Friday, March 19, 2010

Rise and Shine!

I wrote this on September 29th of 2009. I read it recently and decided that it is worth re-posting. Though I'll admit I hesitate, because I think I have posted too much about challenges, verses the enjoyments in life. I hope I don't give the impression that life for me is all work and no play- nothing but an up hill climb; it isn't. I will try to post more about the fun along the way as well as the "ah ha!" moments... but for today, I hope someone enjoys this. ;)

A lot has been going on in my mind in the past couple of days; I am so happy! Last week I had some really hard days. I even had some really hard experiences yesterday; but you know what... I still feel so good! :D

Something is changing in my mind. I am thinking different than I ever have before. I used to think I saw the glass half full - now I think I didn't. I now see that I actually saw the glass half empty, but thought I saw the glass half full because I wanted to so badly.

Thankfully, out of that desire to see the world in a positive light, I think I am finally truly learning to see the glass half full.

I am learning to not stress about things not going the way I planned, about the kids not behaving the way I would like them to, about myself needing to improve in so many ways, about seeing daily, things that need to be changed and improved in the home schooling program and in other areas.

Though these things used to overwhelm me, suddenly, they don’t. After all, that is why we all came to Earth. As a famous citation makes clear; the frictions of life are what polish us from rough stones into shinny, beautiful pearls.

This is what life on Earth is all about.

It doesn't mean that I am failing if I fall flat on my face over-reacting or have an anxiety attack now and then (LOL- lovely picture isn't it?).

I am only failing if I fail to try.

I need to relax, do my best, and then let God take over.

We all make mistakes. We all get overwhelmed.

We all go through times when we sit in the darkness of despair.

Thankfully, God grants to each of us - every 24 hours - a new day in which to wake up from the darkness of yesterday, and start a new day with the warmth and faith of sunlight and a fresh clean slate. Like mom would say as she woke me up as a child;

“Rise and Shine!”

I have just begun to tell myself this same thing after difficult life struggles.

“Wake up from the darkness of negativity and sadness! Rise and shine! Today is a new day; think positively and have faith!"

I am so thankful for mornings! :D

PS. I have since learned, that sometimes "rising and shining" involves recognizing that some challenges, some pains, some struggles, - are too big for us - and then puting them out of mind and through prayer, turning them over to Christ; thankfully, nothing is too big for Him. :)

(Photo from Google images... Thanks Google! ;)


  1. ok...the half glass empty is totally me...but i honestly don't know how to really change that. i have learned to relax...a ton....and enjoy the journey...mostly....but can i just tell you? that quote about waking up in the morning and causing Satan to shudder and exclaim "Crab-Apples" is, shall I say, PERFECT?! :) very good post. i needed these thoughts today :)

  2. PMC - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT - I'm glad you liked coming here today. :) Your comment has me smiling from ear to ear... We're all in this together! I think we understand each other without even knowing it. ;)

    It's nice to know that even when you sometimes struggle with enjoying life as much as you think you should... even with the glass half empty... even with still more room to learn to relax and enjoy the journey... at least you're doing your best to live it right! I KNOW that I have a DARN GOOD life, because of it! :D

    I think we just need to remember that we came here to mess up and learn - and all our mistakes don't make us bad or failures - they just make us smarter and better. If we can focus on our improvements and on all that is right and not be too idealistic... then we can see the glass half full instead of half empty.

    Good luck on your journey! And PLEASE feel free to COME BACK often! ;) - I really sincerely enjoyed your comment! :)

  3. Hey girl!!!
    A friend of mine gave me a gift the other day.
    "How to hug a teenage porcupine" by John Lund. It is so good. It has helped me so much in the child category. You are such a positive person. I love to hear your stories and the articles you write. Keep it up it is helping people more then you know it. I hope things are getting better. call me sweetie.

  4. Jo - Thank you so much! You're a sweetie! :)

    I'll have to check out the "How to Hug a Porcupine." I'll call soon...

  5. Great thoughts, Corine. What a seriously great goal. I am going to try to be a rise and shiner from now on!

  6. Great post reminded me of a children's song I used to sing as a kid called Rise and Shine. : ) I found it on Youtube for your listening enjoyment:

  7. April - Hi! :) I'm glad you liked the post. And, thank you for the song; what a sweet thing of yoo to do! :)


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