Monday, August 22, 2011

In God's Heart I Am???

I saw this video, at a blog that I just love, The Gypsy Mama. Along with the suggestion to write what I am in God's heart... The first thing that came to my mind is, 

a friend...
I think the words came in a form of comfort, because I often don't think I am a good enough friend to my friends (including family - my last post "What it means to Truly Love ~ Bridge the Gap" will explain some of why I feel this way). Being a friend is something that has always been very important to me. But life gets so busy, and sometimes feel like I don't do enough.

I told this to one of my friends a couple of days ago while we were running together. I couldn't say much, because she quickly and firmly stopped me in my tracks:
"That's NOT true!"
Hearing this tone from her really shocked me; she is so sweet! "It's not?" I asked... I found myself surprised again, to hear another firm and resolute answer that went something like this.;
"No. I think you are one of the most... ?? It is amazing the way you are there for your friends! You are always there for people I think you are very good at being a friend!"
I suppose that is why "a friend" came to mind. I really HOPE my friend is right; I hope that my Heavenly Father thinks so, too, and that if He doesn't yet... He will. Even with family who live miles away!


  1. Corrine, I love this today! It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. and I do think you are a marvelous friend!!

  2. Great! And it's so great for us to have friends who see us as we are so they can help us see it.

  3. I think this is wonderful. What would we be without our friends? Thank you for being such a good new friend to me!

  4. I wonder ... am I my Savior's friend? I hope I will be someday.

  5. Thanks Patty Ann! I think you are a marvelous friend, too! :) I REALLY do!

    Valerie - Amen! We are so hard on ourselves sometimes!!! Friends are indispensable sources of truth! :)

    Ginger, Thank you so much! I'm really very excited to have you for a friend! :D

    Laura, It is awesome that you should mention this. I didn't write anything in my blog about being a friend to Christ, but as I wrote this post I thought of the dual meaning of "a friend." I imagined Christ telling me that I am a friend to others, as well as to Him. I do consider Him a friend - the best friend I could ever ask for. And I know He considers you and I friends, too; because we are... we love Him! Thanks so much for your comment, friend. :)

  6. Friends truly define our lives...I can 'sense' that you are a true and loyal friend. Thanks for the great words today!

  7. I'm jumping on the "You are a great friend" bandwagon as well! Talk to the hand!

    Remember when we look in a mirror it does not reflect our soul, only the outer shell that is constantly needing improvement. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. Tracy - Wow... I love the way you put that ("define our lives"). I never thought of it quite like that before... And Tracy, your "senses" are right. ;) lol :D Thanks so much for the smile! You brighten my day!

    Jules, your comment just made me giggle with delight! :D Thanks, friend!


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