Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friends, I'd Like to Introduce You to a Couple of My Other Friends... :)

Hi Friends! :D

I know, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately! :o I figured out that I spread myself to thin with multiple blogs (can't keep three up) - so I ended up dropping the ball with them all. No worries, I'll be back! Only I will combine them all in one, creating a NEW blog, with new habits of consistency! :) It may not transpire in full until the new year, but it WILL happen! :)

For now though, I must share something with you all...

I have a dear friend named Teresa who has been through A LOT in her life and in a really rough spot. Her son, Garrett, is also a dear friend of the family's. We have been friends for as long as Garrett can remember. We are like family, and we love it! :) 

Garrett moved in with us a few weeks ago. 

We love having Garrett here with us! :D

Levi, and his "little brother," Garrett...
But his mother is having a hard time with it. 
She misses him...

He had a birthday here...

Teresa came to our house for her son's birthday!

Garrett is a really great kid and our family really loves having him here with us! But the reason he is with us is kind of sad...

I know times are tight for many... but I KNOW we can pull together to do this for Teresa and Garrett! :) 

You can be a part of this! If you would like to help out, please go to the following website  and make a donation. And, :D, THANK YOU! I really, truly, appreciate all that you do! :)

PS. Please remember me while I am absent from the blogging world. :) I hope you miss me like I miss you ;), and that you find me at my new blog soon!!!! :D 

Have a wonderful day and thanks a million for being a friend!

Corine :D


  1. Teresa and Garrett are most definitely amazing and I shall check out the website and make a donation :)

    1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! :D And feel free to "tweet" or FB! :)


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