Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nellie and Nancy Oleson... Deprived of Struggles and Failures

Hi. :) I haven't been here for a while. Life has kept me away for a couple of weeks, but I am back to writing. I plan to write and read other blogs, about once a week (time will tell).

I don't know what I will say tonight - only that I need to write. I read a blog earlier today that reminded me of something I had written months ago. This got me to go back and look at it again. Actually, it got me to looking at a couple of my old writings - ones that I think are worth posting again for those who didn't get to see them before, or just as a celebration of how great life really is.

Life is so filled with up's and down's - challenges and struggles - successes and failures (or seeming failures) - and though we would never wish struggles or failures upon ourselves or others, the truth is that they are what make life SO GREAT!

When my kids were little I recall pointing out to them how unhappy Nellie and Nancy Oleson were in the Little House on the Prairie series, compared to Laura and Mary Ingalls.

It was obvious (even to the kids) that having life go just right - getting everything those girls wanted - having a mother who lived to eliminate every struggle that she possibly could from their lives - was precisely what made them miserable.

These girls never had anything to look forward to. They had no struggles to conquer and feel good about overcoming. They had no going without to help them to appreciate all that they had.

And it isn't just about things/stuff. It is about having goals. It’s about having accomplishments, struggles to overcome, weaknesses to turn into strengths etc. The only happiness those girls had, came from the struggles which their mother could not take away from them.

As I reflect upon my life now - I feel good about it. I am happy with it. Though my life is filled with up's and down's and "BLOND MOMENTS" which I must have a sense of humor and some humility to be able to admit - I love it. And, I think all the struggles and weaknesses and mistakes are a big part of what cause me to feel so accomplished, and to love my life.

So, to celebrate how good I feel right now, I might re-post a couple of writings that I had up on an old blog that I removed a few months ago, as well as a couple of writings that I never did publicize before. Perhaps I will post one each day for a couple of days. And somewhere among them, I will post a blog about how I spent my birthday last week. ;)

Meanwhile... I hope that life's failures and struggles and the conquering of them leave you feeling rather good, too.

PS Life is a climb; but the view is great! ;) (And I happen to be of the opinion that the climbing feels great, too!)

"Yesterday's failures are today's seeds
that must be diligently planted to be
able to abundantly harvest
tomorrow's successes."

- Author Unknown


  1. Corine, So much truth in this post. I particularly like the example of the Ingals girls and the joy they got out of accomplishing tasks vs Nellie's attitude from living a privileged life. I'm off to put my kids to work!

    Great post & I'm looking forward to some of your reposts!

  2. Hi! :) Thank you, Natalie!! It just makes my day when I get a comment! :) I hope you enjoy the reposts! :D And, have fun work'in them kids! ;D

    PS Isn't Little House on the Prairie great?


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