Sunday, June 13, 2010

Significant In Every Way

Yesterday, a friend said something to me in reference to what I was like as a youth.  That got me thinking about my life and what I was like as a youth.

Then I watched a Mormon Youth video in which a young Mormon girl shares a poem that she wrote. I immediately thought of my years as a youth and of how I too came to realize that though I felt invisible at times... I was never insignificant; instead, I was a daughter of God with a divine nature, a follower of Jesus Christ, and though I wasn't always confident on many levels, I was an example to other youth who also desired a certain quiet confidence and peace that I was blessed with as I continually strove to live a reverent and virtuous life. The really cool thing is that I was not, and am not, alone in this.

PS. I hope you enjoy the sweet message this video carries as much as I did! :) Kudos to the fine young woman who wrote the poem!

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  1. And it is still nice to know that we're not alone in this as we continue to strive to be virtuous women and that our daughters aren't alone as well. Especially, in todays world.


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