Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labels and Packaging...

I saw a glimpse of a movie last night in which a masked man was asked to take off his mask to show his true identity and responded with "No. The face behind this mask is not me." He continued on with a list of what else he was not... but said that it was the ideas he represented that made him who he was.

This, coupled with a blog I read (thank you Patty Ann! ;), got me to thinking about the packages we all come in, and the labels we are given based on various sets of criteria: statuses, reputations financial stability, body size and shape, etc., and of how the things that stand out so boldly... are simply the outer packaging which hold the true person within. Too many people live life as if the package the product. They forget that it isn't until you really get to know a person and what is in their heart that you get to open up that package of reputation and appearance and see them for who they really are.

The blog that I mentioned above (which inspired me to sit down and write this) talked about packages we receive in the mail, and about how the size of the package and the degree to which it is adorned has nothing to do with the real value of the real treasure inside of the package. I thought about how people are like that. We all come in packages that completely cover our true identities. On the outside we could be plain, simple, and small, or we could be glamorous, prestigious, famous, beautiful, etc. But all of that does not tell what a person is truly like. Buried underneath all of that is the true gift/person waiting to be discovered, appreciated, loved and enjoyed.

Our lives are like that. In a way, we often don't even see ourselves for who we really are; sometimes we don't see our true selves any more clearly than anyone else does. Sometimes we get so caught up in the package and labels that we forget to even look inside. If we could only see our own true potential, and what we already are within ourselves... I think we would astound ourselves.

How valuable the merchandise really is beneath all the packaging; and how insignificant are the labels.

And what are the labels? They are different things to different people. It is whatever a person focuses on and notices. For some, it is a level of hierarchy - a status symbol among men. For various people it could be any of the following: degree of spirituality or wisdom; physical stature and beauty; a talented or untalented person; rich or poor; young or old; smart or stupid; drunk or sober; happy or sad; good or bad; a child of a drug addict or child of stable and sound parents; bond or free... the possibilities are endless. The label could be anything at all to any one of us depending upon our perspective and focus, on what it is we are looking to see.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all learn to see both ourselves, and others as the beautiful people that our Father in Heaven created us to be. This is one of the fabulous traits of a person who is blessed with the gift of discernment. They can see people for who they really are and not be blinded by appearances; they can see the best part of a person - even underneath all the outward and sometimes very misleading packaging. This is my hope for myself and for every person... that we can all learn to see the good in each other not be deceived by the outer packages that the world wraps us up in.

I also hope that when others see us in a way that is not encouraging or true, that we will remember that these labels are only packages, and that we can break ourselves free from the packaging and labels that would bind us down if we believed them. WE CAN show the world and more importantly... ourselves... the beautiful person inside just waiting to come out.

I hope that we will remember that we are created by a loving Father in Heaven who wants the best for each and every one of us and makes great things possible for us all. He loves us all and has made us all capable of wonderful beautiful things.

Find the courage within you to tear free from the negatives labels and chains.

You were created to do and be wonderful things; so if anything is dragging you down... get up and show the world what you are made of. If there are people who doubt your abilities or true divine nature, prove those doubters wrong! Get up and "Rise and Shine!" for all the world to see the great work that God created when He made you.

Corine ;D

PS You are wonderful...

Here it is, another day, this post has already been seen; but I just found another video that I have to add; but I'll just add the link this time.

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  1. You did a great job on this one Corine. I like to remember when I am looking at other people, that it would be so nice to see them the way their Father in Heaven sees them. To see who they are through His eyes. Or, as Mother Theresa so aptly put it, "If you judge people, you have no time to love them".

  2. This was a wonderful piece Corine. It has so many true aspects that most folks never ponder, thus the habit of applying labels.

    Great job :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. Patty Ann and Jules - Thanks! :D And BTY - I added a video at the end of the post. :O ~ If you didn't see it, you might want to check it out! :D

  4. I am not simply a package or a bunch of labels, I am so much more, "I am wonderful." I know you Corine and know the great articles you write on this blog come from the true feeling of your hart, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

  5. How cool -- I just wrote about this a little while ago ... see we are kindred spirits :)


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