Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Value of a Life ~

Things have been quite up and down for mom. We were actually told by a nurse, about two or three weeks ago, that most people who are just where she was at that point only live about three weeks. A few days later, though, she perked up like a dry flower given water! :) She is doing SO MUCH BETTER! At that time her medication prescription was also greatly reduced, and her mind is working MUCH more clearly now. :) Her appetite has also returned some (though still diminished), and I'm certain her life has been lengthened... Despite the fact that her liver is still failing, mama's health and quality of life are actually improving again!!!! :) And I've just got to tell you.., I LOVE having mama live with me!!! :D

Aside from physical diseases and challenges.. being bedridden with only one arm that she has limited use of... and difficulty breathing ... mama has had to deal with internal struggles of depression. These things are very real and very challenging. At times, I have sat at her bedside, praying for the words to help her to see the value in her life... telling her what  blessing she is to our family, and reminding her of how all that we go through works for our experience and good. I was blessed to comfort her at times, but sad to see the need for comfort repeatedly return. To my great delight, the past few days she has been waking with a smile on her face and announcing to me with great joy that she is HAPPY. :) Her attitude about life has taken a beautiful turn for the better.. "I am learning SO MUCH from the things I am suffering, and feel blessed that I get to learn these things NOW, while I am here on Earth. It makes me feel like my life has a purpose again."

WOW! :D How inspiring, mom!!!! :D

Tonight, she struggles to breath again, and asks the family to pray for her again. I am inspired by her striving to live life to the end, and to endure well. I pray that we accomplish all that we should before she says good bye. I pray for this earnestly, now...

I think that perhaps I will share part of a journal entry of mine with you, written at the end of a tough day for mama a couple of weeks ago, as it has to do with finding joy in life, despite circumstances which are less than ideal...

"Mama’s life IS of great value. She is doing a great work in that bed each day. And I told her so tonight, as she told me of how her life feels so void of happiness. I told her that I pray that she will come to know of the great good that she does in that bed each day… to see the growth in herself and in others. And to realize and find joy in knowing that God has a purpose for her life, and her life IS of great value.. for what it is making her into in the next life; as well as for how it blesses those around her to learn and grow."

I'm so thankful that she is making progress in discovering this for herself, and again coming to remember, now and then, that her life IS of value, ALWAYS... As she realizes the purpose in her life she is empowered with happiness. 

This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about This is why we were created... so we can be happy. And to do so, we need experiences of sorrow so we can know joy and appreciate it.

Life IS of value ALWAYS. 
Corine :D

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