Monday, March 16, 2015

The Current Transition...

Hi! :D

Well, mom has been here for nearly two weeks now. I have to tell you about this amazing! And the first thing that comes to mind to explain this new big change is an analogy of having a baby…

Have you ever had a baby? :)

Do you remember the anticipation?

You were excited and happy for the new addition. You knew your life would suddenly change – drastically! You thought of the changes and sacrifices to be made, and though you were excited for the joys of it all… you also hoped the adjustment won’t be too challenging. And you probably prepared as well as you could with freezer meals, purchasing a few necessities in advance… and maybe preparing a room and getting ahead with cleaning house etc. (nesting! )

If you haven’t experienced it yet, I’ll tell you what happens next…

You bring that baby home.

And somehow it all feels so natural.

You look at that baby and it feels like part of you and of your home and family... like it belongs.

It is as if it always was. …as if a piece of you has always had that baby and you can’t stand the thought of life without it!

This is what the transition of suddenly having mom here in my home with me has felt like.

It feels SO totally and completely, 100% natural and RIGHT. We are all SO HAPPY THAT SHE IS HERE (mom included! :o)! :D

Life has changed DRASTICALLY; Not only for myself but for the entire family. My schedule and list of activities have changed a lot. Miles and the kids are “on call” 24/7. Each and every one of them is consistently supportive …helping me at a moments notice when ever needed. What a wonderful family! :D I feel so blessed and am SO PLEASED and SO THANKFUL for each one of them!

And so I count my blessings continually. Thanking the Lord for my mom and our supportive family. For the peace that He gives that this decision is GOOD. That my sweet mother doesn’t have to live in a Nursing Home. …that she can be surrounded daily by loving family and eat nutritious home cooked meals. SO FILLED WITH GRATTITUDE AND JOY! :)

Corine :D


  1. Your mother is so blessed to be able to be with you all and I'm sure it will teach everyone in the home many new things. I know it is a lot of work, but I'm sure you will be blessed.

    1. Thank you, Valerie! :D It is certainly a blessing for us all! I'm so happy that my kids are blessed with regular opportunities to serve and to love now! :D <3


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