Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tribute To My Mother...

This is a photo of my mom when she was 15.  Isn’t she beautiful?

I love that my mother is beautiful... I know it doesn't matter , but I really do. :) Ever since I was a little girl, I remember looking at her in awe over how beautiful she is.

But it isn't her outward beauty that I'm really proud of, it's her inward beauty which overflows from her; it is her desire to do good and be good, to love everyone... that make her so incredibly beautiful to me.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always known that being good, trying to do what Jesus would do... is what mattered most to my mom. Even as a young child, it was quite evident to me that she derived a great deal of happiness from the good that her children did and became. And she has always had a big heart. No matter what her children may do wrong... mom's love is ALWAYS there in abundance. She hugged, kissed, loved, and nourished her children... It made me feel like there was nothing on this planet more valuable... than me.

This overflowing love which she has always had for me (and all her children), caused me to desire never to do wrong; though I knew she would always love me, I didn't want to make my mother cry.

And so it was my childhood quest to be as good a person as I possibly could be. And grown up or not, she is still my mother... this quest lives on! My mother has forever influenced me!

I have always been proud of my mom, and enjoyed time spent with her. When I was a kid, mom would lay on the floor in the living room and I would massage her back while we watched sweet chick flicks together. Her health was always a struggle, so this was something that I loved to do for her to help her to feel better and take away some of the pain; though I didn't need it, she massaged me too. :) A couple of movies that we watched a million times over during our massages were Heidi and What about Harry? We also enjoyed Little House on the Prairie, and in our later years (after I grew up and moved out of the house) we have enjoyed movies written by Jane Austin.

The thing we enjoy together most is just talking. I love talking to her because she talks about things that matter. Her influence on me can be seen in the books that I read to my children, our love for God and country, respect for life, and in the core priorities in my life.

Here are a few little tidbits about my mother...

My mother...

*Loves the color burgundy. Because of this, it was my favorite color much of my childhood; seeing it made me happy because when I looked at it - I thought of her. You may notice that I often use that color in my blog... for my signature. I go back and forth between burgundy (as close as the computer gets to it) and purple... my two favorite colors. :)

*Eats vegetables like they are going out of style!

*As a young mother, mom fed us kid brewers yeast and other "tasty" nutrients and vitamins... for being good. :) I developed a desire to take care of both my body and my spirt... from my mothers influence and care for me.

*Writes for several hours every day (Actually, I think she spends HOURS reading and writing every day.); she journals and is also writing a play about the worth of a soul. It will be fantastic!

*Her favorite books have to be... the scriptures!

*Plays the piano... and I mean REALLY PLAYS! Her best works are her own compositions; she is an AMAZING song writer and music composer!

*IS A PATRIOT. When I was a child, I remember mom (and dad) going to Constitution classes and such... she was a member of the Freeman Institute. And she and dad taught us to love and serve our country by doing our homework and voting in good leaders etc. (this little expert just doesn't do justice in portraying her patriotic influence!)

*Can't read my blogs very often (no Internet),
...but probably knows me better than anyone anyhow. :)

*Hasn't known what her natural hair color is for many years...
...but knows it is important to look beautiful. :) (LOL... I did NOT take after her when it comes to hair dying and makeup.)

*Isn't at all famous,
...but sings like she should be; she really should sing on American Idol. :)

*Cries when her children cry,
...even when they are rebellious and don't know it.

*Prays for her children daily,
...I often feel her strength.

*Listens without condemning

*Teaches the gospel by example

*Looks on the heart of a person and sees the best in them

My dear sweet mother taught me ...

to love the lord with my whole heart
to pray
to value study and learning, and to read from the best books.
to follow the Saviors example to the best of my ability, and repent when I fall short.

And she taught me to develop my talents, thank God for them, and to strive to use them to serve God and His children.

In my youth, mom and I also enjoyed sewing together a great deal. Mom also taught me how to crochet, cook, clean, sew, garden, play the piano... We made clothes for both of us and I felt quite happy with my skills. When I babysat for friends going out of town, they were shocked and delighted to know that I could look through their cupboards, and without a menu or recipes, I could figure out meals to make from scratch. Before I left home at 18 years old, I was proficient at all of these things. I left home without hesitance or fears; I was completely prepared to take care of a family and home; and I knew it.

I tell you these things - NOT TO BRAG - for it isn't myself who deserves the credit. I owe all of this to a selfless mother who so diligently took the time to include me in all of her homemaking affairs. Life with mom was a top notch homemaking education.

Thinking of it now, I am inspired to try to live a little more like she did - and get back to doing more of the wonderful things that she taught me to do... to enrich my family's lives so my children will be so blessed , as I was...

Because I was married so young (18), then went to college while raising kids... life was busier for me as a mom than it was for her, so I didn't do everything for my kids that my mother did for me. And many of the wonderful talents which I developed in my youth, I got out of the habit of after leaving my mothers home. I'm now trying earnestly to do some of those things again... to be more like my mom... to be a better mom to my kids, by following the many examples that she set for me. I am also striving to pick up talents again and continue to develop myself and acquire new talents. I am blessed to have this mothers day to reflect upon my mother, and find inspiration to bless me as a mother...
Mother is not perfect (I'm sure she must have some vices go with all of these virtues, but I'm blinded by her light so I can't see them!); perfect or not, though, she is the perfect mother for me. :)

She is a great and solid part of the foundation from which flows the very best of me... the parts that I like most... the parts that make me happy that I am me. :)

I KNOW my mom and I will ALWAYS BE CLOSE; I KNOW my mom will FOREVER be one of my absolute BEST friends.

Thank you mom, for being the most wonderful mom I could ever ask for! I'm so thankful you are you! :D

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

I love you!

In honor of my mother, I'm going to spend less time on the computer for the next week or so, perhaps for the remainder of the month of May. I will still read and write, because my mother reads and writes for at least couple of hours every day. :) But other things which are less important will take a back seat. I am so excited to take this time to really strive... to integrate more of the wonderful qualities and habits that my mother possesses... into my life - and to become a better mother as a result of it! I LOVE MY MOM SO MUCH! She is absolutely amazing! :D

And to all of you women out there who mentor, teach, and love others... whether you brought them into this world or not! If you are a nurturing woman, then you are a mother;

Happy Mothers Day
Wonderful Women! :D

I pray today is a blessing to you...
Corine :D


  1. Oh, I will miss you while you take a hiatus. Maybe we can still email? You are an incredible woman, and I feel blessed to have you in my circle.

  2. Corine:

    How do you make a comment on something so overwhelmingly uplifting and honoring? I look to you and admire you. The beautiful things you do, you take such good care of yourself. I love talking with you for hours about the things we are learning and developing. You are so helpful without being critical. I know you are a good mom and a good wife. I will send you the tributes I have written about you. I look up to you in so many ways. You have comforted me and blessed me with your cheerful countenance. Corine you are a healer of the soul with your love an respect for people and the Lord. You are so selfless.



  3. This was such a beautiful tribute to read!

  4. I loved reading your tribute. I remember how amazing your mother was, even though I was young and even though it was only for a few short months I got to know her. And yes, she is beautiful!

    Karalene :)

  5. Hi Karalene! :D I'm so excited to see you in the cyber world! :D It HAS been a long time. How old were you when we lived near by each other? I don't remember how far apart we are in age either. I'm so excited that we can interact again!!! I have company from out of town on their way to my home this morning, but will write you this weekend after they leave (unless I can get to it in the early hours of the morning after running :) Please feel welcome here anytime!
    Corine :)


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