Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apart, but Still Together...

My mom is sick, so I left home and family and traveled to mom's to take care of her. She is doing much better now, but recovery is a roller-coaster and she still needs me.

I sent an email to my husband yesterday morning. I told him the days feel longer when you are away from home and family and that I miss him and our kids more than I cared to admit. I told him I wish he would call me more.

After that, he called me.


In the same day.

Once, just to tell me a joke. :D

Then he sent me an email.

At the end of the day, he called a third time... This time with news of the fun he and the kids had together playing doge ball ("kill ball" if you want to be more descriptive) for family night (Family Home Evening). And with the happy news that they cleaned house first! :D And then he offered an invitation for me to join the family over the phone...

"We're about to have family prayer and scripture study. Would you like to join us?"

It may sound strange, but I was ecstatic! :D

The most recent snapshot of the family... taken by the kids cousin Ashtyn.
For a few brief moments... I was going to sit and listen to my family on speaker phone, and be a part of what my family were doing again.

I loved hearing the kids talk to each other in the moments preceding the prayer and reading. It was unlike any family gathering we have ever had. The little noises didn't bother me; I loved them. :) I didn't care how quickly they got reverent... (either they were faster than usual, or I was relly in a different mode!) I just really enjoyed hearing their voices.

And I felt incredibly lucky to see the leader that my husband has become. :)

An incredibly blessed and thankful woman... :)

PS. I'm so sorry I haven't had much time to spend in the blog world since I have been taking care of mom (or before that when I was sick... or when I was taking care of my home and family! Whew!) I miss you all! As mom recovers and I get more time, you will see more of me again, and I will be thankful to see more of you, too. :) See you again soon...

Corine :D


  1. I'm so sorry things are tough for you right now .... big virtual hugs and your mom is in my prayers.

  2. Corine, I hope you mom is better and don't worry about the blog world, we will all still be here when you get back!! So glad you could "spend time" with your family, even if it was on skype.

  3. Oh the leader comment hit home. I too have been enjoying watching Steve really becoming a leader in our home too

  4. Corine,
    take good care Honey and be good to yourself~ I am keeping your family in my prayers.

  5. Thank you all so much! I miss you...

    Cassie, That is so neat! Life and becoming... is a fabulous journey! :D It is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but a fabulous ride none the less! ;)

    Corine :D

  6. This is the leader speaking (Miles... Corine's husband). Actually when it comes to being the leader I am the head and she is the neck :) I have to share with you all that I feel very lucky to have Corine as my wife and friend. It would unimaginable to not have her part of my life. I am sure other husbands feel the same... There was an article on Fox News about how some psychologist and movie actors feel marriage is out dated, they quoted people that had no business commenting on this topic. Why in the heck did they not interview me and my wife, or other couples who have been married longer than us, like over 50 years, I am sure the results would be quite the opposite. I can remember life with marriage and I sure was not more happen than I am now. Corine makes my life a joy and worth living…

  7. Dear Anonymous - I LOVE YOU! :D Thanks! Your Corine :)


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