Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Need of a Fun Family Night?

HI! :D

We had the funnest Family Night last night! Mindy wrote up a list of about 25 things to gather (post it note; paper clip; paper cup; condiments; plastic bag; rubber band; etc... ), another list of things to take photos of (a mother with 5 or more kids - we live in Idaho - not Utah :O - didn't get that one; someone blowing a bubble; an elderly person taking a pet for a walk {got that one, though the lady was in a wheel chair and the dog was on her lap}; out of state license plate....  and on and on.) And last of all, Mindy wrote up a short list of things to do:

Take a photo of someone in the group going down a slide,
(Oh look - it's me! :)

 ...and my personal favorite - Chinese Fire Drill! - I love that one!  :) 

(Taken through the front windshield of the car)

We split up in two groups (via the use of random drawing of little pieces of papers that said "truck" or "car") and went out on a Scavenger Hunt that lasted for about 45 minutes. There was a time limit, and both vehicles drove into the driveway one right after the other - though coming from opposite directions; it was kind of funny; yes, I am easily amused. Guilty! :). Both groups had only about 30 seconds to spare (great relief to us all - as we hoped we wouldn't be late and penalize ourselves giving the other team the advantage).

Here is a snap shot of one of the piles of "stuff" we gathered (minus the gum that we all chewed, and the tootsie pops that we gathered and ate :).

The best part - everyone participated and had a great time! The enthusiasm in Devry and Mindy (they were in my group) were contagious... much to Devry's dismay (he has a quiet enthusiasm, and was sure to politely remind me while in public a couple of times, "shh... mom, quiet!" He wanted no attention drawn to him - but played it well!

I tried to be good.
I only took one photo of the kids while in public. :D

I look forward to Dausen and Devry enthusiastically participating in activities with the church youth group. But for now - I revel in and thank God, - for the successes of the great social unit known as family. :)


  1. What a fun and creative FHE!!! You guys rock!

  2. That sound like a lot of fun! I'll have to remember it for when my munchkins are a little older. Thanks for a great idea!

  3. Thanks gals, and you're welcome. ;D It really was a blast. I hope you all have fun with it, too.


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