Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Has Being A Mother Taught Me?

I read a blog post this morning, inviting all readers to write about one thing which being a mother has taught them, and link it up to their blog. I decided to jump in on this... but ONE? How about ONE CATEGORY? ;) I decided to write about one main fundamental belief, which affects so many of the things we do.

Being a Mom has taught me...

That kids can't wait... to grow up, or to bond with you, or to develop a testimony of their Savior...

They can't wait for mom and dad to get through school...

They can't wait for mom and dad to build a business...

They can't wait for mom to write her blog, or read a book...

... or for more money to come in for family vacations...

If I could start over again, there are some things I would change, and others I would leave the same.

Here are a few things I would change:

I would change my thinking - from choosing to do what matters "tomorrow," to doing what matters "today."

And instead of thinking something important couldn't be done, I would believe that it can, and I would find a way to make it happen.

I would live in the present, instead of dwelling on the past or planning for the future at the expense of today... I would remember that this day, I am living my life.

Before I even had kids, I would (with my spouse) make a very simple family schedule with the basics of gospel living etched in stone: family time; family scripture study; family prayers morning and night and at meal times; dinner together nightly; regular church and temple attendance; frequent family service projects which would include fun traditions like leaving cookies at a neighbors door then doorbell ditching; and regular wholesome family recreation would be a top priority.

... all other things would have to be worked into the schedule when they could, or not at all, and would never interfere with the basic foundation.

I would do something silly, childlike, or fun with my kids EVERY SINGLE DAY.

What I would do the same?...

*Staying active in church has been a fundamental blessing.

*Reading to my children nightly when they were young was bonding highlight. I have also loved reading to them as youth, and hope to read many, many more books with them.

*Loving them with everything I have. Hugging them. Kissing them. Telling them I love them.

*Going on vacations together to visit family and friends (we did this twice a year for years; then for about 5 years we did very little; this is something we are changing again. :)

*Enjoying the outdoors together as a family: hike, bike, swim, sail, camp... (another thing we did frequently for years, then didn't do while building the business infrastructure; we are getting back to this again, too. :)

*Playing with my kids... I am so thankful for every minute of every day I spent with my kids. Even while I was attending college, I played with my kids. And I LOVED it! Sigh. There are no words...

It is strange. some of what I started out doing, I stopped doing later for a time. And what I failed to do at the start I began doing later. Now I have the task of pulling it all together...

And so, the biggest thing I have learned, is this...

LIFE IS the SUM total of a million "TODAY'S."

LIFE is what is happening TODAY... Now.

That which matters eternally - CAN - NOT - WAIT!

TODAY - how I spend my time, my today... will determine my TOMORROWS.

How I spend my time TODAY is how I LIVE MY LIFE.


  1. Great blog!!! I love every sentiment you've shared...I feel the same way; it's the most important job I have ever done.

  2. Wow! My friend, I have been thinking about this a lot these past few days. One of my friends once told me: "The Stripling Warriors didn't have moms who were tied to the web." What kind of mom do my own stripling warriors have? I worry about that sometimes?

  3. Love this one today. It is so perfect for the week. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. What a great insight but you know your ideas could be for anyone, not just a mother. We should all try to live in the moment and include all we love :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. Tracy, Thanks! :D ~ It really is the BEST!

    Laura, I just keep reminding myself of that and am constantly trying to manage my time wisely. Yesterday I walked to a park with my youth, and we played frisbee; it was so much fun... so glad I did't stay on the computer!

    Patty Ann, Thanks! :D Happy Mothers Day week!

    Jules, I'm glad you pointed that out. I was thinking that, too... but didn't bring it across. Being a mother or mentor to children in any way - does teach us many things which help us in other areas of our lives as well. Happy Mothers Day week to you as a woman of influence Jules! :D

  6. Such a good lesson to remember. I may just make some of your goal part of my list. :)

  7. When I was little all I really remember about my Mom was that she cleaned...ALL.THE.TIME!

    I swore my kids would have ME whenever they wanted. Sometimes that is alot harder than I ever figured.

    What a wonderful post. Thank you.

  8. kiha and JRoberts - Welcome, and thank you for your kind comments! Please feel free to come back any time; it's great to make new friends.
    Corine :D

  9. Oh goodness this is wonderful! I love all of your thoughts here. Having the basics etched in stone would be a big help to all of us!


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