Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Imperfect Mothers DO Make a Difference - We're OK... :)

I just prayed and read words from the book “Daughters of My Kingdom.” I read a certain portion, then re-read it and took notes. I am praying to know how to be a better Homemaker/Nurturer – praying to help my family to grow…

I LOVE this book and am quite inspired and happy as I read it. But I was a little overwhelmed the first time I read it because at that time I was too hard on myself and felt like a clueless girl with no skills to teach and protect my family from the evils of the world. This happened as I thought of the areas in which I lack – the areas in which I have weaknesses and don’t feel like I know what I am doing or how to do it.

But then a brief and gentle thought came to my mind, asking me what I think my family members lives would be like if I were not here… Many good choices made by family members in response to things I have done in our home flashed before my minds eyes. Suddenly I could see that I DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE - despite the things I lack. Despite the areas where I am still struggling to make a difference – I still make a positive difference in the lives of my family!

I know that may sound like a logical no-brain er to others.  But for me, it was the realization that when I feel discouraged or overwhelmed - I am simply too hard on myself… the realization that I seem to expect PERFECTION of myself. And that discouragement comes when I wast time and mental energy measuring myself against that perfect goal; when I should have the humility to realize that we all fall short, and just need to do our best and rejoice over all the progress we are making and in the good that our Father in Heaven blesses us to do. 

I think I’ll go make breakfast now. And then I’ll go forward and have an awesome day – and I think I'll choose not to focus on the gap between where I am and where perfection is. I think I’ll strive once again to focus not on where I am (or where my family is) – but rather on the direction in which we are headed. 


Corine :D


  1. Very beautiful post and very introspective!

  2. That's a great thing to realize! I've known some super wonderful mothers and none of them are perfect.

    1. So true! We women need to be as realistic and kind to ourselves as we are to others. Thanks Valerie. PS. You are certainly a wonderful mother. :)


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