Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lightening Thief - Life Thief

Miles and I went on a date last night and watched a movie called Lightening Thief.

(Photo taken from on line Regal Cinemas trailer advertisement)

And after all the fun rambling I did in my last post about breaking rules and being a "rebel" etc., a scene from this movie served as a clear reminder to me that rules and laws are actually, usually, a very good thing.

In the movie there was a scene in which the characters were at a Casino while on an important quest. However, while at the Casino they were offered an unlimited supply of very delicious flowers to munch on, which turned out to be drugged.

Consequently, they quickly began to feel quite good, and to lose all track of both time and even sense of purpose. In this new state they quickly forgot about their mission. Their minds were weakened and their senses dulled. All that seemed to matter was enjoying the moment.

One of the characters heard his father’s voice speaking to him in his heart and mind, telling him that he must “wake up” from the “trap” that he was in, which trap would cause him to not accomplish his mission.

The character heeded the voice and refused to indulge further in the lulling temptation that beset him, though offered it repeatedly afterwards. As a result of the drug, much time was lost and the mission was in jeopardy of being fulfilled by the critical deadline.

Though the movie showed the characters only being drugged, but not addicted, I couldn't help not thinking of both. I have known several individuals who have been trapped in some serious addictions. So as I watched, I thought of times in which I have witnessed individuals struggling to live with purpose … lulled into an apathetic and sometimes uncontrollable state of being… a trance of sorts in which they don’t seem to be able to focus on and enjoy the truly important experiences in their lives due to addictions completely consuming them.

In a way, drugs and other addictive substances and experiences are "Life Thieves."

Would that not ruin the desirability of it – even with the seemingly uncontrollable desire for it? How contradictory. How insane it would be to continue in it. And yet, how common a thing in this world in which we live.

I have been really blessed. I have never experienced even the slightest taste of any drug. I’m truly thankful for this; because judging from statistics, abstinence seems to be the only sure way to avoid becoming addicted to anything that tends to be addictive.

I desire to be free, in every way. And so I am quite thankful for the God given wisdom and law, of abstinence from all things addictive, and the wisdom and courage to resist them!

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  1. Very true! Sounds like an interesting movie--thanks for the rec.


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