Sunday, August 14, 2011

My 'Happily Ever After'...

I have had some anxiety the past couple of days over a blog post or two that I wrote. I worry that they may be misunderstood. I hope they will be sources of encouragement - rather than of discouragement. I hope no one will compare their "NOT" Fairy-Tale like list to my "Fairy Tale" like list (Why is it that we sometimes tend to compare our worst with another person's BEST?). I hope people will remember that we all have things on our "Not" list which we appropriately keep concealed from public blogs. :o

And so, for those of you who have read either "My Fairy Tale Life" or the squeal to it...  "MY Fairy-Tale Life Part Two" I implore you... PLEASE read all of this post, and PLEASE do not get any false impressions... For a public blog, It is easy to add to the "Fairy-Tale like" list, and not so easy (or appropriate) to add certain things to the "NOT so Fairy-Tale like" list. One can accidentally make life look worse than it is, too. This just makes it easy to get a lopsided impression of a fellow bloggers life in the blogging world.

And so, I reiterate my point of those lists and that blog post here. I hope my point is taken well and understood, that for each gospel principle LIVED life is enhanced. And for each commandment not lived/broken (or disobeyed) hardship and pain result. But even when one makes all the right choices... there will still be some hardship and pain in life on the way to "happily ever after."

This is why the Lord leads and guides us through scripture, prophets, and the Holy Ghost... so we can know how to be happy... how to live... and as some might say, so we can know the path to take which will lead to our own "happily ever after."

Another very important note: Despite because of opposition, we can have happy lives. When we think of Fairy Tales, we sometimes think about and focus on the "happily ever after" so much... that we may forget that there was a great deal of opposition which had to be overcome to get to that "happily ever after." Think of any fairy tale, and you will realize that they all had to overcome some evil to get to their happily ever after! (Go ahead, insert a few of your own thoughts and memories of Fairy Tale stories into your mind now before continuing to read). No matter how bad the story started out, or what hardships the characters had to overcome, we still think of the story as a fairy tale, don't we? Why do we do that? do you think it might be because...  
A Fairy-Tale is a Fairy-Tale - not for lack of hardship - but because great hardship was overcome and followed by a "Happily Ever After!" :) 
And this "happily ever AFTER" is not possible - without FIRST experiencing opposition and hardship to overcome.

And so, I ask again, the same question I asked in the last blog post;

Do you think there any such thing 
as a Fairy-Tale life? ;)

After a bit of opposition in my life again lately, I am happy to reflect upon this further and I believe I have the answer; 
It all depends upon the ending 
which we create for ourselves! :)
With this in mind, I reiterate what I said in my blog post Living with Purpose:  

"And so I will continue to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, and LIVE - WITH PURPOSE each and every day of my life. :)" 

And by so doing, I continue to create MY OWN "Happily-Ever-After."

Corine  :D


  1. I so completely understand what you are saying here. Don't worry about your posts being misinterpreted. It is your blog and it is for you as much as anyone else. I try not to think about it so much or it will make me crazy.

    As far as the fairy tale life. I think you got it just right. I think we tend to forget that there are almost always tremendous struggles and trials before the happily ever after part comes. It's good for us to remember that. Great post!

  2. Thank you so much Ginger... I really appreciate your encouraging comment!!!

  3. Happily ever after depends on whether we are seeing with our eyes or our heart. You my friend look at things with your heart, it will always be happily ever after. Count your blessings :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Jules, this has to be one of the coolest perspectives ever! I've not thought of it that way... but I like it. :) Thanks for giving me something to aim for. ;)
    Corine :D

  5. Awesome, my friend. I always tell my kids that love is a verb, not a noun. We do create our happily ever after. Definitely!

  6. I remind myself of the same thing - regularly!

  7. Love it! To be fair, I live a fairy tale life... full of trials, challenges and adversity!


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