Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Secret of Keeping True Love - True Love Guide...

I recently read an article about rejuvenating date night for married couples. Since this is February (the month of LOVE) I decided to tell you about it.

Picture taken from the article I read from the Health section of the New York Times.  Click photo for the  article...
I liked it! :D  I was glad I read it and realized how important it is to keep doing new things together with my husband.

I like going on dates with Miles, and readily agree that even places I have once LOVED going to, eventually become boring if they become the "usual" / ordinary default. This article talked about the workings of the brain and why that happens. If interested in reading that article, just click on the photo above.

Keeping romance alive is important to me. I am a passionate person who needs some excitement in my life. I realize that passion and excitement ARE NOT the substance of a solid marriage and that there is a whole LOT more to "true love" (like trust, fidelity, friendship, forgiveness, commitment, kindness, ability to look for the good... charity). But I also think we should make the effort to add a little fun spice to marriage! :) And more than that, a touch (or more) of romance among all that deep abiding true love DOES help to keep that flame alive which once led to true love in the first place...

So, I'm really thankful that I read that article and was reminded to not keep doing the same old thing all the time on dates with my husband. I just KNOW doing a few NEW things here and then are really going to add some spice to this incredibly important and wonderful relationship! :)

Wishing to me, and to you... 
Happy Dating with the one and only "forever!"

Corine :D


  1. I agree that adding fun and excitement to any relationship is one of the keys to long-term happiness in that relationship.

    1. Steve, I love how in this comment of yours, you put "any relationship", (rather than " any marriage"). I was just thinking about how I need to add more variety and fun to our "family" activities as well. Thanks for your comment... :)

  2. Soo soo true. I am with you on all levels of this post


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