Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween - with Teens... :)

Yeah, our "kids" still "Trick-or-Treat." They almost abandoned ship a couple of years ago, wondering if they were "too old." I assured them they weren't! LOL Childhood goes by way too fast! ;D

Five out of 7 of the kids... (the kids had 3 friends with them)

Miles and I have a tradition of taking the kids to different neighborhoods by car on Halloween night. This year we had another adult friend with us... a mom of Levi's friend who also joined us.

I don't know why, but we really enjoy doing this! I guess maybe we do it so they can have the fun of hanging out with friends (not parents), but we still get to spy on them. :) They just think we're great (I think :o) because when we reach an area where the lights are all out, they can hop in the car and be escorted to another area. :) I know, we really are awesome parents! ;D

Here are a few of the common vies we see from where we sit in the car (the photos aren't the best; darn!):

At the party... The one on the right is a friend.
Dausen is behind him and Devry is on the Left... 

This is one of the things I always make sure that we do... visit someone who I know will really appreciate the visit! (This lady spent about $20 on candy, even though she only had one person come to her door last year! I knew she was looking forward to it.)

I decided to get out of the car and give her another hug for good measure... :)

Before I left, our friend looked into the candy bowl and told me that my kids were the first that had stopped that night (though she was the last house we stopped at). She said she was going to leave the candy out all night and see how much was left in the morning. Mindy heard that, so after our friend went back inside, she took another handful of candy for good measure! :o I love that girl! I think I better just slip a photo of here in here... :)

Mindy made this Cheshire cat costume herself (shopping at thrift stores for the clothes, then creating the tail and ears herself. She did get the wig new online for really cheap)

She also designed and made this rabbit costume for our little friend and buddy (I assisted :). Isn't she amazing? :D I wish you could see the buttons on his jacket (they are hidden behind his hands). Super cute costume!
Yes... Alice in Wonderland characters.
I joined the kids at another house to ask for a drink of water (that candy was making me thirsty! :o). I thought the kids would be humiliated to have their mom join them at a house; I was desperate for water, so I took a chance. :o To my surprise, no one complained. :) One of the kids even took a photo of Mindy and I together... :)

We took a few more photos at home... (actually, my daughter took a ton of photos! She was camera happy and had her dad and I posing!)

I took a few photos of the kids... :)

Miles took photos of my friend and I... 
OK... this one kills me! I made this STUPID expression, which when
I switched to a smile, my husband laughed and said,
"do that again... with your mouth." I did "it" again, and this is the photo he took.
You would think that after 22 years - I would know better!!! :o

There... that's MUCH better! :)
THAT is the real/normal me (when I'm not being crazy) :D

Enough for now. I wasn't the one who was camera happy this year (my daughter was, and husband took a few)... therefore, I was in a LOT of the photos. Too bad I scrounged through my own closet at the last second instead of dressing up properly (I was "supposed" to be a pirate). :o Oh well, it was fun! :D Time to get...

PS My twins aren't exactly "camera crazy." I'm going to have to get creative to get more photos of them... Meanwhile, I'm writing a blog post about them! :D Stay tuned... :)

Corine :D

ADDITION: As my first "Thankful Thursday" post (which idea I adopted the day after this was posted... thus the cleaver addition ;), I would like to say that I am soooo... thankful for my wonderful family; that my kids got to hang out with friends (and family!) for Halloween; and that they had fun! I'm also super thankful for my dear friend who comes and visits me regularly and also shared Halloween with me! :D I am so blessed!


  1. You guys are SO super cute! I love all of these pictures. :) Tell your daughter good job! You are so pretty and the pictures of you and Miles are adorable.

    I don't get into Halloween... it takes creativity to come up with cute costumes that I just don't seem to have. Since I was sick this time, I just sent my kids to town and they did their own thing with friends. I'm a party pooper and was secretly glad I was too sick to go. ha ha... But I'm glad there are people like you in the world to make times like Halloween fun! :)

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!
    It is getting more and more rare to have door to door trick-or-treaters. Too many trunk-or-treats, and school carnivals.
    We actually had a fair amount this year.
    Love, love all the pictures!

    What a lovely family you have, and it's great that they have good friends too!

    You and the hubs are adorable. Simply adorable!

  3. Way to go, sneaking that bit of Thankful Thursday in there. ( : Your family looks like a fun bunch!

  4. I love this. What a great thing for the lady to have your kids love on her like that.
    Great pictures of you and Miles


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