Sunday, July 4, 2010

In God We Trust

In God we trust.

Happy Independency Day!

Thank God, for people who trust in God. ;)


  1. The artist who painted this picture just passed away. So sad. But I guess considering his age he gets that right. ;) Such a famous painting. I have it in our front room.

    And yes, in God we trust, and thank God, for people who trust in him.

  2. No more paintings from him in this world; that is sad. This is one of my favorite paintings... and I haven't bought it yet. sigh. I designed a wall hanging/collage with this photo about a year ago, but still need this photo to finish the project.

    The reason I love it so much is that it shows one of America's greatest leaders - the "Father" of our country in fact... on his knees PRAYING for America to be free.

    I think this is what made America great... people who prayed, obeyed, and trusted in God. If people understood the power that comes from obeying Him, they would strive to obey every suggestion and never need to be commanded to do anything.

    I'll get off my soap box now. :O :D


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