Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Balancing Time

Dear Friends,

I MISS YOU! I miss socializing in general. Many years ago it was a natural part of life for me to talk to friends and family on the phone, write letters, visit friends and family etc... my life was surrounded by friends and loved ones. For some time now, it seems that each progressing year has left me busier and less connected with friends and family. I have sometimes felt like I lived in a little bubble of WORK which kept me from people.

I am SO THANKFUL for the work. All of it. But I feel I am missing out on something BIGGER. PEOPLE... I NEED PEOPLE in my life - more time with the people in my home, and more time with friends and family outside the walls of my home! I need connections. I need relationships. I need friends...

I read a quote this morning that I copied sometime ago from a book titled "The Emotion Code..."

Life is about having joy. It's about increasing our ability to give and receive love and it's about serving others, feeling grateful for all we have, and learning to create the life we want."

Giving and receiving LOVE.
Feeling grateful.

It's all about people...

I must find a way to make time to socialize and consistently serve others again!

I also read a journal entry that I wrote a couple years ago. It was wonderful and inspiring! :) And it came from the Lord, through me! :o

I wondered, only briefly, why I haven't been thinking and writing like that lately... why my journal writing is so brief, and my blog nearly empty; and then I quickly realized why. One consequence of being so busy working, is that with my over busy schedule, I haven't been making time to pray a lot, and to sit and ponder... THAT is when the Lord speaks to my heart and I learn and grow the most. THAT is when I have something worth sharing.

*I am AGAIN analyzing my life and how I spend my time. I'm PRAYING that the Lord will bless me to apply the principles mentioned in my previous blog post about prioritizing and BALANCE work, with people, and with personal time to meditate and grow. I also need to consistently exercise again. And I'm REALLY hoping and praying to reconnect with family and friends! It has been SO LONG. And the road back seems so far away. But I know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ, and I believe He wants these blessings for us all... including me.

PS. I just had an inspiration. :D "By small things are great things brought to pass." The Lord is reminding me that the steps to make BIG goals happen, are small and simple steps. This goal is not as far away as it seems. :) THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER! :D

Corine :D


  1. PS. I just remembered something... After I wrote that last post (The Law of the Harvest - Prioritize), I realized that years ago, I treated TIME FOR FRIENDS like a "ROCK" in my schedule. It has been a LONG TIME since I did that. The Lord is telling me to make that a rock/big priority again - to MAKE time for it again. I have much to juggle in my schedule, but I KNOW that as I ask the Lord for help with my schedule and listen to the counsel He inspires; I can do this! :) ...looking forward with faith - Corine :D

  2. I like this line "The Lord is reminding me that the steps to make BIG goals happen, are small and simple steps." great reminder

  3. Thanks, Cassi. I like it, too. It gives a whole lot of HOPE and COURAGE to keep the goals and just do something small (or two), consistently, to help make it happen... :)

  4. This idea striKes me tonight. Since moving to Michigan, I feel the void of friendships. Of course, Doc is my best friend and I think we've actually gotten a lot closer, but girls still need girlfriends to giggle and mourn with. Do tell how your efforts at making time go.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Laura! :D I'm sorry you also feel that void of friendships... Thank God for husbands! :D Mine is my best friend, too. I think that makes it so much easier. I am reminded now of widows and of how lonely they can be. WOW. It makes me want to make time for them! I will let you know how things go; let me know how things go for you as well. This morning I prayed for help with creating a schedule to help me MAKE TIME for people.. I can see why I have been cut off from the world with this full schedule! But now I have a plan to consistently take a little time for others. I'm excited! :D

  5. Balance can be such a struggle, can't it? I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and reconnected with me. It's cool to see that you are still active and happy!

    1. YES! Thank you for your comment - for reconnecting with me as well! :) I'm still working on getting better with my time, but making progress! :D I am reaching out to others a little more... exercising a little more... :) All in good time! :) Corine


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