Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Having a Good Laugh at Myself :D

This is something that I wrote last year. The incident caused me to chuckle so I posted it today just for the heck of it. :D - off to church now... good day! ;)

Miles, Mindy and I were at the kitchen counter this evening reading the comics. Miles slid a comic over Mindy's way then quietly and seriously told her, "I could see your mom doing this."

I jumped towards the table to take a look; what would be in a comic that I would do?

(you can click on the image to enlarge and read it)

I had to laugh when I read it. Did he mean I would actually do it, or just that I would do similar outrageous things with the same optimistic logic? I can't believe I didn't ask. But I have to admit.. for the fun of it, should the opportunity actually in some possible way present itself, I probably would! LOL

There is also some merit in what he is saying... don't you think? Years ago, I was heavily into weightlifting and cycling, and said the very same thing this cyclist said, a number of times. :)

Just having a good laugh at myself :D

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