Sunday, September 16, 2012

23rd Anniversary Collage - Memories Through the Years

There was a lot going on last month... keeping me from finishing the project of sifting through photos for the perfect collection to make an anniversary collage with. I finally got around to finishing the collage, then realized I still managed to leave some favorites out - darn! Oh well, I'll find them and make another collage another day. But for now, I just want to celebrate Miles and Me, again and again, and and tell Miles THANK YOU for loving me and being my wonderful husband! :) 

I love you Miles! :D


  1. 23 wonderful years of bliss! Its bliss because Corine makes it that way for me. We have had our challenges but we have stuck together through thick and thin. I am glad she can put up with me and I hope in the coming years to be as much a blessing to her as she has been for me. Love ya beautiful!

  2. Happy anniversary! Hope you have years and years into eternity together with all kinds of fun memories.


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