Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just a Little News, From Before June 7th - Closer to Current! Getting Closer! ;o

Hi! :) I have been a terribly inconsistent blogger (I know, nothing new as of the last couple years! :o). I have some catching up to do... My mom moved in with me the last day of February, and being consigned to a bed, my job as care taker was consistent. Oh how BLESSED I was to be able to do it! Mama passed away, and now that the funeral is behind me, I am TRYING to get back into the swing of a new life! (I DO still need to go through her belongings though, and give the bedroom up to the kids! :o). 

Anyhow... I love my mom SO MUCH, and can not begin to tell you how THANKFUL I am that I got to have her here with me! :) Nevertheless, time was VERY LIMITED. So much has happened that I could not make time to write about! (Or I wrote in my personal journal about but failed to share it here). So I decided to post a journal entry to get started on "catching up" ;o After that, I'm going to write about my mom some more! ;o You can read it or not, but I just really need to pay tribute to that great woman who gave me life. :) Talk to you again soon. Corine :D


"So much GOOD has gone on around here!!!! :D

Devry has been visiting our family again and is now talking about staying for a while – yeah and wow! WE LOVE HAVING HIM HERE! :D He has gotten his brothers on an exercise program and helped them to improve their eating habits. He has grown in so many ways since he moved out 10 months ago and it is so great to see how well he is progressing and maturing. I love that he is still the same helpful person he always was… taking care of friends and family when sad or in need of any kind of emotional support. Mom (aka. Grandma) also now calls on Devry regularly when she needs assistance. What a sweet young man he is! :) By the way, Devry is also helping Mindy with an exercise program that she can use while on her mission... :D I love that kid!!! :D
Speaking of which... Mindy got her mission call!!!! :D

~ Mindy will be serving the people of Tokyo Japan! :D ~

Mindy loves the people there, and I am SO HAPPY FOR her to get to go and serve the Lord and his children there!!! :D She sent for her passport and eagerly awaited the day when she would hold it in her hands. And how fast it came!!! Every day she prepares for her mission in several ways from one of her lists of things to do to prepare for her mission. What fun to watch! :)
And even better than going on a mission, Mindy has done something even bigger… she has gone to the temple of the Lord and made sacred covenants with the Lord there. This is a very big step in one’s spiritual progression. :)

Miles and I are SO pleased that Mindy has prepared herself spiritually for this big step in her life! We went with her when she made her covenants, and what a great experience it was! :D 

With our girl in front of the Spokane Temple :)

A couple missionaries who have been friends of our family were also there with us… Elders Keppner and Molder - Both served in our ward at different times and became great friends of the family, and are now companions together in Spokane! How cool is that? :D It was SO GREAT to have them there with us! :D  

GOOD STUFF going on over here... GOOD STUFF!!! :)

Dausen and Levi are also doing very well… I still call on Dausen regularly to help me care for mama – and Levi regularly volunteers as well. Levi is also busy with Sea Scouts, and just took part in a community service event, in which he took people out sailing for free all day long at the Coeur d’Alene beach all day Saturday. It is so great the way he serves in the community so much! All the kids help out with grandma as well, and are so blessed to be able to have her here in our home with us.

Speaking of which… This past week has been FABULOUS for mom! :D She is now on a solid nutritional supplement program which has replaced medications that were giving her problems. It is ABSOLUTELY MIRACULOUS to see the improvements that have come as a result of these changes! There was quite a bit of stress and sadness preceding the changes (while she was on the drugs she had hallucinations, depression, anxiety, memory loss, and downright craziness!); but now that the changes have been made she is so happy about her new improved mental and physical health!!! :D And I am so happy for her! God has truly blessed mom with a drastic improvement in quality of life and we are constantly praising Him for making these changes possible! :D

This writing is getting long, but I must tell one more important thing…
Three of my 7 siblings were able to come visit our family this past weekend! :D …Eli, Carolyn, and Nathan. They were not all here at the same time, but what a wonderful thing it was to have them here!!! J I am SO THANKFUL for my relationship with each one of them! I love my family so much and am so thankful for their love and support. :D
Thank you, family!!! :D I love you!!!! :D

LOL - Goofy faces! Even mom did it! :D FUN! :D (Nate's idea... I blame Nate! ;o) 

I don't know what I did with the current photos of  mom with Eli and his family. Here is one from years ago! :D

One more thing before I wrap this up… Levi is writing a FABULOUS book, and has two new chapters to read to mom (grandma), Mindy, and I. We love his book! What a highlight it is in our life to watch his amazing book unfold! :D We’ll let you know when he finishes writing and get’s it published for all to read."

Well, that's the end of my June 7th Journal entry. It tells a bit of what went on around her lately. ;)
Can't wait to tell you more!!! BE BACK SOON! :D

Take care; talk to you all soon; and love you all!
Corine :D


  1. I don't get to blog very often anymore and read blogs even less often. I just learned about your mother and I'm very sorry. I'm glad you got to spend time together, but that also must leave an even bigger void now. But I'm excited for Mindy's Japan mission. My son is in the Sendai mission, north of that, and LOVES it, everything about it. Well, I'm sure he'd like to actually see a baptism, since those are really, really rare there. One of my son's friends from our ward is in the Tokyo mission and he loves it and gets to go to the Tokyo temple sometimes (unlike my son).

    1. Hi Valerie. :) I haven't blogged much in at least a year (or much longer), either. I do see you and your son on your blog when I do get on, though... and on the Japan FB page sometimes! :D I'm so happy for him! :D And Mindy. She is having so many wonderful experiences in the MTC. :) It won't be long until she is in Japan! :D As for my mom... I THANK the Lord that she was here, and that He has filled that void. She is not gone, just serving a mission like Mindy is. Only it is in the land of the Spirits. :D That eternal perspective makes it SO MUCH EASIER! Do you realize how BLESSED we are to have that? I love Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ SO MUCH! :) And the Holy Spirit, too. :D They make everything OK!


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