Sunday, March 28, 2010

Levi's Recent Milestones

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be.

~Robert Munsch
Hi! :) Like every happy mom, I have reason to celebrate now and then as I watch my kids reach milestones in their lives. I have decided to start writing about the milestones each of my kids make as a way of celebrating and building memories. So, with so many milestones that Levi has reached this month... his are the first I will blog about. :)

P.S. I wrote this last Sunday, but was waiting to post as I tried to get a hold photos that a friend of mine took of Levi and his friend at the baptism; It never happened... So I decided to take a photo of him in his white shirt and tie today after church. But I forgot! LOL Oh well! :)

December 2009 - Just 3 months ago... almost 12

First, Levi turned 12 years old. Our family was busy setting up for a business show - so were unable to celebrate (we still plan to celebrate  - and celebrate BIG - as soon as the schedule permits!).

BTY - For any who do not know... in the church we attend, 12 is a significant age. At this age children move out of Primary and into the youth group. There are new responsibilities added into their lives; there are more opportunities to serve. They are then no longer in the group called "children," as they advance into the group of "young women" or "young men." Life can change a great deal when turning 12.

Next, a friend of his who was about to be baptized called and asked Levi to speak at his baptism (the day we had talked about celebrating his birthday - and with only a 2 day notice). I watched and listened to him as he took the phone call. Without hesitation, Levi immediately accepted the assignment. There was nothing negative stated about not wanting to do it, or "why me" - just total willingness to speak at his friend's baptism. I'll admit, I was a little surprised. HE IS ONLY 12!  Is this customary? I think it is done, but not frequently (at least around here). I am so thankful that Levi was blessed to have this opportunity to stretch his comfort zone and serve. He is so blessed.

Levi did a great job of both preparing and presenting. The talk was short, but well written and presented with a smile. He also kept his eyes on the audience as he glanced at his written talk. I was SO impressed. I knew he was gifted in particular ways to bless him as a speaker, but I didn't know he was so debonair! Well - for a 12 year old. :)

When he sat down, he told me he was "so nervous." Interesting. The bishop sat beside me and whispered the question "is he nervous?" a few minutes before. I told the bishop I didn't know. He hid it well. I was amazed.

Next, Levi was interviewed and found ready and worthy to be ordained a Deacon. I am so happy to have another worthy Priesthood holder in my home.

And today, Levi passed the sacrament at church for the first time! (BTY - Speaking of today, His father and I spoke in sacrament. I too, was so nervous! Miles did a great job... as usual :)

There are specific things these priesthood holders (young and old alike :) do to serve the members of the church and the community. I am so thankful each time I see the men in my home serving in their Priesthood callings. They are always there to serve in event of a crisis in the community (like when a house nearby burnt down). They are always there to set up or take down chairs at church every Sunday or after activities during the week; to pray for or bless those in need; and as of today, to prepare or pass the sacrament as well.

I think it would be easy for a young man to take this milestone of receiving the Priesthood for granted - to not realize the importance and blessing of their calling. And yet, some know - really know who they are and realize that they are witnesses of Christ; thus, they are great examples of followers of Christ. I think it takes time for most boys to come to this... but to do so at any age is an accomplishment to celebrate.

I am so impressed with each and every man (again, young and old alike :) who magnifies his Priesthood calling and strives to serve as a follower of Jesus Christ.

And now - Levi, though he has been preparing for this and doing much service already - is one of these men (one of the "young men" :) who magnify their callings. He has shown by his willing conduct that he takes being a follower of Jesus Christ seriously.

I must mention that I am also so pleased with Devry and Dausen, as well as of Levi. They participate to the best of their ability, and far more than is evident to others. I am so pleased with their progress, and with all of their efforts; and I know their Father in Heaven is also pleased with them.

Though I cannot take any credit for how great Levi and his brothers are turning out, nothing could make me happier! :D In my daily prayers, I thank my Heavenly Father, for blessing our family by sending these faithful young men to our home.

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