Saturday, June 12, 2010

Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

I read a blog recently in which a teen boy was the guest on his mother's blog. His name is Coolister... and he seems to have an affinity for doing crazy things for the sake of "attention getting," or, in his own words... "becoming a legend." It reminded me of my own crazy teen days, and the similar phase that I went through (only with me, I was simply breaking free of an unwanted shell rather than trying to create a legend). I sent the legend seeking young man a LONG comment on his post... then decided to post that comment (with a few colorful adjustments), here! ~ Happy reading! Corine :D

... Here's an idea you can copy if you want to add to your "look at what I've done" list, without taking up too much time. :)

When I was about 17, I went to the mall with some friends. Without telling them what I was up to, I hopped up onto a bench and stood as tall as my almost 5 foot 2 inch body could reach, extended my arms high up into the air so as to be better seen, and very loudly made the following announcement:

"Attention... I have an important announcement; can I please have your attention?" I think I may have done it a couple times, in all seriousness, until most of the by passers stopped walking and most everyone consented to just standing around, looking at me. :)

Then I crossed my arms over my shoulders and leaned my head back in an "I'm in heaven" sort of way... and announced with great pleasure, "I LOVE ATTENTION."

I was breaking out of my shell... and I was in heaven. :) Looking at my massive audience, I had to continue and said something like... "Thank you so much, for the attention you gave me! I just.., really love attention."  :D

My audience just stood there... speechlessly... staring at me... (except for my friends who were busting out of their seams laughing hysterically). I was greatly enjoying both the attention and the ability I suddenly seemed to have to lead and direct the masses... but I had had my thrill, so I decided it was time to spare my friends from wetting their pants further.

"OK... That's enough attention, you can go now," I called out to the audience, with a wave of my hands to shew them away. But they just continued to stare at me for a moment longer (I don't understand why... perhaps they were all in shock at how awesomely brave I was. He he.); so I gave them a look of reproach for their slow obedience... and think I added something like, "Please, go now."

In my final moment of glory I jumped down off that bench with all the energy my new powerful little body possessed.

It was awesomely fun. You should try it! ;D Then let me know about it, OK? If you do it... you can be a guest on my blog, and we can both share our experiences (or not... a teen boy may not want to show up on a random old married woman's blog about random life experiences. That's OK. :)

In any case, I hope you keep having fun... without getting into too much trouble! ;D Corine

End of comment.

I don't think he will respond... but I figured I'll just go ahead and share this little memory with you, for the heck of it! :D TTFN! Corine


  1. Oh Corine this is fabulous! I wish I'd have been there!! I wish I'd have been brilliant and confident enough to try something like this when I was your age. Totally could do it now......but back then......NO WAY! I was too busy trying to be INVISIBLE!

  2. Rachel - I hear you - and I understand. Note the words in ittalics before the story "I was simply breaking free of an unwanted shell." I too felt invisible, but didn't want to feel invisible any longer. I had a good friend (the mother of a friend... actually :) who helped me with this.

  3. You are so hot in that picture, YUM! Having been your husband for 21 years I can totally see you doing that. You are the sunshine in my life!

  4. Miles - Thanks hun... I Love you! :D


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