree about the time. It went by FAST! Thanks so much for visiting with me even though I probably talked your ear off! LOL :D

    I don't think the 16 yo. boys are excited to see me. :( ~ YET! :D Back to order, routine, and eating real food! Maybe they will thank me when they are older. :)

    As far as mom goes... I'm totally "wowed!" We owe it all to the big man upstairs!!! I'm so happy that He chose me to be his helper! :D

    PS. *I'll work on that grid. ;)
    Corine :D


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