Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gary Go - Wonderful

I've been playing this song a lot lately and just thought I would share it. :D There are times we all go through when we know we need to be doing better... when maybe we have regressed in one or more areas... (you know it happens to us ALL; a few steps forward, then two steps back). This song reminds me that though I sometimes step backwards and have changes that I need to make in my life, I, like you, am still OK (make that... wonderful! ;)

I think we all need to be reminded of this from time to time. 
~ I hope you Enjoy this as much as I do!

PS (Listen to it a few times... it seriously grows on you! ;)


  1. I do like that...thanks for your comments! :)

  2. Corine,

    Thank you for that video and your WONDERFUL commentary. I loved it! :-)

    ~Rachel at OFM

  3. Jocelyn - You're welcome. :)

    Jason - I love that song too; and I have you to thank for introducing it to me. ;)

    Mama Rachel - You're so welcome! I'm glad I could introduce you to it; someone else did the same favor for me some time ago. :D


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