Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Blog - Finally! Maybe I Am Ready to Blog Again! :D

Hello... :) I know, it's been a while! Whew! I planned to start a new blog at the first of this year, and we are already a quarter into the year but oh well... better late than never! :D

Here's the link to my new blog...

www.MooreJoyful.Blogspot.com  - NOTE: The word More, is spelled with TWO O's (for the two o's in our family name: Moore).

The title is Moore Joy in the Journey. I figured I might write if I'm not trying to separate family life from joyful moments... makes sense, don't you think (especially since SO MANY joyful moments involve FAMILY? :O)

Anyhow, change is good. I hope to become a faithful blogger again. :)

Corine :D

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  1. Welcome Back! I am headed over to see your new blog NOW!! :)


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