Sunday, March 28, 2010

Normal Verses Abnormal...

Why is it that I worry? I think I have a nervous disorder or something. :O This just can't be normal, to fret and worry about everything... even with a life as abnormal as mine is. Maybe it is normal. Maybe, it is normal for all of us to see our own lives as abnormal, even though abnormality is actually normal!  LOL  :)

You have no idea how much comfort I find when I am feeling abnormally stressed, or abnormally poor, or abnormally inadequate... and then I look over at my very normal son, Levi, and feel like the Lord is saying...

"There you go, Corine; there's the normalcy in your life. Enjoy!"

But it doesn't stop there. Just when I think I can't stand to have one more "abnormal" thing in my life, and I find myself reveling in the smidgen of normalcy that seems to exist... I find that the "normal" bar is raised so high it becomes again, abnormal. :) 

Like tonight... Tonight Levi quietly pulled me aside and informed me that we needed to talk. It took some doing, because his curious brother, Dausen, realized Levi wanted to talk to me alone, and followed us about trying to spy on us. LOL - It was actually quite entertaining. :)  Levi and I finally resorted to taking a walk around the block.

Anyhow... Levi spent time gently bringing to my attention some things he thought I should be made aware of. He was like an incredibly mature adult - only in a child's body. I was impressed; he made some really good points (of course, I was already aware... but didn't tell him that; I just enjoyed the talk and tried to be there for him).

Just when I think my troubles are abnormal, and my life is abnormal... the kids will add to it and do something wonderfully abnormal! Something beyond expectations - and then I realize that .... "normal"  -  is way over rated!

So today, (and hopefully tomorrow, too)... I choose to revel in and appreciate -  the abnormal. :)  I'll post you all about Levi's recent (- normal with a touch of abnormal, -) milestones tomorrow.  (- seeing that it is past midnight now... Er, uh, later tonight -  ;)

December 2009 - Just 3 months ago... almost 12

Spring 2009 ... Barely 11 - (A few of my favorites ;)

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