Monday, November 14, 2011

Grattitude Visits

I recently made a book order on Amazon... The books just keep coming in, and I love it! :D One of the books is titled Aspire - Discovering Your Purpose through the Power of Words, by Kevin Hall. I just started reading it last night as I nodded off to sleep, so only read the foreword and intro. But already, I have read some gems! :) In light of Thanksgiving being this month, I just have to share one particular gem with you today...

A world-renowned authority in the field of positive psychology (and author of Leaned Optimism, and Authentic Happiness says that we are brought to a new level of happiness through the act of reaching out and thanking those who have made a positive impact in our lives. He goes on to say that science has proven that these "gratitude visits" are the #1 way to promote personal happiness.

This is a scan of a "thank you" card from
my stationary... I can hardly wait to write
words of thanks and get this baby in the mail! :)
WOW! I used to say that Christmas was my favorite holiday. Recently, I realized that Thanksgiving is actually my favorite, and I think this is why!

No other holiday causes me to contemplate upon my blessings as much as Thanksgiving does... As I contemplate upon my blessings, my heart is turned towards those who have blessed my life. When my heart is turned, I want to express my gratitude to these wonderful people. When I express my gratitude, I am filled with overwhelming happiness, and inexpressible joy... :) I can see that the person I am thanking also feels happy, and this in turn triples my happiness, engulfing me in a warm whirlwind cocoon of love and joy... I know of nothing that feels better?

I am anxious to come back to this blog and share at least one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions with you. But for now, it is time for me to get back to LIVING... :) (I am also very anxious to finish writing the blog post I started last month about my twins! I will probably be posting the twin post before the thanksgiving traditions post; stay tuned for both! :)

Thankful thoughts: I'm thankful for my new books, my family, and the good feeling I get everytime I thank someone for impacting my life in a positive way!

Wishing you a happy month filled with many "gratitude visits!"

Corine :D


  1. I completely agree! I have also found this very act of thanksgiving and expressing gratitude to give me immeasurable joy. I think Thanksgiving is MY favorite holiday too!

    I've been meaning to send you an email to find out what your new calling is... will you email me and let me know? I can't wait to hear!

  2. Cool! Great minds think alike! ;)

    My new calling is the assistant service and compassion leader (I still have the Family Research calling... yeah!). I'm still anxious to know what your calling is!!!

    I'll email again soon... (so busy! Ahhh!)


    Corine :D

  3. so lovely's a book I need to get. My husband lost h is job so I need to be grateful for the small things in life, don't I?


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