Friday, March 23, 2012

How Am I Swiming? :o :D

This morning I was feeling pretty great. After all - I can swim now. (Insert image of me raising and eyebrow in a very proud and happy way :) I have been working on my goal to learn to swim in the month of March - and I'm succeeding! No - I still haven't signed up for swimming lessons. Yes - I still intend to (I only know one stroke ~ sort of... :o But hey, I can swim "to save my life" now! :D was content knowing that  I am no longer in the same league as the dog paddlers.:) (Aren't we proud? :o)

Then my husband came to the pool just as I was about to get out. His appointment was pushed forward (the appointment that determined how much time I had in the pool and consequently gave me MORE TIME). So I swam some more - with my wonderful dear husband watching. :)

He is so great! :D He came over to me and let me know that the other swimmers had their heads further in the water; and came up for air with their heads to the side and just barely took their mouths out of the water; their hips were floating, and their legs much straighter than mine; and when their arms came into the water they came down with energy and really scooped that water to make their bodies move through it at a faster rate. humph. He just thought I would want to know. I did. I mean, I did know. And I did want to know. Sigh...

Of course, he also told me I am WAY better than I used to be (yes - I was THAT BAD; Honestly, I'm totally tickled pink with my amazing progress! :D) And I REALLY, TRULY appreciated his observations (after the initial moments of wishing I swam like the other swimmers). I may just talk him into joining me and observing me regularly to help me know what I need to work on.

After the initial shock and sadness over the mental shift of comparing my swimming ONLY with my previous pathetic abilities a few weeks ago, to comparing myself with truly good swimmers, I can honestly say that I'm OK with being among the worst again. After all, I'm in a new league. I was once the worst of the worst. And now I'm the worst of the fairly good! :D

The psychological result? My goal was to swim for one month so I could get decent at it. NOW I want to get really good at it! :) This means I'm going to have to start doing other things besides swimming because the swimming isn't going to stop (though I may settle for weekly soon). People - you are going to see a major difference in me when I do the "mini" triathlon again (omg. I'm now cringing over "mini." I may have to up that goal as well. :o)

I think I may have created a monster.

PS. I got on my Daily Mile today to log in my swimming this week when I came across a video showing the training of a triathlete. I was "wowed." This gal works out between 12 and, what was it... 20 hours a week. Yeah. I've only been working out about 3/week. (yikes!) I think It's time to up it just a little... Maybe I'll work my way up to doing about half (or more) of what she does... :o LOL

PS. "You only live once. But if you work it right, once is enough."
Joe Lewis


  1. Congrats on learning how to swim!!! That's exciting! I need to learn that as well - I've been putting it off for years :)

  2. No one that is a mother and wife need to work out between 12-20 hours a week. That's crazy! I am excited for you. You make me want to go swim right now!!

  3. Kendra - I SO AGREE! How sad it is that so many moms go to the opposite extreme, though, of doing next to nothing to take care of themselves.

    When I was in college as a newly wed I took a weightlifting class just about every semester. When women in the class found out I was married (and still working to stay in shape - gasp!) they were shocked. Some flat out said that once they were married they wouldn't care to take the time to exercise. I had no idea so many people are that selfish AND FOOLISH. I want to be in shape for my husband; AND I want to be healthy for me. I can serve the lord and accomplish so much more good in the world if I am healthy and strong. I know YOU agree with me here as well, as you also work out. Often I exercise only 3 days a week. As much as I can though, I exercise 5-6 days a week, for a reasonable length of time (just started exercising daily again this week – yeah! :) Happy Exercising!

    Corine :D

  4. Optimist - Thanks! :D I'm totally on "cloud nine" over this! LOL I hope you get around to developing swimming skills as well and that you also get great satisfaction from the accomplishment. Good luck!


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