Monday, July 13, 2015

Reflecting on Life and Celebrating it Near the End of Life


Mom had been REALLY struggling with her health in MAJOR ways. We were kind of teary eyed around here, and quite frankly, worried! (Especially as we had been told by a Hospice nurse to plan a funeral, and that most people in her current condition live about three weeks).

So on May 7th, when Mindy noticed that her grandma was suddenly thinking clearly off and on part of the day, and worried that it might be her last chance to have meaningful, coherent time wit her... Mindy and I decided to celebrate (both life and death) by having a party with momMindy even took off work to do it! It was fun, but I realized that we spent too much time preparing, and that what really matters ISN’T THE FOOD. It is TIME spent together reminiscing and just enjoying each other’s company.

I announced to mom that this party was in honor of her, and that we were celebrating HER LIFEand all the good we inherited and learned from her.

And then I told specific blessings that each of us (esp. Mindy) learned and inherited (talents) from mom. IT WAS AWESOME!

I spoke of Mindy being a clothes designer, seamstress (me too), singer (I sort of got it – just need to practice and heal the voice box), and some other things (writer, poet, etc. etc. She is so talented!!!)… 

We spoke of me being a pianist (and of my desire to start playing again)… 

And we spoke of our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel, and of how we learned to Love Him and serve Him by watching her. :)

I mentioned other things we inherited too, but I’m just so tired my mind didn’t remember them all! :o 

Good night.

Corine :D

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