Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letting Go

Letting go can be one of the most painful and difficult experiences imaginable. And /orit can be the most freeing!

My son Levi and I were watching a video on You Tube taken from the movie Meet the Robinsons (A favorite of mine :) In this movie, an orphan boy longs for experiences that life will not afford him. But as he lets go of his desires for that which can not be… and of his troubles... life unfolds with blessings far greater than those he even longed for; blessings that he never could have experienced if those things which he previously wished for were realized.

Inspired by this video, Levi came up with this fine quote:
"There are many hardships in life. But once you get through them they become your blessings."
Watching this video and talking to Levi got me to thinking briefly about those "twists and turns of fate" which redraft the courses of our lives.

I think Maria Von Trap was also right about those experiences which seem to close the doors to our dreams when she said this...

"When one door closes, somewhere God opens a window."
And I would add to that... or another door.

I wonder how often God allows a door to close in our lives, anxious for us to go through a window or another door. I wonder how often we go through life unthankful for great blessings, compared to how often we recognize our blessings and rejoice.


  1. I had an 'aha! moment' today in regard to this same thing. Closed doors can be awesome sometimes, we just don't realize it until later. Or maybe we never realize it.

    You boy is very insightful.

  2. Hi, Gerb. :) Nice to see you!

    I too, really do wonder how many closed doors are blessings, without us ever realizing it.

    In regards to my son...yes, he is. He is quite a character, too. :) He called this "quote" his "famous quote" and said it will be written on his gravestone when he dies.

  3. I loved this, thank you for sharing it with me. And you can smile that you have such a wise son. Great name by the way. I love the names with meaning. I have a Seth and an Ephraim, Brigham and Hyrum. And a Rachel. This is a great post.

  4. Beautiful!!! Yes I think that some doors close so that other ones may open. Wonderfully stated!

  5. I am just getting through this letting go stuff as well... and I'm so grateful for all I've been through because it's made me more compassionate and grateful for everything that I am blessed with.

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing this on Keiths blog :)


  6. Optimist - Thank you for your encouraging comments, I really appreciate each and every one of them.

    Jacy - Hi, and nice to meet you :)

    I feel the same way. It is amazing the way blessings are packaged; even the things that look like just bad luck are often times blessings.

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your nice comment! :) I'm slowing down on blogging but you are always welcome back!

    Corine :D


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