Sunday, April 24, 2016

When Life does NOT Go As You Thought it Would

April 24, 2016 Sunday afternoon

Hi. :) I'm choosing to smile here! :D *sigh...

I have done some crying today. I'm going through a painful loss. It isn't even MY loss! (not entirely, but truly in part!) and I'm still feeling it! It is personal; sorry I won't be telling you what it is. But I will tell you this...

I am learning and coming to understand WHY people respond in a “less than amiable” way when loss comes... IT HURTS! And it feels like a world has just vanished, – and the one that exists in place of the one you THOUGHT existed now has to somehow be figured out/DISCOVERED from some mysterious unknown! And the world beneath one's feet can suddenly feel like it is unstable and crumbling!

As I seek comfort I remember that the Lord is over all. He is not the cause of all; we all use our free agency to make things happen. And others use theirs to change our lives as well. But when we love and serve Him with all our hearts – The Lord works to make everything work for our good. :)

I think we need to remember this when a friend or loved one is struggling and doing or saying things we don't agree with or understand... Maybe they are hurt and confused, and we won't always see things the same way. We all misunderstand, misjudge and believe and say things that may not be entirely best or true. We are, after all... JUST PEOPLE. But we are also HIS people. Children of God... sent here from Heaven. And if we can just look past the mistakes and into each other's hearts, we can find a way to treat each other with the love, forgiveness, and compassion that will help us all to heal... Through loving actions, without saying anything at all... we can be a friend who helps the ground become stable again.

I wrote on FB (during a peaceful moment among the roller coaster) “Feeling at peace. Even when it doesn't work out, it works out.” It really does. :) I need to keep reminding myself of these this. ;O

Church today was a great distraction from my pain! :) I'll tell you more about my distractions in my next post... ;)

Corine :D

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