Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Law of the Harvest - Prioritize...

I have several times mentioned in RS the concept and blessings that come from prioritizing life so that the things that matter most (the “rocks” – like scripture study, family prayer, FHE - and now I might add – keeping the Sabbath Day Holy) are the things we schedule into our lives and see to it that they happen, BEFORE the things which matter least (despite the lure of fun or other appeal from some things which matter less). I bore my testimony that when we make it a priority to first do the things which matter most; we find that there is still time enough for so many enjoyable things in life – (this is very important, since the opposite is not true; if given priority, less important things often keep us too busy for the things which matter most.)

I gained this testimony during a time in which I DID prioritize the activities in my life and how I spent my time. Unfortunately, one by one, some of the most important things began to lose place in my life, and I again find myself needing to prioritize my activities so I can live a productive and rewarding life..

The Law of the Harvest – we reap what we sow, and how much we reap depends upon how much we sow, and how early or late we sow (…in relationships, testimony, conversion, business, development of talents, in everything). No matter how late we start something… we need not ever be discouraged or give up. We will always be better off moving forward than standing still or falling backwards. And the Lord can do amazing things for those who work hard and don’t give up on their goals. J

With all goals, we must be PATIENT. We must act CONSISTENTLY. We must ENDURE to the end. If we want something LATER, we need to work for it NOW.

To plant a garden only takes a very little time; it can be done in one afternoon (the ground work can be done in a week); and to water and care for a garden takes only a few minutes each day or so. Yet the results at harvest time are huge. So much can flow from such small and consistent effort!

Life is also like this…

Big talents are created one small practice at a time. It is the accumulation of many small efforts that create a big accomplishment or change.

Relationships are formed by many small interactions – hugs; smiles; encouraging words; small acts of service; visits; letters; and phone calls; even a simple “poke” on Facebook to let someone know you are thinking of them…

Lush green lawns become that way from simply putting out the sprinkler consistently, along with a putting down seeds annually or so, and perhaps some weed killer 2-3 times each year… If one does nothing to a lawn the results could be quite horrific!

…so it is with leaving alone: children, talents, relationships, our bodies and spirits… No good comes of neglect; but a little nurturing goes a long way!

So... I’m reexamining my life today. Praying for insight and inspiration to see the big picture of what my Father in Heaven intends for me and my life. And setting goals to once again get back on track and consistent with the things that matter most…

Have a wonderful day!
Corine :D


  1. This is a wonderful post, Corine! That's exactly what I'm doing right now. School and work are demanding so much of my time that there is hardly any left and I try to divide it between myself and the people and things that have first priority. Unfortunately that means no blogging lately, but I will come back for sure - just like you :)
    Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to hear more from you. Thank you for your sweet comment last week!

  2. Thank you, Beate! :D I'm so happy that you liked the post and are also prioritizing your life and doing the things that matter most! :) It can be hard to not blog and talk to friends less on line, but if it means our family and greater goals get more of us - then so be it! :) ~ Knowing that more time to blog will come... I really look forward to reading more on your site and getting to know you better, and I'm certain that we can do that even while we both blog much less than we used to! I'm happy to think you agree, and thanks so much for YOUR comment! Have a lovely day and say hi to Keith for me!

    Corine :D

  3. Absolutely what I needed to read this morning.... thank you so much! (Yes, I'm back blogging--eek!)

    1. Oh my gosh! That's AWESOME!!! Laura, I miss my old "blogging friends" so much (you being one of them!). I have been so sporadic at blogging that I lost either my followers or my commenters. :( It is SO MUCH FUN to see fellow blogging friends! I PRAY to find a way to make more time for blogging again soon (writing more, reading is faster than writing - I was just about to write a post about this... Anyhow, I will certainly be reading your blog again! :)) Thanks for letting me know you're back! :D


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