Sunday, April 19, 2015

MY Life - Today -

Hi! :D

I have NO IDEA what I am about to write today! :o

I only know that it is time to write. :D
At this time in my life I am a bit spread thin.
At this time in my life I have...
  • my own business, with my husband, cleaning, selling stuff, and doing paperwork etc. etc. etc.
  • a daughter who is preparing to serve a full time mission
  • a son who is barely 17 and homeschooling... 
    • who only has one year left with which to get into gear and pour himself into the scouting program and hopefully learn more and earn the Eagle award
    • who has only one year left to finish high school and be ready for mission and college
  • a son who is 20 and in need of help discovering a path to further education and secure a future career... in addition to preparations in other aspects of life
  • another son of the same age, with similar needs, who moved out of the home many months ago and whom I love and miss dearly and wish I had more frequent interactions with among my busy life (each interaction with him is such a sweet treasure!)
  • a mother who lives with me now, who is confined to her bed, and depends upon me for all her needs, including her social life... I am so thankful that she can be here with me and not have to be in a nursing home!!!
  • a husband, who is a Sea Cat leader, and who misses my activity as his active female Sea Scout leader, but is very understanding of my inability to make it to every activity
  • currently and temporarily, I also have a  throat infection... so am home from church today with no agenda at the moment, which is why I actually found time to write this! :) 
I also have...
  • PEACE - that I am where I am for a reason... knowing I am choosing the paths the Lord is placing before me and doing what the Lord wants me to do...
  • GRATITUDE - for my family... who are so supportive and loving, and who help me so much with the huge commitments that the Lord desires me to undertake. I am SO THANKFUL for their loving support!
  • JOY - knowing that my children LOVE each other, and are such great friends. 
    • Joyful for the peaceful home that we have. 
    • Joyful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my home. 
    • Joyful that my family is finally gathering each day and reading the words of God together again (we do this off and on -:o). 
    • Joyful to hear my mother regularly ask questions like, "Who do I hear, laughing and talking in the other room?" (She is continually surprised to hear my kids socialize with each other, with such laughter and joy that one would think they have guests over... only to consistently rediscover that they are, again, simply enjoying each other.) Which brings her to statements like, "I never saw siblings love each other as much as yours do." I love hearing that sentence repeated from her lips!
I have a great many blessings to be thankful for..
I LOVE My kids! - August 9, 2014

I LOVE Our Family!!! :D - August 9, 2014

The following photos are of Mindy and Levi dressing up to show off their costumes to grandma... :)

  • Good health, of both body and mind
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ 
  • A forever family. 
  • A husband who loves me
  • Children who love me and who love each other 
  • A home
  • A garden
  • Fruit trees 
  • A good life in a free country! :D 
  • Friends who support my income, by providing me with work! I do not take this for granted... Sometimes I wonder if I am hired, not for what I can do for them, but rather, for what they can do for me! I have a very strong belief, that the Lord has sent me my business, through loving friends, and I PRAY that my services bless them as greatly!
  • A home in a very beautiful part of the world - with many wonderful outdoor places nearby to enjoy with my family
  • The list of blessings is never ending! :)
It is time to wind this up. Enough talk for now...
Hugs to you all!
Corine :D

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  1. I'm glad you are seeing the blessings in your life. I hope you feel better soon and can do all the busy stuff you have to do every day. Hopefully there is someone from the ward who goes to visit your mother occasionally. In our ward we have a home-bound sister and a group of ladies from the Relief Society (different sisters sign up each month) goes to share a message with her once a month in addition to her visiting teachers visiting at least once a month. I can imagine that she would like interaction with others in addition to her loving family and maybe it would help you too. Maybe they are already organizing that. I know she hasn't been there long.


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