Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Part 2 of the "Cootie" Story ~ The Kid's Response...

Remember the last blog I wrote? The one titled WARNING: This blog post is rated PG 13 ~ for the "Cootie" Sensitive ;)? Well, for those of you who are curious about what happened when I reread that supposedly "PG 13" rated story here's part two...

As I was saying... I was giggling with enjoyment as I finished writing the above mentioned story. This giggling really got the kids curious, and my daughter, Mindy asked me to read aloud.

So I did.

A few minutes later Mindy energetically asked me to read it to them all again (she is a great actress, and I bought into it!). "Wow... I thought, she actually enjoyed that little story." So I began to read it again. (BTY - Mindy just read this and informed me... "MOM... I REALLY DID ENJOY IT." Cool. But no matter; this story continues on the same non the less. :)  When it got to the part about my husband kissing me, Devry sat in the back seat and did a little count down with 3 fingers, beginning with his pinkie finger; 3, 2, 1 (he landed on the middle finger at one and quickly swapped it with another finger). Levi quickly let me know that Devry accidentally "gave me the finger" by making a fist with one hand and placed his index finger behind the area of the middle finger as he muttered with disgust about Devry's horrible mistake. I laughed out loud!

Simultaneously, the four kids all leaned over and acted out some awful puking sounds in response to the "kiss.". (And to think I didn't know my twins had the skills or talents of drama! :0)

I just had to laugh. Kids are so innocent - so awesome - and so funny! :)  I'm so thankful for all the super good kids in the world who actually care about decency ~ and really do try their best not to do wrong... even by accident.

Is is any wonder that Christ teachs that unless we become as little children... we can not enter the kingdom of God? Thank God for kids. They are our friends. They are our entertainment. They are our teachers. They are our examples. ~ Kids. and. Youth. ARE. Wonderful!  Don't let their difficult moments fool you. If you look for it... you will see so much good! ~  I hope to be as wonderful as a kid one day, too.  :)

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