Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WARNING: This blog post is rated PG 13 ~ for the "Cootie" Sensitive ;)

Good thing my husband, Miles, doesn't read my blog post's unless I point them out.
Time to have a little FUN! :D

I was sitting on the boat ~ watching the rest of the family swim. The sun was setting. We had been at the lake for several hours swimming and sailing and I was beginning to get cold. "I'm cold." I called out to Miles in my cutest little voice. :)

"Why don't you swim across the lake and go warm up in the suburban." Miles responded with as much concern as he could possibly muster - without ending the kid's fun.

I put on my cute little puppy dog face, and shook my head innocently. "Unt - u - I don't know how far I can swim." (BTY ~ Though I am not the greatest swimmer in the world, I had just swam from shore out to the boat, which was almost the full distance of the lake 10 or so minutes prior to this conversation; it's a tiny man made lake.)

I said nothing more, but continued to look as cute as possible. Why don't you paddle the boat across the lake to get to the truck?" The wind was dead, and Miles was desperately trying to find a solution for me; he knows I hate to be cold.

I shook my head from side to side in tiny little quivers and quietly responded; "I'm too cold." I continued to look at  him with charm.

"Do you want me to paddle you across?" He asked... grinning from ear to ear ~ looking quite taken with me I might add.

"Yes," I responded while batting my eyes just a little, and of course - while giving a pleased little grin. :)

As I watched my loving and devoted husband coming toward the boat my thoughts went wild with delight; "Wow!" I thought. "This woman power ROCKS!" :D I have to admit, I did feel a bit honored, too. And blessed to have him.

Miles paddled me to shore and escorted me to the suburban. I sat in my seat, comfy, warm, and cozy. I was quite content. But Miles seemed to be having a hard time leaving my side. He lovingly reached out to take one of my hands in his and began to kiss it... working his lips from my hand, up my arm, then over to my lips. YUM. :D

The next thing I knew, the sail was taken down and the family was there with me in our suburban.

I LOVE being a woman! :D
As soon as Miles left to take the sail down and gather children, I immediately went to work writing about the fun little experience you just read about. By the time the family was there - it was already written. I sat there minding my own business, reading. And, to be quite honest with you, I delighted in what I had just written. I giggled. And somehow, Miles knew - I had just written about him!

He looked at me with big eyes and a smile and asked, "what did you write about me?" I burst into laughter as the two of us simultaneously reacted to each other. I tried to sit on my notebook, as he reached out to grab it. After a bit of wrestling... he won. I giggled as he read it. He smiled and laughed a bit, then gave my notebook back to me. (I was really enjoying this.) This enjoyment of mine really got the kids curious, and Mindy asked me to read aloud. So I did. But this post is long enough already. I'll tell you what happened when I read it to the kids in another blog post. :)

As if the day couldn't get any better... IT DID. After arriving home Levi asked for ice cream. I didn't want to go to the store to get it, but turned to Miles and reminded him that it would be nice to have a FHE treat. He suggested I go to the store and get some. I then gave him that all too familiar puppy dog face. Words were not needed. He began to look charmed, as usual... then said, "wait a minute! Not this time! It's not working this time!"

It was then that I began to sweat things out. My secret had been unfolded; were my 20 years of charming my husband over? I knew I didn't want him to read that notebook!!! I was desperate. I had to do more to keep the charm up! And so, I added...
the batting of the eyelids... (not really ~ I just got lucky! :)

The rest is history.

He should be home any minute now - with ice cream. :)

Corine :D

PS For those of you who don't know me ~ I really am NOT a manipulative person honest!!!  But, I have to admit that I am not opposed to getting my way through charm. :) I figure, if God gives you a talent;  you should USE IT! ;D


PS - Here are a few photos I took of the kids having a little fun, capsizing the boat.

In the first photo the kids all moved to one side then leaned out to cause it to capsize.
In the last photo they were using the riding line to recover the boat to it's original sailing position. :)  I couldn't get a photo of the boat being recovered because the battery died on my camera.

BTY - If you have never purposefully capsized or practiced capsize recovery... you should try it; it's an adrenaline rush! :D ~ Happy Sailing! ;D


  1. BWAHAHAAHa Absolutely love it. WHere can I get me one of those?

  2. Hey it's your hubby why not? I always said that my favorite weapon was the look in my hubby's eyes.

    Love the pics.

  3. Hey Kelly and Salma, great to see you both here! I'm really looking forward to our project in the coming year...

    Kelly - I have plenty and to spare... I'll ship some over to you right away. ;)

    Salma - That's what I figure, too. :) I did try it once on a brother... it didn't work. I suppose it only works with husbands and rightfully so I suppose. Usually though... it really is quite by accident. Good day!

  4. Oh work it girl! We women have to use what comes natural to us, our charm. :D

    Fun post!

    Think "The Little Mermaid": You bat your eyelashes like this and you pucker up yur wips like diz.

  5. Rachel- Heck yeah! It would simply be a crime not to use our natural gifts. :D I'm glad you enjoyed reading.


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